Get More Subscribers by Adding YouTube Subscribe Button on your Blog

Adding a YouTube subscriber button to personalized blogs is very common to increase the number of followers on YouTube. The followers over the personal blogs or else can easily follow and subscribe to you over YouTube with the help of the subscriber button. It gives the direct link to reach the YouTube page in no time. This also increases the chance of getting instant fame by making the followers enamored to go through the alternate YouTube page.

Let us witness, with the help of this article, how to add the subscribe button to the blog page.

How to create the YouTube Button

To add the YouTube button to the blog, one of the foremost things done is to create the Subscribe button. This is done as follows:

  1. YouTube has released the latest buttons and they are available for the paid channels as well this time.
  2. This button is available through the official page of YouTube and comes with several customization options.
  3. The readers can subscribe to the YouTube page without digressing themselves from the blog page.
  4. Once the code is generated through the official site, you are all set to go to the next step.

 Right after this step, you will witness the YouTube Button that you have created for your personalized blog.

The next and the most prominent step is adding this button to the blog page. Let us see how that works. 

How to add the YouTube button to the Blog

This is a fairly simple process but is done in various ways. It largely depends on what suits them best to the user. Here we will see some of the ways in which this can be done.

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Add the blog-friendly Plugin: This is simply done by downloading the same and once it is installed, it can be easily activated through the widget section. The settings can be configured through as per the requirements.

The picture depicted below shows exactly how the plugin widget will work once it is installed in the device. The configuration settings enable us to choose the properties that we want on our YouTube button.

There are some terms and conditions that should be known to any user before adding the YouTube Button to their personalized Blogs. Let us see some of these here.

Terms and conditions of using the YouTube Button

YouTube has its own set of rules and regulations if anyone wants to increase their followers with the help of YouTube Button. Some of these are mentioned as follows:

  1. The Subscriber’s button should be clearly visible on the blog or any other webpage where it is being used.
  2. The Subscriber’s button is not some commodity and shouldn’t be treated as one. No reward or any other kind of exchanges should be made for clicking the button.
  3. The users cannot track down or save the subscriber’s data under any circumstance.

These things should be kept in mind clearly before deciding to put in the YouTube Subscriber button on your webpage.

There are multiple benefits of using the YouTube Subscriber Button to the Blog page and let us witness some of them here.

Benefits of YouTube Subscriber Button

  1. The YouTube Subscriber Button is of great use when one wants to increase the number of followers and the traffic towards their content.
  2. Using both YouTube and the personalized blog as a way to get online attention acts as a dual strategy. This is a way in which the subscribers and the followers can be increased at a go without any extra efforts.