3 Best Ad Networks as Adsense Alternative For New Bloggers (with Fast Approval)

Business Opportunities in the virtual world is many. Latching on to them with appropriate methods is considered worthy. Moreover, if you hit the right channels, the business is lucrative too. As a blogger, you would also eye the same. The attention-seeking blogs and creative information shall raise the traffic. But if there is no proper advertisement network that you can latch on, all the efforts shall be in vain.

Of course, AdSense is a prime advertisement network. It is indeed a premium network. However, there are a few challenges.

  1. No Easy Approval: Though the 6-month criteria are available, it mostly takes longer than that to get approval
  2. Website Quality: AdSense does not offer it to cheap websites. They would like to look at the website and offer the services.
  3. Unique Content: The Content needs to be unique. And no dictionary can explain uniqueness in this context

However, there are many other Ad networks also available in the market. Not many of them are reliable. A few of them may not even pay you on time. Some of them do not pay at all even if you reach the minimum threshold limit.

But there are a few Ad networks that are prominent and genuine. Let us take a look at the top 3 Ad networks that can help you come out of this trouble and enhance your business too.


This is the best Ad network in many ways. Especially, if you are a small publisher, you will like this. Pop Ads do not require any minimum traffic requirements. They started by promising 100% fill rates. From the year 2010, they have been reliable and consistent in payments too.

They allow all sorts of websites. Right from the legal ones to the illegal porn sites too. It is advised to set up the withdrawal option as soon as you sign up. The payment shall happen automatically once the minimum threshold is reached.


  1. PopAds has high CPM rates when compared to many Ad networks
  2. They are not looking at any minimum traffic requirement to sign up
  3. The payout minimum level is $5
  4. The best aspect is the auto money withdrawal options
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  1. The payment mode available is only PayPal


It is a CPM network. This is best for beginners. Even if you are an intermediate blogger, you can opt for this. All you have to do is sign up. Once you are done, follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Create an advertisement that you would like to display
  2. Place the advertisement in your blog

This can easily ensure that you can get paid $1 to $14 for 1000 views. Quite good money for the beginner and when they are reliable, you can latch on to them for a long time.

The minimum payout level is $25 for withdrawal. You can get the pay through Payoneer and also WebmoneyZ. There are other methods to withdraw funds too.


  1. Quick Sign up gives an utmost advantage for new bloggers
  2. Many payment options
  3. The minimum withdrawal limit is $25


  1. The package is slightly less compared to PopAds

Revenue Hits

This Advertisement network in premium we must say. They do not offer any pay as per clicks. They are also premium in their playing style. The click must turn into action if it does you can make a bomb. Revenue Hits works very simply in this category. The Ads shall be published and if it has any information to collect the leads and if the user fills the data, you get paid/

Now how much do you get paid? You normally can get paid $10 to $50 for one action. That is huge money. Many bloggers are making $100 per day using this platform. The traffic is also too good and you can use multiple strategies to make your Ad creative to generate leads and you shall make a good amount of money.


  1. The Cost per Action is premium and is always high compared to any of the Ad networks
  2. $50 is the minimum payout is considered decent
  3. The activation is instant and your money column starts ticking within seconds
  4. Very good support from the team too


  1. The pay for action mode is the only way you get paid