What is CPA Marketing Guide for Beginners [Updated for 2020]

Most of the online businesses have started to use digital marketing in forms of SEO, GoogleAds, Facebook Ads, etc. But after sometime when thought about the ROI( Return on Investment) it becomes a question mark. The ads are to be optimised always to convert every click into sales. Many factors will be a barrier to give Return On Investment in par with the amount spent on marketing amount.

Instead of spending the amount on engagement, interactions, Impressions, and clicks the person could spend on real factors such as lead generation, sales, and conversions. Hence comes the role of CPA Marketing. In recent times small scale businesses have started to move towards the CPA marketing to save money.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing stands for Cost Per Action Marketing. It is a kind of affiliate marketing that pays to the affiliate only after the action is completely done. The affiliate can make use of any form of marketing he/she can make a video of the product or the services or he or she can explain about the product or the service is about which would influence a customer or a businessperson to buy the product or service.

Hence the process of lead generation is done here. These tools will help affiliate for the lead generation. The affiliates will be paid whenever they generate Elite or whenever they make a customer buy the product.  This is how the real business is done where it creates a Win-Win situation for both the employer and the affiliate who is an employee.

Working of CPA Marketing:

The working of CPA marketing can be broken down into smaller parts to understand the whole working. The following people are always involved while carrying out CPA marketing to ensure that the ROI is reached:

  1. Affiliate or Influencer
  2. Business or advertisers
  3. A network of CPA

An affiliate of Influencer is a person who promotes the brand or product or service through his/her social media pages to influence his/her followers and to drive traffic to the commercial sites.

In business will have a partnership with the Influencer to drive the traffic until the goal of lead generation and sales is reached.

A CPA network will bring a win-win situation to both the affiliate and the businessman eventually the money is earned by both of them.

Terminologies used in CPA marketing

  1. Category: It refers to the niche of the product and the brand that is to be promoted.
  2. Affiliate Manager: The person who manages the whole process of promotion of the product through his/her influence.
  3. Commission: The amount of money that an affiliate gets for the sales of a product or for bringing in business.
  4. Contextual Link: It is the link that the affiliate mentions in his/her website which directs to the brand and product.
  5. Earnings Per Click: The amount earned by an affiliate on an average when a user clicks his/her link.
  6. Offer Page: It is an intermediate page where the conversion happens when a visitor visits the page.

Payment model in CPA Marketing

Unlike the other methods of payment for promoting, the payment CPA marketing is more advantages than any type of marketing. The pay-outs are very different from one affiliate to another affiliate. So the person who makes the biggest sales will get more pay-out than, the person who makes less influence will get minimum payment.

This is also a very low-risk method when it comes to promoting the brand or the product or the service as the payment is done only for the actions that are being done rather than just investing over an unknown result.

Benefits of using CPA Marketing

The following are the major benefits when the business is using CPA marketing:

  1. It is easier to access because it requires only a website and a network for CPA
  2. While using the method of CPA marketing there is no trial and error method for the promotion of the business
  3. The payment for promotion is done only when the sale is completed. With this advantage, more amount can be saved by the company
  4. Every single penny invested by the company will never go futile
  5. To track the progress of the affiliate marketing many tools are available
  6. From research we can understand that the ROI that a company earns the whole choosing CPA marketing is about 16% of the other means of online promotion of the products and services
  7. The traffic driven by this type of marketing is of better quality
  8. A successful CPA will give rise to a good scale and Distribution after products. This will eventually result in the extension of the business


Hence the choice of a good affiliate is very important while choosing the Cost Per Action Marketing. Also, the choice of a good and reputed CPA Marketing will help in the growth of the business.

A major disadvantage is that the company or the brand will not be able to understand if the product or service has truly reached. In social media marketing, users will be directly attracted. Bu tin affiliate marketing the commoners are inclined by their favourite person. They can understand only when the customers make their repeated visits.

This is a platform for earning an Influencer where he/she can earn money out of their skills and interests. This also involves the engagement of their audience and making them know about the trends.