Auto Follow Twitter Users Using This Awesome Twitter Service – SocialOomph

Twitter is an amazing social media platform that helps you build your brand. You can be an individual, a business owner or a want to be a celebrity, this is the best tool to establish yourself and develop your online presence. The convenience this tool offers you to do that is excellent as well. One of the prime reasons that make people seek to have an account on twitter is to connect with unknown people faster.

With the growing trend of Twitter accounts every year, it becomes an unsaid mandate to have one for yourself to grow better in your line of business. The features of Twitter along with the tools available in the market is making most of the tasks automated too. The automated tools are of great importance as it helps to manage your account without your presence.

 The connects through Twitter happens via followers. At the same time, you must identify new prospects by following many. This manual task of identifying and following is daunting. There are versatile tools available that can make the task simple.  One such tool is Social Oomph. This a complete social media management tool which does a lot many things than we expect. The prime feature of this tool is to auto-follow people on Twitter.

Firstly, let us see how to use this tool to auto-follow people through your Twitter account

Step 1: Go to Social Oomph

Step 2: Please register yourself and Sign In to the account

Step 3: Click on Manage Account

Step 4: Identify the account that you would want to set up the auto-follow feature

Step 5: Click on the Twitter account and auto-follow the following Twitter Accounts

Step 6: You will find a checkbox saying ‘Follow-Back new People who follow the account’

The above-mentioned process enables you to auto-follow people without doing anything in future.

How this can help you?

Twitter connects with people worldwide. Once you establish your network and start your marketing campaigns, it shall help to convert the potential followers as sales. Moreover, Social Oomph not only auto follows new people, but it also sends customized welcome messages that can personalize.

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Social Oomph being a versatile tool also helps in sending Direct Messages and this is also automatic. If there is a product launch you can set up a DM to be rolled out. These DMs shall feature in your followers’ account. This is a never-ending process and does not seem like spamming too.

Further, by auto-following new people, there is a feature to nudge your followers to visit your landing page. You are just steps away from cracking the deal online. Social Oomph can support you end to end in managing your Twitter account.

Moreover, you can do all these things with a free subscription. At the same time, you can set a schedule for the tool to deliver auto DMs.

Benefits in a Nutshell

  1. By adding auto followers, you are expanding your customer base
  2. By sending them personalized DM through Social Oomph, you are taking the first step to market your product
  3. If the user is impressed, he/she may take further action
  4. If the action is succeeded you have converted a possible sale.

Twitter is all about developing contacts. Social Oomph becomes your partner in managing the account.  Yes, there is a paid version to it and it is priced at $6.97 which is a one time fee.

Benefits for using Social oomph

  1. You get a 30-day free trial to check the usage
  2. The scheduling can be very precise and that marks excellence for your Twitter Account
  3. Social Oomph has access to all posting features
  4. The best part is the bulk uploading feature

With just less than 3 billion social media users till date, the numbers shall increase very fastly. There is an estimated improvement of 20% in the next 1 year. These are your potential clients. These are the people who will be available to build your business. Managing them manually does not make any sense as it is highly complex and daunting. Social Oomph is a gift in disguise that shall help to convert the prospects to leads. All the Best!!!