3 Ways to Check if Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked

Internet Security is of major concern in the current era. Though we take many measures to stay secure online, many loops go unnoticed. This may cause disastrous implications in your personal life too. The shocking aspect is, we may not know in which form the hackers may attempt to hack our passwords. Of course, we take precaution in not checking or even opening spam emails. But that’s not all. It is better to use expert advice in overcoming such problems. Checking for your Gmail account time and again can save you from lot of embarrassment too.

With the advent of Google’s massive intervention in the online industry, most of the people in the world have Gmail as their primary email account. We may use that for many purposes. Primarily to create social media accounts, we use email addresses. And the number of people using Gmail these days is maximum and it can be identified that many social media profiles have the Gmail address as their account address too.

Further, to create or to download any software the prime requirement is an email address and we use it. There is no doubt, Gmail has versatility in its usage and very convenient to handle emails with supportive documents too. But as much as we see the positives some hackers can break this into pieces for you. There are many ways a hacker can read your emails without your knowledge.

He can also access your bank information, credit card credentials and a lot more. In this regard, everyone cannot become a tech geek to fight against virtual havoc. But least what we can do is stay secured. You can check your email and find out if there is any malicious activity going on and thus prevent it from happening. The information given below is to identify whether your Gmail account is hacked or not. Further, you may have to carry out these tasks regularly to keep your Gmail account intact.

Ways to Check if Gmail Account is Compromised

You need not follow this chronologically as these are different ways. As and when you find a quick minute in your busy schedule you can attempt these steps to identify if your account is compromised.

1. Last Activity Feature

This is the best feature that can allow you to know if your account is hacked. Gmail has this feature for a long time. As and when you login, this can help you know when your account was last active. Not only that, but you can also view this feature for the past 28 days.

You can find this in your email box page, at the bottom right corner. When you log in to your Gmail account, your inbox shows up. Go to the bottom right corner, you will find ‘ Last activity’ and below that, you will find ‘Details’. When you click on it, you can easily find the last login details of your account. Check this feature now and then and see if it was you who logged in. Further, even if you have used your cell phone to check emails, this feature shall display that too. This is the prime area for you to check if the hackers have read your emails or not. If you find any discrepancy in the data, please change your account password.

2. Email Forwarding

The hackers have different methods to get into your email. Or use certain methods to read your email too. One such method is email forwarding. Any email that is dropped into your inbox can be forwarded to anyone. The hackers may use this feature to read through your emails completely. Go to the sent items or email forwarding page and see if there are any such activities available. If there is any, then your email is compromised. Again, please change your password.

3. POP and IMAP settings

These settings are required to configure your email to any email client. Examples of email clients are Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and so on. The main feature required to configure your email to an email client is POP and IMAP settings. Plus, there is a need for your password too. That means to say if a person knows your password can also configure your email to an email client in any remote location.

Further, as and when you receive emails, even he/she who is a hacker also receives your emails. Always, disable POP and IMAP features if you are not using it in any client. Also, to see if any such activity has happened, go to ‘last activity’ and check for details.

Concluding Remarks

As always said, if you feel your account is hacked, change the password. We would suggest you further security steps to make it 200% secured. Go to account settings change your recovery email and security question too. If needed you can also change your registered mobile number. This ensures maximum security.

As most of our details are connected to the emails, it is always better to be prepared for the worst. Taking these steps to ensure that the account is safe becomes a regular activity. It is highly recommended to keep a close watch on your email accounts. It is very easy for the hacker to track your credit card information through your email. Any financial transaction can happen without your knowledge. Also, your social media pages that are connected with your Gmail can easily be compromised too.