5+ Best CPM Display Ad Networks for Bloggers [Updated for 2020]

Being a blogger, the best way to monetize is through advertisements. It is a time-efficient way and does not affect your daily routine while allowing you to make some passive income.

Advertising networks are platforms where you can connect to merchants, sign up for affiliate programs, etc. and display ads on your blog. The full form of CPM is Cost per 1000 impressions.

Usually, Google AdSense is the most popular CPM Advertising Network, but here is a list of both well-known and the lesser-known but useful advertising networks that you can choose from and start making money right away. 

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a very well-known advertising network and is ideal if you are starting to monetize your blog. This is because you will find tons of tutorials for using the same, and it is entirely interactive in design. The quality of your blog is of utmost importance. It should be optimum if you want to get approved by Google AdSense as it is very particular about the sites that get approval.

If you want to display text and design ads, then this is your go-to option. It is also known as the kind of Ad Networks and is considered the biggest of them all.

Its minimum payment is $100, which can be transferred via EFT, Wire transfer, and Western Union.

Amazon Ads

This is the affiliate program of Amazon. It has the biggest network for a physical good, and the best part of using Amazon Ads is that it uses a contextual advertisement strategy.

This means your blog will show the products that are relevant to your niche. It is beneficial in making the audience feel at ease as unnecessary and unrelated advertisements do not bombard them.

Amazon Ads gives you the freedom to pause the campaign anytime. The only restriction is that the advertisement must be shown on your website at least once a day. Plus, it gives you the added surety of the brand name.

Its minimum payment is $10 which is transferred wither via direct deposit/ Check or Amazon gift certificate


The VigLink advertisements are more like an affiliate program. This is because you are not paid for impressions or clicks, but you are paid for actual sales instead.

This means, every time a reader on your blog is redirected to a product using the advertisement on your website and makes a purchase, you will get a commission for the same.

This portal allows you to find out which affiliate program you want to join in. GoDaddy uses VigLink for its affiliate program, and it is connected with more than 30,000 such partners. The sign-up for this is easy as well. There are many tutorials available on the internet on how to use VigLink for advertising in addition to its already easy-to-use design.

The minimum payment is $10, which is paid through PayPal.


Infolinks is known for coming up with exciting and unique advertisements. It mostly uses text-based advertisements but is willing to be dynamic.

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It has covered up the problem of banner ads that were being ignored because they were just seen as an obstruction. Infolinks uses overlay ads, and text links ads, smart interstitial ads, etc. to make the reader feel at ease.

Unlike Google AdSense, it is easy to get approval on InfoLinks, and the strategy by Infolinks is similar to Amazon Ads. It shows relevant ads on your website, which are not too harsh on the reader and makes your website decent as well as helps you to monetize.

This not only helps you to earn money, but with contextual ads shown on your blog, the SEO of the website improves as a whole, and you have an opportunity for better ranking. There is no bar for minimum traffic.

The minimum payment for Infolinks is $50, and that is paid via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, or eCheck.


BuySellAds is more like a connecting platform for bloggers and advertisers. It helps bloggers to approach and directly advertise on their website. This platform provides you full liberty and gives you maximum control over the ads displayed on your website.

The minimum traffic you need to qualify for an approval review is 15,000-50,000. It mostly displays banner ads.

The minimum payment is $20, which is transferred via Paypal, Wire Transfer and Check.


RevenueHits is a platform where you can avail immediate approval! It means there is no waiting time and you get n opportunity to start running ads on your blog right away.

It deals with both CPM and CPA as well. Full form of CPA is Cost per Action which means you get paid when the action takes place.

RevenueHits uses geo-targeting as a strategy and provides a wide range of formats such as text ads, apps, widgets, pop-ups, etc. There is no minimum limit for the traffic as well, which makes it ideal for beginners.

The minimum payment is $20, which is transferred via Payoneer or PayPal.


Choosing the right advertisement network depends on a lot of factors. As a beginner, using RevenueHits would be better, but if you have a lot of good traffic on your website, then use Google AdSense or BuySellAds.

Another factor that determines your decision for an advertising network is whether you want to have control over the type of advertisements displayed or not. If you want your viewers to feel at ease, then, Amazon Ads contextual advertisement strategy is ideal for your blog.

Also, it depends on when you wish to withdraw your payments and the mean you have available to do the same. Google AdSense has the highest minimum payment bar, whereas many advertising networks are having a minimum payment of as low as $10. They may not have the payment making platform that you use, though.

Keep all these factors in mind while deciding which CPM network you wish to go with and feel free to use multiple!