17+ Things in Your To-Do Plan in 2020 For A Better Tomorrow

Life is a wonderful piece of art that can be made colourful day by day. It is that one painting, that changes its dimensions and texture every minute. Yet, we start painting it every morning to the way we wanted. Many people in this world want to be successful in life. Of course, the definition of success is not defined clearly to many.

So, yes many people want to be successful in life and they do not be successful. Why? Just because success is not defined to them? Or do they not even know what they want? More often than not, the latter is true. Because some way or the other the definition of success is interpreted to them. For some it is money, for some more it is possessions, for a few others it shall be power.

The real reason for people not to be successful is that they do not know what they want. The problem humans have is, we have the urge towards certain things today and have a completely different urge tomorrow. We do not stick to one particular aspect as goals. It is Ok to add few more goals to your list, but not scrapping the previous one and chasing the other.

Why is this happening? What makes people change their preferences every day. What is the reason that stops them from being successful? As we said earlier, the first element is, we do not know what we want. The next element is, we do not plan ourselves properly so that the future is good. Surprisingly, if you follow the second element, you may identify the first and your life shall be fulfilling.

It is human nature not knowing what the purpose of life. But, planning is an action that anyone can do to have a wonderful life. More importantly, this act shall bring a change in perspective towards what you are looking at as a success element. In this article, we shall see 19 things that you shall plan today for a better tomorrow.

Plan Ahead for the day

It is always good to plan well in advance for the day. This has sure shot results where you will be making the executable plan and sleep over it. When we say, plan well in advance, it must be the previous night and not the next day morning. Of course, it is a good habit when you plan it first up in the morning for the day, but planning a day before has definite results. This has scientific reasons too.

Firstly, planning a day before shall keep you focused on what you need to do the next day. Secondly, planning in the morning is never definite with the sleeping and snoozing plan we have. At times we may plan it in a hurry which will be of no use too. Lastly, your body and mind align with what you have planned for if you do it the previous night. As you sleep, it gets imbibed in your thoughts and as soon as you wake up, your body gets rolling to complete the tasks.

Dream Big and Intend to think Big

This is not a philosophy, it is a sheer reality. For you to have a better tomorrow spend some time in a day to think where you want to be in your life. It is alright to think crazy, but ensure that you are thinking big. Your mind shall act like a rubber band, you can extend till the level it breaks but when you set it free, it comes back to the same level. Likewise, your mind must not be allowed to settle for normalcy.

Thinking big to achieve big is easy. Just that you need to spend some time with yourself and your thoughts. Think about how your life is supposed to be. And also think about what you want in life to make it complete. You can also write down your wants in your life like goals. It can be long term or a short term. But ensure that you put it down in paper. Stick it in places where you can see it often. Tune your subconscious for what is required by you. It will unfold.

Make alternate Plans

We call it Plan B. This is an advantage when you plan. Life is a mystery. We may not know what shall happen the next minute. Planning is fabulous, even fantastic is to have alternate plans of execution so that if there is something uncontrollable that hampers the process, you can use the alternate plan to keep going. Keep in mind, if you feel that you need to achieve something, do not change it. Have all the resources set to achieve it. Plan B can be for the next day plans or plans. It is essential.

Track your achievements

This is of mighty importance if you want your life to be better tomorrow. We do not have the habit of celebrating the successes. We always look at the negative side of almost everything. Spend some time and think of your achievements. It can be a very small achievement too. Think about it and relish the moment. Tracking and enjoying the achievements can offer you a sea change in your thought process.

Further, your mind shall be tuned to look into only the good things in everything. When people see problems, you will see opportunities in that. Also, tracking achievements can give you a sense of achievement. It is also better to put it down in your notebook and add to that as and when you achieve something.

Find out energy dissipators

This is prime. You cannot make a room fragrant if there is a dead rat present inside. No matter what you do, what room freshener you use. It remains stinking. You need to take the dead rat out. Same way, no amount of positivity can help you unless you identify anything that sucking your energy. The negative thoughts, negative habits all must be identified and check if they are hampering your growth. If yes discard it from your life. This shall make you feel light first. You got to be light to fly high. Do it right now.

Get rid of the negativity

The dead rat must be out. You identify all the negativity about you and put it down in paper. Your priority shall be to remove them in one shot or two. Getting rid of certain habits shall take time, but be consistent. And yes, clinically it is not proven that you shall undergo any sort of trauma if you stop habits like smoking and drinking. If you feel you must take them out of your life, do it instantly. Do not go about anything insane that says, let me reduce one cigarette today and repeat it tomorrow. Instant removal any negativity that stops your growth, remove it swiftly.

Visualization is the key

This sort of imagination shall be very productive. As you are planning ahead and also have a plan B. Always visualize what you expect to happen tomorrow. Feel the results unfolding. Think that the tasks are getting completed easily. This shall increase your focus. If you start visualizing, you will find things happening the same way.

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On the other hand, if you think on the negative side and also visualize the same. It shall happen. Give energy to things that must happen to you and not fear. Fear is the biggest energy that you will be offering to your imagination. More often than not, fear is associated with negative things and circumstances. The same way, if you channel your visualization procedure to positive things, it shall happen.

