[BEST] 15 AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes To Increase Ads Income in 2020

When it’s come to blogging, WordPress offers the best platform. Without much technical knowledge, anyone can start blogging on this platform. There are thousands of elegant themes available, which give the site functionality. The user can customize these themes according to taste. The customizations allow the site to have its individuality.  For this reason, as a blogging platform, WordPress is more popular than others.

Along with freedom of expression, it also allows the writer to earn a significant amount of money. The owner of the blog can place Google Adsense advertising on the site and make significant amounts of money out of it. However, the placement of the advertisement plays a crucial role. It has to be visible clearly so that the readers can click it easily. Otherwise, the blogger won’t get much revenue from the site. Here are 15 best AdSense optimized WordPress themes to increase revenue.

1) Admania – Adsense WordPress Theme

URL: https://themeforest.net/item/admania-best-ad-optimized-wordpress-theme-for-adsense-affiliate-enthusiasts/18194026

This WordPress theme is for personal bloggers. It has an interesting storyline on the top, which displays the most recent and interesting posts. The format of each post also allows the readers to enjoy the content. With this theme, the most important aspect of the blog remains in front of the readers.

For advertisement placement, the blog theme uses Sticky Ad. Here the advertisements always remain in front of the readers. It improves the visibility of the advertisement. For this reason, the blog delivers a good click-through rate. As a result, the blog allows the owner to have increased revenue without much effort.

The theme is also very customizable. Therefore, make any change to the design is very easy. Even non-tech savvy people can do it with a few clicks. There are multiple colour choices and design elements available with the theme, which gives the blog its independent identity. Personal bloggers can use this template to make a successful WordPress blog.

2) Truemag – AdSense WordPress Theme

URL: https://themeforest.net/item/truemag-ad-adsense-optimized-magazine-wordpress-theme/7493855

As a design platform, Clean CSS3 style is the core of this theme design. For this reason, the blog loads ultra-fast in every device. Along with desktop and tablets, the blog loads quickly in all mobile phones. The theme gives two-colour scheme choices to the blog owner. For the blog, the owner can choose either light or dark mode.

Google translation is in-built with the blog. For this reason, the writer can use any language. It is very suitable for the international audience. Here language won’t become a barrier. The blog displays advertisement in multiple locations in different formats. It is much easier for the users to see and click these ads.

By default, the blog is very search engine friendly. Therefore, Google and other search engine crawlers can easily read the contents. The simple design structure of the blog makes this happen. It easily gets index in the most search engine and brings lots of traffic from there.

3) Wise Blog | Multi-Purpose AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme

URL: https://themeforest.net/item/wise-blog-adsense-optimized-news-magazine-blog-shop-theme/15946867

As the name suggests it is a wise platform for blogging. The flexible design allows the owner to use it as a Swiss knife. This multi-purpose WordPress theme is suitable for any type of blog. It has a custom pre-loader. For this reason, long blogs with lots of pictures are now possible with this theme.

To maximize Adsense revenue, the owner can use Adsense image ads. Different types of image and text ads beautifully incorporate with the blog design. They make a natural fit and encourage users to click them. It increases the click-through rate and increases Adsense revenue.

Another best feature of this theme is plug-in and widget support. Therefore, various features like social media, video, and live chat are now possible. The easy control panel also gives a huge advantage to ordinary people, who don’t know anything about coding. Anyone can make a beautiful blog with this theme.

4) VMag

URL: https://accesspressthemes.com/wordpress-themes/vmag/

The best attractive feature of this theme is its elegant design. It is not too flashy. Therefore, it delivers a professional impression on the reader. The theme incorporates a modern design and gives multiple slider options. Here widgets are available in a carousel format. The owner can add or remove them according to his choice.

Adsense advertisements naturally blend with the blog design and look like a part of the blog. The blog allows both banner and text ads. There are specific slot is available for these ads. So, putting these advertisements is very easy. There is no requirement for coding knowledge. Anyone can do this by simply following instructions.

This theme also supports various browsers and devices. So, it doesn’t matter what the reader uses to access the blog. They will always find it reader-friendly. There are many established blogger use this theme for their blog. It is a universal design for blogging and Adsense revenue generation.

