50 Ways To Boost Google Adsense Income in 2020

Adsense is the perfect mode for earning good revenue for any blogger. Though there are many alternatives to Adsense, none of them pay as huge as the Adsense. It is always suggested to use Adsense to maximise your income. There are many ways to create and place your Ads.

However, it is better for us to understand how to make the Ad more profitable. Though Adsense being top class, there are measures required to make your Advertisement reaches maximum users. As it reaches the maximum users, so does your income too. This write up shall offer you 50 tips that can help you earn more income through Google Adsense.

As Adsense works differently for many people, it is advised to follow the tips that suits your usage. More importantly, implement as many as the tips offered to attain maximum results.

50 ways to boost your Adsense Income

  1. It is advised to Strictly follow the rules
  2. Please Choose the highly paying Niche for every blog of yours
  3. Identify your keywords
  4. Always check the density of the keywords you are selecting
  5. It Is good to place the Ads on the top of the page
  6. It is advised to use images along with the Ads
  7. Do not use Standard Types of Ads
  8. Please choose the apt Adense format for all your blog
  9. For searching purposes use Adsense
  10. Use multiple ad units for all your blogs
  11. Change the colour of your ads that matches the web site Palette
  12. Please use multiple Palettes for Adsense
  13. Horizontal links are the best to be used
  14. At regular intervals, attempt to place the Ads in different positions and see
  15. Ad placement needs to be always verified
  16. Do not put any borders for the Ads
  17. You can also turn the low paying Ads to image only Ads
  18. Always Promote your site with an appropriate Google Adword
  19. The outgoing links must be restricted
  20. You can make many banners and show variety in the content
  21. Adsense features are to be used to the maximum
  22. The Ads and the Content must match well
  23. The visibility of your Ads must be checked regularly
  24. Always Use section targeting for maximum results
  25. Make sure that the Ads are in the hotspots so that the visitors can easily spot it
  26. Get the targeted traffic
  27. Put effort to divert the traffic to your blogs.
  28. Use all the Adword tools to help your site to be filled with traffic
  29. Track the performance by using Adsense Channels
  30. Please Avoid MFA
  31. Tracking the Ads and its progress is essential
  32. Use competitive filters to remove low paying Ads
  33. Do not over block the Ads
  34. Use Adsense preview tool to see how the Ad looks and feels
  35. If you are using any short article place ads on the top of the content
  36. The ideal place for the Ads in long article is in the middle.
  37. Do not use any common blog words
  38. Set Google AdSense as a primary adoption
  39. Publish fresh content and no plagiarism
  40. It is required of you to register on the hubs, use the Adsense account while you do it.
  41. Register on bukisa and use the same Adsense account
  42. Use the same Adsense account while registering in the Docstoc
  43. Always use revenue sharing sites so that the performance is not compromised
  44. Join the YouTube partners to have maximum results
  45. Please do not have any public services Ads
  46. Please choose your titles wisely, do not put anything like Sponsored Ads
  47. Use unique keywords for your Ads
  48. Ensure the Ads are clear and attractive
  49. Video Ads can convert more results
  50. Track the performance and change the Ads accordingly
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These 50 tips can certainly help you to earn more income. It is always better to learn about Adsense revenue model and also understand the return of investment to gain more clarity. As Adsense can be connected with analytics, you can get to see instant data and also make informed decisions based on it. Also, you can identify which keyword works best. No doubt, Adsense can change your virtual prominence in a short span. All the Best!!!