BuySellAds Review – Advertisement Space Marketplace For Bloggers 

Advertisements play a major role in business. A person may manufacture a product or provide a service that is very helpful to the customers. The medium through which customers home to know about them is an advertisement. Advertisements can be done through social media or on television.

Some of the businesses involve direct advertising to have a rapport with the customers. Direct advertisements are more advantageous than AdSense or any other form of advertisement. A difficulty in this process is that it is not easier to find a good direct advertiser. Many states to trust and use BuySellAds which is a place for both buying and selling.

What is BuySellAds?

It is a marketplace that helps to prioritize buying and sell ads. Many people had given good reviews about it. So this network had become one of the highest-paid ads. Many bloggers and websites have started to use this network very frequently. It is a hassle-free site that connects the publishers or bloggers along with the advertisers. The process that is involved in this network

is that the bloggers and the publishers will upload their site in this Network.The advertisers make sure to check all the stats that are needed for a strong website. After it passes these tests the publisher can buy advertising space. As soon as the publishers get the space it is in their hands either to accept the space or to reject the space. Because the BuySellAds network will not take much effort to offer the right space for the niche. The publisher or blogger should take care of it.

So they should be smart enough to know if that space would help their niche. Also, the links that are obtained from them are to be checked off they are neither spam nor frequently give various other ads within them. After checking all these factors, the publisher can accept the site given by the network. A fortunate and unfortunate feature of the network is that then they will not accept the site unless it is well designed.

Though it is an unfortunate feature, fortunately, it helps the blogger or publisher to take care of the design of the website. So good quality and excellent design are needed for the BuySellAds to accept the website.

Reviews of BuySellAds

There are many reviews about the network regarding the price, registration, approval, reports that are obtained from them, payouts, and various other issues.

When it comes to the payment for the ads service it is a contradictory statement i.e, the user should do the payment as well as he/she does not need to pay for the service. This is the statement that many of the users say about it. Because the publisher/blogger need not pay initially to submit the website for the network to check and provide space. But when the slot that is provided to the blogger is sold they need to pay 25% of the amount as commission. Hence about 75% of the amount is a profit for publishers and bloggers.


When it comes to registration it is similar to registering with other websites. Similarly register with the credentials along with the information on the website. But the application will not be accepted immediately. It will take around 5-6 days to accept the application. So after 4-5 days, the user will get the mail from the network if they had accepted the requestor if they had rejected the request. Only if the network gives a green signal the user could log in else he/she can not log in.

Language Barrier and Zone

There is a language barrier in the BuySellAds service. They would accept the website which is only in English. So this service does not seem to provide room to people who wish to develop a site which may be either in their mother tongue or which may be in the language that they wish to tech to some people. Many of them find it to be a great disadvantage as they want to avail of service but they are not able to avail it because of the language barrier.

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There is a feature in BuySellAds that people found it interesting. The network used a term called Zone. The meaning is clear from the word. The network gives the choice of preference for the placement of the ads. It allows the publisher or the blogger to choose whether the ads are to be placed in the top or the bottom or on the left side or the right side. Hence blogger should mention his/her choice of a zone that is to be activated.

Ads service

Apart from providing the users with a standard banner BuySellAds network offers its users different kinds of ad options that would help the user. The publisher or the blogger can afford ad placements for Text and image ads, only Text ads, any of the RSS ads, and other Tweet ads. Initially,  they provided only with the text and image adoptions. Recently, they added Tweet ads and RSS feed options. The Tweet ads that are offered by them is similar to the sponsored ads that are generally used on Twitter.

How the statics provided by the network turns useful?

People find one of the features of BuySellAds to be very helpful. The advertising network provides statistics on the strength of the spot of the ad. It would show how the spot chosen by the publisher or blogger is performing. With the help of this information, the publisher or the blogger could try to seek different ad space from the suggestions. This would help to increase the price of ads.

There is an important concept that a publisher should remember. They are above the fold ads and the below the fold ads. Always the former will perform better than the later. The Above the fold ads are those ads that are placed at the top of any site or homepage. The viewer could view it without scrolling. It can be placed before the main content of any site. Hence the ad would get greater exposure to its audience. Because it is always the top that a viewer would see when he or she visits a website.

Below the fold ads are the ads that are placed on the lower pane or sidebar. They do not gain much attention from the audience. Because in this case, the viewers will have to scroll down until the end of the website to view the ad. Of a viewer feels the website to be boring or not what he or she wants then he or she might switch the site without even scrolling down. So there is always a lesser chance for the person to see an ad that is placed below. This will not make the people know about the business or service, hence it had got less value.


Despite having pros and cons many of them choose the BuySellAds network for advertising.  The network does not charge any amount for checking on the structure and the strength of the website many feel that this network would help them to improve themselves as well to reach people. But the taken for acceptance and rejection is not liked by many of the people and this is one of the reasons that some do not like it.