5) SportsMag

URL: https://accesspressthemes.com/wordpress-themes/sportsmag/

For sport-related blogs, it is the best theme. It offers homepage greed views for interesting posts. Multiple layouts are available for the blog. It is possible to change the format of the blog with or without sidebar. The article page uses a beautiful & elegant design structure. For this reason, reads can easily interact with the blog.

The interactive design of the blog allows easy Adsense advertisement integration. There is space for both text and banner type ads. These ads beautifully blend with the blog. They look natural and attractive. Most readers always find them in front of them. Therefore, the click-through rate of these ads is much high.

Another important aspect of this theme is its agility. It automatically modifies the blog design according to device specifications. For this reason, readers can read the blog on both desktop and mobile devices. The smooth CSS3 animations also allow different transitions. The owner can also insert YouTube videos on the home page.

6) bFastMag

URL: https://wordpress.org/themes/bfastmag/

This theme is for those people who love contemporary blog design. All pages of this template feature simple design language. There is no flashy part available on the blog and it is the best aspect of this design. The readers can see everything with one glance.

The best part of this theme is its Adsense friendliness. It allows the Adsense crawler to read the content of the blog. As a result, the blog serves appropriate advertisements to the readers. It encourages readers to interact with the ads. Therefore, this theme delivers better click-through rates.       

The blog is also very customizable. The simple control panel is for non-technical people. Anyone with basic web design knowledge can modify the template. Compared to other complicated designs it is much easier to maintain. Once installed it works without any glitch or error. It is one of the most trusted and reliable themes for WordPress.

7) Herald – Newspaper & News Portal WordPress Theme

URL: https://themeforest.net/item/herald-news-portal-magazine-wordpress-theme/13800118/

Any blog that quickly updates with a new post requires this theme. It follows the primary design aspect of a renowned newspaper Herald. Its structure and presents all important articles in a grid format. With this design, finding interesting articles is much easier for readers. They quickly engage with the blog’s content.

Google Adsense blends in with the blog design. It becomes a part of the blog’s content. Most readers click these ads thinking that they are the part of the blog. Thanks to the beautiful design of the blog, the ad revenue maximizes. It also professionally presents the blog. For additional revenue generation, the blog owner can include WooCommerce and bbPress to the site.

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These additional widgets can include online shopping to the blog. The template also displays imperative information on the blog elegantly. It presents the reader author info, social media status, comments, and various other features. The primary design aspect of this blog came from a newspaper. Therefore, it guarantees success.

8) Travel Minimalist Blogger

URL: https://envothemes.com/theme/travel-minimalist-blogger/

For many people being static is impossible. They travel around the world all the time. The “Travel Minimalist Blogger” theme is the best option for these people. This elegant travel based blog theme brings all aspects of the journey in one place. It is very easy to operate and consume less data than other blog designs.

On the blog there are different sections are available for Adsense advertisement. In these sections, the advertisement works the best way possible. The right placement of the advertisement mixes them with the blog. It does not create any clutter or unnatural impression on the readers. They take the advertisement as a part of the blog.

The template is also very customizable. Without any technical know-how, anyone can edit and change various modules of the blog. Even though, it is a beautiful design itself. But these modifications give it an identity.

9) Productly

URL: https://envothemes.com/theme/productly/

Product marketing is a great business. It allows earning directly from the sales. However, it does not have to be only one source of income. If the site draws lots of traffic, then it is possible to earn some extra through Adsense advertisement. Simple ad placement gives can give a significant revenue boost.

Any online shop can use this theme. The theme uses hand-optimized codes and improves the responsiveness of the page. It decreases load time and gives users a better experience. The template is also very customizable. There is no specialized technical knowledge required for the changes.

An additional benefit of this theme is safety. It incorporates a very high standard for securing the website. It not only gives the blogger additional revenue but also gives peace of mind. The simple design of the template offers different templates for product promotion. Every page professionally showcases product information.

