5 Best Chrome Addons for Power Twitter User

In recent times, Twitter has become one of the most powerful Social media. The trending of the hashtags makes people know what is happening though they may not keep in track with the news. There are country-based trending hashtags and city-based trending hashtags. This analysis is of greater help to know about the country and the city too. When a user is tweeting he/she always wants his post to be observed by many people. Certain tools would help a Twitter user to make his/her or a company’s post to reach many people.

Twitter Tool

A content that has the power to reach people’s hearts is the best way to reach a lot of people. Since Twitter has got the feature of retweeting, people who love a post would retweet or and in this way the post will reach a lot of people through friends of friends.  Thus a relevant content will reach its target audience. The Twitter tool is of greater help when it comes to scheduling of posts, to get better engagement by posting in the optimal time without having to switch between applications. The “Best Time” option in this app will automatically suggest the correct time to post to reach a greater audience.

Tweetdeck by Twitter

Tweetdeck is a Google Chrome extension that is a boon to all the people who want to manage multiple Twitter accounts. It is a feature that is designed for social media managers, marketers, power users, and publishers which allows them to keep in track with the messages and news from all the accounts as well as in scheduling the tweets. Hence the feature allows the user to handle multiple accounts under a single dashboard with various customizations.

Chirp for Twitter

Twitter allows the character range of the captions to be less than 280. If the snippet that the user wants to share exceeds the limit then he/she can make use of this feature which is an extension from Google Chrome. This feature will allow the user to take a snapshot of the content that has exceeded the limit.

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The user needs to select the text that has exceeded and it will automatically take a snapshot of it and will post it as a new tweet and the URL of the page. An additional feature is that the user can involve in conversations and reply to the comments without having to leave the page after using this feature.


Unlike Instagram and Facebook,  Twitter does not have an emoji generator of its own. Generally, the users would copy-paste the emojis or send it as an image.  Many of the users wanted the management to fix it. But still, it’s not done yet. So for this purpose, the EmojiT will help to add the emoji to the posts of in comments without having to copy and paste. Many find this feature to be very interesting.


This will help the users to see what they only want to see. The unwanted tweets from various people will be filtered by the app. So the user need not spend much time in his/her feed which doesn’t have posts on his relevant and necessary topics.


Hence by using some of the add-ons a power user or a blogger or a marketer can drive more traffic to their pages. This will help to connect with more like-minded people and get more online friends. It will help to optimize the Twitter pages and hence there need not be much time to spend on switching of pages or in replying to the comments or to keep on-trend.  Also, these extensions are not only used to become a pro but it also helps the newbies of Twitter to know about the various options that Twitter provides its users.