10 Android Mobile Apps That Pay Real Money & Cash [2020]

Nowadays people wish to earn money as the economic trend keeps changing. Apart from the job that they are doing regular people wish to earn more by freelancing. Some people even become influencers either through blogs or by YouTube or by any social media. Also, we buy android apps from the play store. And we pay dome amount to get the premium version of the app.

But many of them are not aware that money can be earned from the apps. Recently many android apps (android is different from cyborg) had been developed that offer to pay its users when the assigned task is completed by them. So now people have started to move towards it. It gives them a source of pocket money. So many of them thought of taking it in.

On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and various other social media recently there had been many posts that suggest online earnings. Some influencers and affiliates are involved in the promotion of these apps and websites. Many people who believe in them would go to the website and start working. Else they go to the plaudits to download the apps. The process that is involved in this type of earning is very simple. All you need is a smartphone or a PC with a WiFi connection or seamless internet services to get the work done earlier.


Thus app makes the user complete various activities and the completion of the activities will be rewarded as dollars. The activities that are to be completed by the user are:

  1. Answering some questions
  2. Taking surveys
  3. Watching videos
  4. Playing some games

The app is available in the desktop version as well. Either the user can make use of the app from Google PlayStore else he or she can make use of the website to complete the task and draw the money. The money can be withdrawn using Amazon or PayPal. This app also offers gift cards that can be used in Walmart,  Starbucks,  Amazon of the user has participated in daily polls.


This app will be helpful for people who are willing to earn Bitcoins. Because this app will give the currency in terms of Bitcoins. The person had to do the following tasks to earn Bitcoins:

  1. Viewing various Ads
  2. Playing games
  3. Installing the apps that the app asks to install
  4. Taking various surveys

For the completion of every task, the user will be paid Satoshi,  which is a fraction of a Bitcoin. These Bitcoins can be converted into hard cash using WazirX by Indians, Coinbase by people all over the world.

Google’s Opinion Rewards

The opinions are always asked by any company. Google reviews always matter a lot when it comes to the rating of a company. Google is a pioneer in many things and this is possible as they ask suggestions from people on various websites and applications.

The good news is that Google has started to pay for the surveys it takes. About 30 surveys are to be completed in a week. The person has to answer the survey by analysing the website of that Company. A greater disadvantage of the app is that we can not earn real cash. But the amount earned can be utilized to purchase online books, apps, etc.


It is an app that pays users with real cash. It makes the user listen to music in the choice of the user and watch his/her favourite TV show. It will want its users to answer polls during the live streams. The amount earned will be converted into gift cards that would make the user purchase according to his/her will.

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If there is an app that makes the people earn without watching any videos or answering surveys or playing games then it is the Moocash. It is an app that makes people earn by using screen lockers. The user well has to unlock the screen and swept left to get the points.

Many of them find the process to be simple and some find it to be doubtful unless they are paid by the app. The points earned by the user can be converted using PayPal,  Google cast reward. They can also avail of an offer in the app. To avail it,  the user has to either install an app or watch a video. The user who had earned 2000 points can redeem it using PayPal.


It is an app that helps the user to maintain his/her fitness levels and earn money. The user has to set his/her weekly goals and achieve them. If the user fails to achieve the desired goal then be/she should pay the amount to other others. The users can bet and can win too.


It is an app that helps then photographers as well as non-photographers to earn. A person needs not to be a pro in photography nor he or she needs knowledge over it. This app allows the users to upload the picks that they take in their area. This asp also serves some boundless to know more about a particular area through the photos that are being uploaded in this app.

This creates a kind odd win-win situation for the people as well as some journals. Because the users are being paid for the photos. But this needs some diligent works. Because anything may happen at any time in the locality. So the prison should be in a situation to capture it and upload it. This seems to be disadvantageous for some of the people as people should always have their eyes on the happenings around them.

Many people do not afford to use this as it consumes data. But some people want to earn using this. Some of then fall as a victim to many fake apps and websites. There should be awareness amongst people on the online earnings. But this has also impacted the lives of some people. Because the money will be earned through points. So they have to earn more points to earn more money. This seems to keep them away from their daily works.


There are still more apps that would help us to earn some pocket money. But people should also be aware that there are fake apps that make fake promises. Their motive may be to earn money by making people download the app or to get personal information for some other purpose. Hence keen attention is to be paid before downloading an app. Because no one should become a victim to any fake apps.

These apps have also made many people move to smartphones when they found that money can be earned as simple as it is. Because it does not require any knowledge on a programming language or any other qualifications to earn money through these apps and websites. Many of them find it to be a learning experience. Because they are exposed to new videos and websites that they want to know. Because the videos will be not of promotional videos. It gives some insight into different domains. With the advent of these apps and websites,  are advantages as well as disadvantages.