How to Create the Perfect Blogging Schedule for Your Business

Blogging is a highly popular affair nowadays. You have some pretty good writing skills and a first-hand experience for a concerned topic, and you set your flag in the mud to publish the best blog online. Many others like you set out to do the same. But what is the reason that some of you succeed as a blogger while some don’t? Let us find out.

What were your initial thoughts when you decided to publish your blog? Some of you may have thought that you are a good writer, so you should try a hand in the virtual world, and stick if you witness fame else leave. Others may have thought that there is considerable money-making opportunity in this arena, so let us jump in. However, it is not at all bad – after all, why would you waste your energy on something that doesn’t have return rewards. 

But if you had a thought similar to the first one, you are in grave danger. You haven’t given a thought to your real aspirations, and this very fact wreaks havoc on your blog-traffic. You do not post blogs frequently, and there you see a small crack in your viewer-relationship. In the long run, they stop visiting your site altogether.

If you go with the second one, maybe you have a ray of light because you will surely work for money. The only supplement you need is ideas and some spare time for your blog.

Time is super important. You may have heard, of-course you may have, that time flies. If you don’t hold the latch, the visitors would also fly away from your blog. But wait, you have a lot of experience in something that you may have done while in your academic years – making a time-table. However, when we grow up, we get to know of another word called a schedule, it makes you sound business-like, and you are probably here to do some business.

A Blogging Schedule? But Why?

Do you remember your childhood and the sayings of your parents regarding discipline and time management? As a good and honest child, you would frame a shoddy box on a page and write your plans for the day. You would include playing, watching TV, and studying (for your parents’ sake). Alas! The paper would disappear the next day.

However, most of you would have abstained from this idea and spent the day without a piece of paper guiding you. But each one of you did have a plan for the day because during those times your days were long and work was less. You would never forget to carve out some time for playing every day.

Now that you have grown up, you don’t have that much of free time. You return exhausted from your office or college. Then, you also have to do something for the home that you are residing in. All this demands a lot of your time – you may even have to delete some less-important items from your to-do list and wait for tomorrow.         

Well, that tomorrow rarely comes. And if you are a part-time blogger, that less-important task for you is probably writing blogs. Also, for writing a blog you first need ideas. Do you even have time for that?

Then, you start wondering about those “other bloggers” and prop yourself up. If they can do it, why can’t I?  You surely can and want to do that, and therefore you are here.

How to Make the Perfect Blogging Schedule?

Now that you are here for this very thing, let us start:

1) Draft a Plan

Return to your childhood. This doesn’t mean that you should go about wandering behind butterflies. What it means is that you have to become the disciplined child of your childhood and frame a plan. You won’t make it shoddy now, but even if it is, try to make one. Once you make a plan, things would be a lot more easier. First of all, you need to assess your aspirations for the blog. Do you want to and are interested to write in that genre? When you get that answer in an affirmation, go forward with how much you know about that topic. If you have ticked this too, think about how you will adjust your day’s timing to include blogging. You have taken the first step, so pat yourself on the back.     

2) Integrate Your Team

You may not be a good writer or a good designer. Does this foil your plan of publishing a blog? Never. You can always find people for your work. Some may be doing it as a hobby, others for gaining some experience, and enhancing their career. But, there would be few who would like to adjust with the varied timings of the day when you are free. You need to set a particular time for instructing them, answering their queries, and administering them. You need to decide the date on which the content writer would finish his work, so that you then hand the content to a designer. What if you are lonely in your blogging world, and you have the onus to handle everything. Do not frown! With proper planning, you can do pretty much anything else. Even NEET aspirants succeed with proper planning and hard work. As compared to them, your task is not that huge.

3) Choose the Days

You have two options – either set aside a few days for blog-related work, or do a little every day. However, you need to decide the frequency of publishing your blog. Once a week would be a good choice if you write on general topics. You also need to decide on your topics in advance. If you are running a news blog or a sports one, you must publish updates every day. People would visit your news blog only when they get what they want – news. And nobody likes stale news. But you are not bound to write lengthy blogs, you can post a vlog, a podcast, or an interview. Then, you don’t need to hunt for lengthy ideas to pen down.

4) Stick to Your Schedule

This is very important to maintain a lasting connection with your visitors and admirers. Dwindling from your commitments is not a good idea. What your visitors look forward to is trust. This may seem trivial to you, but the more you are irregular in your blog posts, the more dearly it would cost you. A visitor of your site would disintegrate every time you violate your schedule, and mind that every drop in the ocean counts. Also, sticking to your schedule means that the people working under you consider you a serious worker. They may stop working for you otherwise. 

