[Full List] Best Blogging Apps For Mac Users in 2020

Starting a blog has been a wish for many people. It has become a tendency to start a blog for her views. People also open a blog as they want to share their new learnings and also putting their thoughts into words. Now bloggers make money out of it. So it has become a source of income. Also, it helps to get some products for free when they review a product. They are the influences otherwise called as affiliates. The are many asps that would help a blogger. They are apps for both Android and iOS.

Bloggers generally poorer to work offline as it increases their productivity. When they are over the internet sometimes there is a chance for them to get distracted. Hence to enhance the productivity offline modes were developed. The offline modes are in the form of apps. Son of the apps that would help a Mac user are mentioned below.

WordPress for Mac

It is a open-source platform for editing the content of a blog. It will have SEO tools as well as certain tool that would check if the content is within the standards. There is a special software launched by WordPress for Mac users to create their blogs. Using a jetpack login the user can use WordPress. There is also a chance for the WordPress top to come for windows. This would help many users to feel at ease. 


A person would not find any blog without any images. The images have become a mode of attraction for many audiences. While the side and the resolution of the image has an impact on uploading the blog. The blog will quickly upload of the size of the image is small. Also, it will be easier for the suffice to get the blog immediately asset opening the link. Hence ImageOptim plays a major role in optimizing (compressing) the image.

Snag It

Certain blogs will contain statics or any proofs. Hence they screenshot those deals to include it in their blog. Those images have to be edited and resized before adding them to the blog. Snag It is an image editing tool developed for Mac users. Being a premium tool can also be downloaded for a 30-day free trial. The service from the app can make its uses to be hooked to it always.


Mere words can not make the audience to hook up to the blog. Hence images were used. But in recent times,  bloggers started to videos to make it more engaging. A DSLR camera can be used as a person is using a whiteboard video. But many bloggers make use of screened videos. To serve this purpose in a better way,  the Camtasia app was introduced. This app has become one of the most installed apps for the blogged as it helps to capture,  edit as well as to publish the videos directly. It is a paid app with 30 days trial pack.

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For the blog to reach a lot of people marketing is needed. SEO I one of the methods that are adopted by many websites and blogs to make it come in the first place in terms of Google rankings. Integrity is an app that would help the blogger with SEO. Also,  it helps to scan the blog to know the links that are broken in the blogs.

When a blogger is using WordPress he/she can use the broken link checker for this purpose. But if there is yet another platform that the blogger is using and has huge content then it may sometimes make the host file to hang for some period. The audience prefers to use this app as it is compatible with any platform. Also,  it is a free app that can be used whenever its help I needed. So the bloggers who are using Mac would never fail to use the app.

Mac FTP tool (Cyberduck) + (Filezilla)

A blogger must have a server for the blog. This server is for the website where it has to be hosted.

FTP software is required for blogs.  Mac has various FTP software that would help in this process. Cyberduck and FileZilla are the FTP apps that would help the blogger to have a server. They may be lightweight but are highly efficient. It is no easier to remove the login for every app or the service that we use. It may get lost if it is written in a diary.

If the blogger uses his/her mail to save it,  that is not a good idea. Because if the account gets hacked,  the hacker will have all the credentials. This app has the inbuilt feature to save the login information. So to increase productivity,  a user can make use of this feature.

Various other apps

Keyboard Maestro

It is not a free app. Though a paid one  many bloggers would recommend the app. It saves time for repetitive tasks. It is one of the best automation apps that bloggers love to use. Many macros will work automatically.


As the name says, it helps in a hassle-free working. A blogger has to make use of many files that are to e used in a blog. Hazel helps to put the files in the place where they should be in. There are certain rules that the blogger has to use to use the app.


Many of the bloggers had to search for apps that would fit the Mac. But these developers have worked hard to develop some special alps for Mac. A blogger needs to get some apps that would help him/her in blogging. These apps will help to increase the productivity of the blogger. These apps will help the blogger to save more time. The apps will also help to enhance the creativity of the blogger. It also adds stability to the blogs.