11+ Best Media Kit Examples For Inspiration in 2020 (Bloggers and Influencers)

A media kit is a type of digital document that showcase crucial business information of a company to the world. Most media kits contain specific information about the company, its upcoming event, or its product information. Many companies also distribute them as press releases to the media. The media kit is also helpful for journalists; it provides the information in bundled form. As a result, they can easily write stories with it. Here are 15 best media kit examples for inspiration. They will draw the focus of the media and give the business highlight to the public.

Social Media Influencer Media Kit Template

URL: https://www.template.net/pro/35947/social-media-influencer-media-kit

It is a very simple yet effective media kit for those people who are in the social media business. This media kit is not very flashy and makes a subtle profile for the business. It showcases how to present information elegantly. The media kit let the business include all necessary information like contacts, blog, Instagram & twitter profile, etc. The person can also display public opinions like testimonials and subscription numbers in it.

Guitar Flyer Template

URL: https://www.visme.co/templates/flyers/guitar-flyer-1425278987/

This media kit is quite flashy and eye-catching. It is especially helpful for those people how required attention from media. Media kit like these easily fetches attention. It can be easily embedded with site links. The kit can be used for event promotion. However, one drawback of these types of media kits is that they cannot hold much information. They simply look and work better when they contain only small significant pieces of information.

Blue Simple Minimal Photo General Media Kit

URL: https://www.canva.com/templates/EADaoNpfbIE-blue-simple-minimal-photo-general-media-kit/

It is a simple media kit that features minimal amounts of photos. It is much suitable for tourism or holiday-related businesses. The simplest photo arrangements are good for drawing media attention. It also explains the genre of the business with one glance. Inside it articulate the goal of the business and essential data metrics and statistics.

Green Yellow Coral Fruits Healthy Blogger General Media Kit

URL: https://www.canva.com/templates/EADZ38-K3Fw-green-yellow-coral-fruits-healthy-blogger-general-media-kit/

This media kit represents health-conscious businesses. Those companies that are associated with dieting or vegan businesses can use this template. The outside gives a genuine health-conscious retro vibe, while the inside it delivers mission statements and the goal of the company. In a small package, the media kit conveys essential information about the business.

Beige Modern Food Photo General Media Kit

URL: https://www.canva.com/templates/EADaiTYljSc-beige-modern-food-photo-general-media-kit/

Any company associated with food, restaurant, and catering service can use this media kit. Even though it is a very simple media kit but it serves all essential information efficiently. The cover of the media kit shows essential information about the chef or the restaurant. In the middle, it hands out different statistics and business details.

Navy Teal Modern Photo Press Kit

URL: https://www.canva.com/templates/EADapORZN6M-navy-teal-modern-photo-press-kit/

Businesses that are associated with design and development can use “Navy Teal Modern Photo Press Kit”. The simple colour contrast of this media kit makes an elegant presentation. On the front page, it showcases the graceful design of a structure. However, inside of the media kit carry business profile information of the company. Here, journalists can see their business partners, services, and website statistics.

Small Business Media Kit Template

URL: https://www.template.net/editable/1652/small-business-media-kit

This media kit uses high-quality images and graphics on the front page. The attractive layout makes it stylish and eye-catching. As a theme, this media kit uses a blue colour, which gives this media kit a professional outlook. The media kit also includes multiple pages inside. It contains information about the team, services, and other company information.

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Pet Business Media Kit Template

URL: https://www.template.net/editable/4192/pet-business-media-kit

The prime attraction of this media kit is its front cover. On the first page of this media, the cover features an adorable pet. The adorableness of the media kit makes it attractive to everyone. It also includes multiple pages inside and professionally delivers business information. Inside the business can share their services, contacts, and other pet-related information.

Startup Media Kit Template

URL: https://www.template.net/pro/31057/startup-media-kit

Compared to an established company, a start-up business required to publish more information efficiently. This media kit is specially designed for these companies. It features quite a modern media kit design and looks very attractive in a first glance. The first page includes different statistics and essential company information. Inside it holds detailed structure and business information.

Marketing Media Kit Template

URL: https://www.template.net/pro/35944/marketing-media-kit

From the appearance, this media kit looks very tech-friendly. Even though, the cover page does not show any statistics. But the inside of this media kit is filled with promotional figures. Most of the time these types of media kit design suit marketing companies, where they need to publish accurate data and metrics. This template efficiently conveys the details to the other party.

Social Media Kit 02

URL: https://elements.envato.com/social-media-kit-02-8AU7BZ

This media kit is designed for instant product promotion. For this reason, the designers choose a very customizable format for this media kit. It let the company quickly insert multiple product images in it. The media kit reduces product publication time and gives the business first appearance advantage to the media. Compared to other media kit, it showcases more product photo and their information.


URL: https://elements.envato.com/social-media-kit-Z8UPSQ

A simple media kit designed for the real-estate business. The easy format empowers real-estate companies to promote their business with this media kit. It allows photos and information included on every page. The front page allows the business to embrace its prime property in it, while inside pages allow them to include project details with pictures. In this modern age, most real-estate companies use this type of media kit for project promotion.

Wedding Social Media Kit

URL: https://elements.envato.com/wedding-social-media-kit-PJFEDTA

A wedding is an event of glamour and everyone tries to preserve its memory forever. For this reason, the media kit for wedding associated businesses required to be simple yet glamorous. This media kit comprehensively fulfils this purpose. It allows the wedding planner to include happy memories of the wedding and encourage potential customers to do business with them.

Medical Centre Social Media Kit

URL: https://elements.envato.com/medical-centre-social-media-kit-Z3VA9J4

The medical industry based on the latest technology. For this reason, those companies are associated with medical businesses required to showcase their technological ability. This template is designed for medical centres and they provide all information resourcefully.

Fashion Media Kit Template

URL: https://elements.envato.com/fashion-media-kit-template-NXK497Q

The fashion industry always evolving, what is trendy today may not remain in trend tomorrow. For this reason, the media kit has to be flexible. This media is specifically designed to suit the requirements of the fashion industry. It offers all dress material designs and photos in an elegant manner.


Media management and building contacts with prospective clients is an essential part of every business. In this task, an attractive & elegant media kit can help a lot. It showcases the potential of the company and efficiently provides vital statistics.

The primary design of a successful media kit depends on multiple factors. The media kit has to be attractive yet elegant. Too many colour palate usage can make clutter, and eventually, the media kit may lose its purpose. Similarly, usage of less colour palate and photo can make a media kit bland.

By taking inspiration from the above-mentioned media kit templates, anyone can make their gorgeous media kits.