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5) Be Original

Many bloggers have little inspiration, so they start copying others. They would probably copy the topics of a prominent blogger and write about them. What then happens is that they get little traffic on their site. They should be aware that there are many things to write upon, many topics waiting for you to discover them. Be unique. Do not go writing about the new movie of a celebrity because the other “popular” blogger is writing about it. There could be an issue of national importance left unattended. Also, if you write on your topics you have so many things to express, and you would automatically have a regular blog-posting schedule. And the more you express, the more would be your credibility. The more your credibility increases, the more traffic on your site, and more revenue.

Using An Online Blog-Scheduler

Do you need to plan everything suggested above in a paper, and mark your calendar with incomprehensible characters? Not really. You use your smartphone and other digital accessories to play games and communicate. You keep your accessories near your heart. So, why not do something that makes this very device to notify you about your blogging course of the day. 

The next dilemma then steps in. I’m already managing other blogging apps, and for this, I would have to install another one. But do not worry. You are probably unaware of a great tool that is already available at your disposal. You only need to tilt your head and apply some keystrokes to your website.

Many of you would be probably using WordPress to host your site. If you are not, you should read this basic information about WordPress. WordPress is a great tool to start your website or blogging site. Its installation is easy, and you get a lot of features to make your site attractive. With the addition of a few plugins, you can set affiliate links on your site and earn huge revenue. What is better than a hosting tool that allows you to quench your thirst for blogging, and give you money and popularity for that. 

This very tool has another built-in tool to let you schedule your blogs. You need to visualize the following steps to do the same:

  1. First of all, login to your WordPress dashboard. You will get your familiar WordPress window, which you may have forgotten due to prolonged durations of no-visit.
  2. Go to your WordPress text editor. Navigate to the Publish box on the top right corner of your text editor.
  3. Once there, you will find several options for your blog. You get three buttons:
  4. Save Draft: This would save the text you have entered in the text area. You can then choose to save it for future publishing or publish it immediately.
  5. Preview: This button lets you view how your blog would look like to a visitor. This is great to review and correct some mistakes you would have made in editing and formatting.
  6. Publish: On clicking this button, your blog would get published on your site immediately.

Status, Visibility, Publish, Readability, and SEO.

The Status option displays the status of your blog. When you are editing the content, the status is draft by default. However, you will see a blue edit option next to it. Click on it and make the necessary changes to the status of your blog. Do not forget to click on OK to save your changes.

The Visibility option displays the people who would be able to see your post. This is public by default. Do not tamper with this because it is obvious that you would want it to remain public.

The Publish option lets you decide the date and time to publish your blog. By default, this is set to immediately. The edit option would open a tiny calendar for you to choose your date and time. Once you click OK for this setting, the Publish button would change to the Schedule button. Click on it and you are done.

Now, you are free to lend more time to promoting your blog and establishing outreach channels. The other thing that this has done is helping you reach out to your family, and spend the day without worries. 

Is This The End?

Not at all. Do not become complacent. This is not the right time to do so. This is just the beginning of your journey. You need to constantly look for ways for improving yourself. 

  1. Monitor the traffic on your site. Is the schedule working well for you? If not, reset it to fit your goals. Does your audience get along well with your habit of posting after every fourteen days, or do they need more of you?
  2. Do not leave the comments section unattended. There are two reasons for a visitor to comment on your blog. The first one is their admiration for your work. You truly need to appreciate that you have such people at your behest. They can help you by sharing your ideas further.

The second one may be some contradiction to the facts that you may have stated in your blog. Do not feel ashamed to admit your mistake if you have made one. Take the criticism in a good sense, and work towards overcoming your flaws as a blogger.

There is yet another category of “vagabond” people. They will go to every blog and splutter some bitter coffee in the comments section, even if you have made no mistake. Those are the people with free data subscriptions and free time, so pay less heed to them.

Focus Area of Bloggers

  1. Do not copy other bloggers but do have a look at their content. Compare this with yours. Look for the breaking points, and do what needs to be done.
  2. Review your blog length. Do not make it unnecessarily lengthy. This can make your visitors lose interest. Also, if your blog needs to be lengthy, try to assimilate into it only what is important.
  3. Do not keep the language of your blog boring unless it’s an educational one. Be interactive. You are guiding your visitors to do something. Your audience should feel that you are right before them.
  4. Instruct your co-workers such as writers and designers to adopt new styles and technologies. This would have a dual benefit. One, you would be able to deliver engaging content to your audience. Two, your employees would get an add-on to their skills, and may appreciate you for that someday in the future.


So, now you are done with some tips for scheduling your blog-timing. You have seen how it helps if you are not a full-time blogger. You also saw an important tool in WordPress that would help you set your schedule. Some YouTubers have gained a million subscribers in just a few days because they were frequent in their uploads. So, you can surely gain inspiration from them.