Difference Between Bluehost com and Bluehost India – Which One Should You Use

The buzz is in the air. Should we go for Bluehost India or Bluehost USA? Are Indian servers the best now? There is a lot of contemplation going on in selecting the hosting services. While there is  Bluehost USA, Bluehost India is offering hosting services in India. As everyone knows web hosting does not require nationality. You can as well use Bluehost USA being in India. Now that Indian hosting capacity has come up, is it better to switch services? Can we be a bit more patriotic in using Indian services?

Bluehost India is an extension of Bluehost USA. That means to say, it has the same quality of service that the former was offering us. The localized hosting services are good for India, but, is Bluehost India the right option.  We must get into details now. There are many things to be known before you switch or to use Bluehost India. It is good to see an Indian Webhosting company supporting the users who have been using WordPress for a long time. Further, like the Bluehost USA, it is also claiming to support other platforms too.

What are Bluehost USA and India?

The Bluehost U.S. is a very popular web hosting company. It is well known by many people who use WordPress as it supports hosting for them. The incredible offers that Bluehost U.S. comes up with is always welcomed by the users. The free SS certificate and customised dashboard to work on WordPress make it the best web hosting company.

This company was acquired by EIG in the year 2010. EIG is the most versatile company that owns many web hosting organisations. They tend to acquire small web hosting companies and offer them a good infrastructure to flourish well. Some of the major companies that they have acquired are Hostgator, ASmallorange, ResellerClub. The names given here are selected and they have many web hosting companies in their kitty.

What has EIG done to these companies?

Well, this is required for us to understand whether Bluehost India can be used or not. Most of the time, the management decides the business functionality. At this juncture, it is good for us to know that Bluehost India is an extension of Bluehost U.S. This is a piece of vital information and known by many. But are they offering the same services as the former? Let us come to it in a bit.

EIG has a business model to buy many small web development and hosting companies. They offer all the facilities and raise their standards in the market. The acquired companies are also top class earlier and continue to be so. What we must understand here is, EIG is no software company, it is a sheer business-oriented firm that acquires and looks for ways to multiply and make money. Their primary focus is to expand and there is less scope of interest for innovation and development for the acquired companies. Though the interest of the small companies is to grow massively, they also compromise on creative growth.

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So, what is Bluehost India?

As said earlier, it is an expansion of Bluehost U.S. to India. It is to be understood that, it is not same as the US version. The best example to realise this is, you don’t get to see the following

  1. It is not the same cPanel as we get to see in Bluehost U.S.
  2. The server quality is compromised in the Indian version
  3. You do not find CPU throttling technology
  4. There are other services which are either not on par or not available at all

So, what does Bluehost India do without these? Are they not meeting any quality guidelines?

Well, for that to understand you must know one more aspect that, Bluehost India uses Resellercllub to sell hosting and domain packages. As you know Resellerclub, lets freelancers and other individuals start their domain and hosting businesses successfully.

The news is EIG also acquired Resellerclub in 2014. It is a Mumbai based company that succumbed to EIG’s offer. The plan is to expand its business in India came true. EIG used its brand value to expand and now comes the Bluehost India doing the same.

The best factor to notice here is, Hostgator and Bluehost U.S are incredible in their brand image as well as service quality. EIG utilized it to its maximum to build and expand the business. The service quality offered by them is still top class. But Bluehost India is not the same.

The Pricing difference between the US and the Indian version has a slight difference. The latter is a fraction less than the Bluehost U.S. But using this as a factor to decide the web hosting services shall be disastrous. On the other hand, it is also to be understood that the offering is not the same. The quality issues prevail in all aspects of hosting.

It is advised to go for the Bluehost U.S.  to host your website. It helps the website load faster than usual. Also with SSL certificate as well as PHP 7.0, it makes them the best. Moreover, these features are still not available with Bluehost India.

If the environment and infrastructure offered the same as the U.S hosting company, we are sure Bluehost India shall reach its peak. But at the moment, it is better to be with the best. When the services are qualified with good technical support then we can think about the shift.