10) PhotoBlogster

URL: https://envothemes.com/theme/photoblogster/

In earlier days people used to do photography as a hobby. But now it can be a fully-fledged business. This theme is suitable for those people who do photo blogging. The preload feature allows the site to load large images in an instant. It offers readers see beautiful pictures with prominent details.

The template allows different tags to the picture. These tags define the subject of the pictures. It helps Adsense the objectivity of the picture. As a result, the Adsense place appropriate advertisements to the site. The subject of every picture can be different. So, the site displays multiple types of advertisements and gives much higher revenue generation.

The designers choose efficient HTML 5 and CSS design language for the theme. It is a very effective design language. The template allows multiple widgets and social media connections. For this reason, the blog gets top rank in the search engine and it receives constant traffic from Google and other platforms.

11) Envo Shop

URL: https://envothemes.com/free-envo-shop/

Making an e-commerce site on the WordPress platform was never been so easy. It normally takes a huge amount of coding knowledge for this task. However, the “Envo Shop” theme makes this job very easy.

This theme has a preloaded code structure for the e-commerce site. With just a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can install it. No technical expertise required for this. The theme also allows smart Adsense ad placement on the site. Along with the product sale, it offers an extra revenue generation stream. It turns the free space of the website an asset.

The theme is also very customizable. Therefore, the owner can add different information like product price, description, reviews, and other information easily. The site also shows related products and gives an easy checkout process for the customers.

12) Editorialmag

URL: https://wordpress.org/themes/editorialmag/

For an editorial site, simple design is very important. It needs to convey the message most simplistic way possible. This theme does this job perfectly. Multiple modules are the core of this template design. All of these modules are highly customizable. For this reason, the editor can change them according to personal preference.

For Adsense advertise management it offers powerful widgets. These widgets go on the top and both sides of the content. They always remain close to the content and allow the readers to click them. With every successful click on the ad, the website earns a significant amount of revenue.

The theme follows strict SEO guidelines. It doesn’t use any improper method for quick indexing. For this reason, Google and other search engines trust its structure. Indexing any blog on the search engine by using this template is very easy. The WordPress ping system of this template automatically asks Google crawler to index the website.

13) Page Speed

URL: https://wordpress.org/themes/page-speed/

Those sites load faster, get primary preference from Google. Users find these sites easy to use and often return later. Keeping this principle in mind, the theme prioritizes speed. Designers choose short and fast loading code structure for this design. The core structure of this theme incorporates advanced HTML5 and CSS3 code.

In the advertisement section, the designers also did a great job. They gave multiple sections for the Adsense advertisement. Here the blogger can apply his personal preference and choose the best location for these ads. The front and profile of this template are very customizable. Here the blogger gets an option to use Google fronts on the site. Therefore, he can blend the advertisement with the content.

It has multiple other features like Sticky navigation and sidebars, Featured post section, etc.

14) Nominal

URL: https://mythemeshop.com/themes/nominal/

This theme uses a crisp design element for the blog. Every post remains nearby from each other. They are clickable and easy to read. Every post can feature high-quality images. Due to the modern coding method, all of them load fast to the user’s device. According to the design preferences, the blog adjusts itself and give perfect condition for reading.

Due to the simple structure of the blog, it is very easy to include Adsense advertisement. There are specific widgets that are available for this purpose. The blogger just has to copy the Adsense code from his account and past it into these widgets. The smart configuration of the blog will automatically adjust them to the site.

The theme offers unlimited colour schemes. Therefore, the blogger can make the design personalize according to his preference.

15) WordX

URL: https://mythemeshop.com/themes/wordx/

This design is best suited for content-rich blogs and websites. The content grid structure displays multiple interesting posts to the homepage. The theme design successfully draws the attention of the readers and allures them inside. This theme is popular for its very high responsiveness. The Carousel option brings featured posts to the top.

The smart Adsense widget modifies itself according to the user’s device. For this reason, it successfully shows ads on both desktop and mobile devices. Due to the low bounce rate of the theme, the website yields more revenue from Adsense advertisements.

The theme also has many other features like short-code integrations. It allows the blogger to run third-party elements on the site. There are also large numbers of background options available for the blogger. Thanks to advanced typography of the theme all readers can read the content easily.