Act towards the Goals

While visualization makes you feel better. Your goals require efforts and actions. Without which you will not materialize anything. The universe shall give what you want only when you keep the first foot forward. Plan your life accordingly and execute the plans impeccably. You must put your effort to make things happen. Visualisation is for the mind, action is for the body. There must be a synchronization between the two. If this combination works the best, you shall be top class tomorrow.

Be grateful for things and people

This is serene. You must be grateful for what all happened in life. Many times in a day we just do not notice things that happen to you that makes you happy. Those are gifts in disguise. We simply do not appreciate things that happen to us too. A feel of thanking and asking sorry can make a whole lot of difference in your life. When you do it wholeheartedly, you will feel like a king who has handed a bounty to your peers.

Feel grateful for all the things in life. Ask yourself what makes you happy today? Think of things that support you. It can be anything. It can be the bed you slept or the watchman at your doorstep. Acknowledge that everything that happens to you is for good and feel grateful for it. It shall instil a lot of positivity and you will feel extra enthusiastic every day.

Do those things that you love

Many occasions in our life we may think that ‘ I should have done it’,  ‘I wish I do that’. And much more like this. Life is not only about getting the paycheck and paying all the bills for the month and repeat telecast the next. Life is about cherishing what you do. You like a lot of things to be done. It can be cooking, gardening, listening to music, playing.

Do it when you feel like. Allocate time for you in a day to enjoy your passion. Not all passion can become business and not all the people utter this are true either. Don’t mix passion and business. If you do not find synch, go ahead pursue it for your sake. That’s equally important than anything in life.

Go Plus 1 always

This is all about creating and recreating your boundaries. Never settle for the best, take it one step more. Push your boundaries so that excellence adds to excellence. This need not be only in achieving goals. Say, for example, you have fear to talk to people Set your boundary to speak to 10 strangers a day. Once you complete it you automatically feel to talk to the next person. Don’t wat, go for it. You must not settle for anything that competes for the goal. What is wrong in going an extra mile.

Office and Home are separate entities

This is difficult isn’t? But if you do not stop it, your life shall be miserable. Is that ok? Start treating the entities how they are supposed to be. Don’t mix work and home. Do not ever bring work to home and spoil others happiness too. More importantly, you will not be happy. Complete all the tasks at the office and come back home and spend quality time with people. Family members are assets. If you bringing work to home on a very occasional basis, it is fine. But not every day in a week.

Start your day with a magic

The magic is to get active. An energetic start for the day brings laurels in all angles of life. Wake up in the morning, go for a brisk walk. Enjoy the surroundings and feel grateful for being amidst all beauty. Moreover, starting your day by going for a walk or a jog sets the tone. Your body shall be tuned to nature right away in the dawn.

The mind gets fresh and you shall feel emphatically charming. It is always good to start your day with some activity such that your body and mind shall get aligned after a good nights sleep. Also, to face the days challenges your body needs to charge to the fullest. The best way is to indulge in physical activity. The easiest way is going for a walk.

‘Let go’ mentality

Life has many things in store. Some may happen in favour of you and some may not. Practising ‘Let go’ attitude can save a lot of your energy for the day. The major trouble that we face in day to day life is to fret about something that did not happen the way you wanted. If you can set it right, fine. If you cannot and if it is not under your control, let go of it. If a bottle of milk is broken, you can set the bottle fine with glue but can you put back the spilt milk? Do not fret about anything in life. What has happened has happened, look for the next best thing that is approaching you.

Organise your workplace

The most critical activity that you must do it today. Do not cram in all the junk in your workplace. Please de-clutter it and keep it organised. Also, your PC or your laptop, clean the desktop and store the files accordingly so that you have easy access to it. A cluttered workplace indicates a confused being. Moreover, if the place is cluttered it adds to your confusion further. Keep your place neat and clean without any mess.

Keep your mind relaxed

There is a lot of time in a day that you can keep yourself relaxed. You need not allocate any particular time to do that. Listen to music, stay relaxed and also meditate as and when you want mental peace. Keep your mind out of any trash. Empty it always so that it can perform the best.

Start Writing a journal

As walking can be your ritual daily, writing a journal can also be one. Use this as a practice to write what you want to achieve in life. You can also write how you would like the day to unfold for you. Later in the night before you sleep, write how your day was. What are those things that you are grateful for? Make it a practice, it shall make your tomorrow the best.

Forget the past

This is simple. Yes, it is. You need to understand we cannot time travel to the past and make a new beginning. Why attempting something that is not practically possible? Forget the past. It has happened. You can start a new life today. Start thinking like a new person. Start executing your plans with perfection. Your tomorrow shall be excellent.

Have a positive Outlook about tomorrow

This is needed for everyone to stay focussed. Do not ever worry about what shall happen tomorrow. Being optimistic shall allow you to be free. Not only that, but you can also actually accomplish your task with much more grace. Visualise the best and it shall happen.


These 19 things can be done anytime and we feel today is the right day. Oh No, Now is the right time, Pick up 2 or 3 pointers from this and implement it in your life. Move on with this list gradually and be the best.