3 Best Auto-Posting Social Bookmarking Softwares

Social bookmarking, also known as tagging, is the term made famous by the online bookmark management service named Delicious in 2003. Social bookmarking is like references that link to the page that has been bookmarked.

This is the system that allows users to organize their bookmarks by adding, annotating, editing, and sharing bookmarks of the web documents. This is a beneficial feature, especially in the era where knowledge is available in abundance.

Since 2017, social bookmarking has become a significant factor in analyzing the ranking of a website. Thus, enabling automated Social bookmarking as an option on your website becomes a necessity. This is because social bookmarking tends to give you a big push and increase your visibility.

It might be challenging to manually be present on all these bookmarking sites because there are thousands of them. This is where automation comes into play. There are many automated social bookmarking tools available on the internet. Some have paid subscription plans, but this article will introduce you to three free automated social bookmarking tools.

Social Marker

The specialty of Social Marker is that it allows you to spread the links on the best eleven social bookmarking sites. All of this is done under fifteen minutes, which makes it the best preference.

It also allows you to get a lot of backlinks, which is another criterion for improving your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score. This feature has a chain effect. Once your SEO score improves, there will be a lot of traffic on your website, which will directly improve your rankings and increase your reach.

The links that you create using social marker also get indexed with Google, which helps you to get found easily on the web. All these services are entirely free.

Social Marker also has a WordPress plugin that allows you to use its buttons on your blog/website, making it easier for people to bookmark and share content from your website, eventually helping your website to rank better.

But if you do not use WordPress, the website of Social Marker provides a code that you can insert on your website and easily make the most of the same features.

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Only Wire is the first choice for many people. Still, since the information about the free pack is provided very vaguely and is a much larger platform with a lot of other features, it is positioned second in this list.

Only Wire allows you to post content online, which would be published to twenty plus social media platforms at the same time. They have a free plan and two paid plan options, namely Onlywire Pro and Onlywire Enterprise. The Onlywire Pro plan starts from $9.99/month, and the Enterprise plan starts from $99/month, both of which have a free trial.

It is a comprehensive software that allows you to schedule and automate your posts, i.e., bulk posting. It also helps you run analytics on your posts and increase your following and engagement on social media via social bookmarking.

It can be easily accessed using its browser extension. All these tools help you to increase your website traffic and save both money and time.


SocialAdr enables you to do large scale social media promotions with minimal efforts as it is effortless to use and fully automated. It helps you promote your content on all the biggest networks.

It is web-based, so you don’t have to install anything on your device individually. It also has excellent customer support. Like Social Marker, SocialAdr also has a WordPress plugin and helps you to drive more traffic using its real user technique.

It allows your content to be promoted by real people, which boosts your ranking, and you can easily track it via transparent reporting. The best part of SocialAdr is that it can be accessed anywhere and is continuously updating its services. It also has three pricing plans available.


A good practice to put in while using these automated social bookmarking software is to enter different usernames that allow you to run automations smoothly. This is because automation is a sort of spam, but when used in the right way, they have tremendous potential.