6 Best Free Alternatives To Camtasia 2020 For Mac and Windows

Instructional Videos and Video Blogs have numerous software application. There are many online applications as well as software applications. Out of all Camtasia stands out for its versatile features. Moreover, Camtasia is highly recommended for beginners. It is for the sole reason that, Camtasia is convenient to use. It helps screencast the desktop, record your presence and also helps you make changes even after recording the video.

It is a complete package of convenience and versatility. The combination of high-quality inbuilt themes and features make the video look exquisite and informative. Of course, videos recorded through Camtasia when rightly edited can be more effective and informative. Came into existence as a high-end instructional video maker, there are many alternatives to Camtasia (especially for its cost involved these days)

Though there is a 30-day trial for the users to record videos and experience it, the free version offers limited time to record the videos. There are a few limitations in the free version and let us take a look at the 6 alternatives of Camtasia that can be used for free with the more or less same set of features and services.

CamStudio (Windows)

This is one of the excellent screencasting application. It is good to go with Windows and Mac, at the same time it is an open-source program. Of course, used majorly in creating instructional videos. Capturing the movement of cursors to explain the working methodology of software can be more effective. It has a 30-day free trial.

It is indeed a complete package of video making as well as editing. Though it is good and convenient in making training videos, it can also be used in making marketing presentation. The massive advantage you may have with the CamStudio is, you can directly share the videos to YouTube from the dashboard.

EzVid (Windows)

It is a convenient screencast application that works only with Windows. It is a Camtasia alternative in making instructional videos. This is highly recommended for making training videos. The best part is, even the free version does not have the watermark unlike most of the screencasting application.

At the same time, EzVid has a clear interface that makes you make the videos without any complexity. The built-in editor can be of good support. On the other hand, EzVid does not have the feature to save the video to the PC. But the videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube. Moreover, you can record a maximum up to 45 minutes.

Screencast-O-Matic (Windows, Mac & Web-based)

It is one of the versatile online application that is more or less similar to the Camtasia. The full-screen recorder and the voice recorder from the computer is a convenient feature for amateur video makers. There is no need for you to download the application. You are required to be online and record the video. Screencast-O-Matic is an entire package in itself.

The video editing options and features make it versatile. It also comes with a free trial version of 30 days. However, there are restrictions and limitations for the users. Firstly, you can record videos to a maximum of 15 minutes. Secondly, the full-screen recorder is not possible in the free version. Lastly, many editing features are available only in the paid version. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac just because it is an online application.

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Apowersoft (Windows & Mac)

This can help you work more using a free version. In terms of the watermark, you will not find any. The video making work is completely yours. You can use the online version for free but the downloaded version requires a subscription. The web-based free version requires you to install the plugin. It is worth for the unlimited features that it may offer you.

At the same time, the downloaded application has fabulous editing options. Of course, used in both Mac and Windows without any difficulty. The major difficulty is, even in the subscribed version it is not possible to record from the second monitor. When there are many screencast programs available in the market with huge subscription amount, Apowersoft can be a better alternative in terms of price.

Jing (Windows & Mac)

From the makers of CamStudio, we have another alternative for Camtasia. Jing is more projected towards the paid version category. As such the free version offers you to record a maximum of 5 minutes. However, it is a versatile application that can be used both in Windows as well as Mac Computers.

The tutorials made out of Jing are amazing. The credit goes to the editing features too. As with most of the screencast programs, you can customize the area of capture in your PC. Editing both the audio and the video is the highlight of this application.

Ice Cream Screen Recorder (Windows & Mac)

The last in the list is the easy to use software to make customized tutorials and presentations. It is highly recommended on the video making side, but the video editing capacity is less in the free version. It can be used both in Windows and Mac computers. You can easily overlay your webcam on the screen to capture it for more visibility and convenience.

The best part of Icecream Screen recorder is the scheduled recording technology. You can set your time to record and it automatically starts capturing. Uses the computer’s volume to the maximum. The free version has many restrictions but the editing is more or less the same in the paid version too.


The screencast applications are many right now. The alternatives to Camtasia are a few. More importantly, in the video editing area. While choosing the right applications, the first thing you need to look at is the requirement. As such all the screencast software are used for tutorial purposes. And a few can be customized to bring marketing presentations too.

The second aspect to keep in mind is the free version features. Most of us do not choose the free version of certain software because it may cast the watermark on the video. At the same time, there are a few applications that have maximum features in the unpaid version as well. Check for the applications wisely and select the one that completely covers your requirement.