17+ Best Looking, Viral and Funny Facebook Profile Cover Picture Ideas

Creativity is an amazing aspect that is boundless. At times the level of creativity goes to a new creation which is much appreciated in all angles of it. The arena can be big or small, the innovation is appreciated if it is worthy. It does not need to be useful to society, at the same time must not harm too. In this regard, the people’s creativity towards setting their Facebook cover picture is hitting the headlines. With the new cover picture template and the flexibility to upload pictures in it is considered thought-provoking. Not many people would have thought that they could make use of the cover picture to make the world amazed.

Already the profile picture area that was available is making a prominent presence now with the advent of cover pictures. Of course, any Social media platform does have a display picture area. The thought of Facebook to come up with the cover picture is lauded. While a few people had an opportunity to upload another picture of theirs, a few other people made use of it to create an attention-seeking profile page for them.

The elements and structures that the Facebook cover picture area has been used to the maximum to bring a captivating profile page. The imagination the people had to bring such a change in their profile is commendable too. Let us take a look at few cover pictures which could take the virtual world by storm.

The Angry ‘Man’ Bird

This guy must be an ‘Angry Birds’ fan. The level of creativity that he has used is amazing. This is what we do while we play this game too. Just that we use the screen to pull the sling, but he is pulling the bird all by himself. What is appreciated is, the way he aims the target. The combination of a profile picture that blends well with the cover counterpart is appreciated.

Connecting Steve Jobs to Your funny Cover Picture

This is another funny effort by a Facebook user. The picture was well captured and photoshopped. The best part is the alignment which needs a clap. The stay hungry, stay foolish quote by Steve Jobs is making more sense now. Though the context was different, it sets a tone to remember the quote to motivate yourself too. The background colour in both the elements are seamless and that makes this cover and profile picture combination flawless.

Halloween Effect

Though not as scary as we think, but the picture is well made. Good cropping techniques were used to set the profile picture to perfection. However, it can be seen that the profile picture is taken from the web, but the hands and the head match this combination well. How perfect the colour of the sleeve matches with the body in the profile picture? This guy must be a maverick in making. A good white background shows a seamless work.

Scary Giant cat

The giant-miniature combo is an awesome thought. The cat’s anger and the man’s fear goes well with this picture. Though not much of the work required to get this cover picture done, the amazing thought behind it needs a pat. The cat with forelimbs on pouncing mode, the man getting scared is a perfect match. The incredible background with white and Facebook’s blue goes well too.

Pinboard Creativity

This is a pleasant work by the user. While we use a pinboard to remind tasks, he has used it to show his likings. This is a contemporary sequential taskmaster. With the pictures well collaged in the pinboard background. Though there is no connection between the profile and the cover picture like the previous ones, his display picture with the same outer layer looks delectable and even. This guy is a serious traveller and nature lover.

Fight with the Dragon

This user loves to fight the dragon. A good synchronisation with the hand and the sword. This does not require a lot of work as others, but the thought of bringing the creativity in him is commendable. The colour combination of the profile picture and the cover picture could have matched. Nevertheless, a perfect cover picture to say ‘Aw’ in a moment.

The Photobooth Mystery

The best aspect of the picture is the expression. The profile picture is synchronizing well with the cover picture. The photobooth caption is too good. The step by step expression and the photo’s result is amazingly portrayed. Not much on the editing part, but the expressions go well with this combination. The background colour goes well with this picture.

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Confused – yet to take a call

This is a masterpiece. Brings the entire chaos in the surroundings and an amazed person looks at him. The scribbling art at the background makes more sense for both the expressions. The one on the cover picture has a chaotic look while the other looks at him thinking whether to get inside this chaos. Well, this also signifies the actual happening in Facebook too. A lot of user posting unwanted stuff that may allow us to ignore and shut ourselves.

The Gulliver tie-up

This is a well-made combination. First up, the profile picture is well cropped and aligned clearly with the body in the cover picture. The two kids and the profile picture is looking upwards is yet another sensation. The complete picture gives a Gulliver’s tie-up scenario. The round neck T-shirt matches well with the T-shirt in the cover picture. A more interesting aspect is the same background colour for both the elements. The level of creativity with perfection at its best.

A troubled Photoshop guy

This is a spectacular cover picture. With the photoshop tool at the background, the cropped face with his finger on the chin is his profile picture. The rest are displayed in the cover photo. An amazing blend with a perfect background colour makes more sense too. The hand gesture and the cropped feature is made to perfection. The image match is fabulous including the background colour.

Feed the Cat I say

The angels and Godman feeding the cat. An amazing thought when it comes to passing on the information. While God created Adam, he must feed the cat too. The kids supporting him is a master act. Though the colour at the background does not match both the elements, it looks as if the cat is fed from the outer world.

Display your Style

This is what you call it as perfection. The integration of the cover picture and the profile picture is a master class. The cover picture displays a lot of information that the person does. Connecting with the person on the profile picture is an amazing art. The black background for both the pictures that matches well with his T-Shirt too. A smile brings brightness to your profile and so does this. This guy has an amazing style too.

You can breathe inside water too

it is indeed true that you can do anything on Facebook. Be it socialising or marketing, you are given the right platform. This guy has gone overboard, he emphasizes the same with an amazing picture. The synchronisation of both elements needs to be appreciated. The expression in the profile picture adds value to the combination too. The even background colour adds elegance to the combination.

Peeping Upside down

This is sheer imagination. The pictures are well made. The peeping cover picture sets the tone and the astonishing reaction in the profile picture says it all. An amazing picture with a lot of unsaid information in it. The peeping guy looks at you while the guy in the profile picture does not want that to happen.

An art lover

This combination has an elegant combination of art and beauty. The same peeping structure, but this time with his fingers popping out. The liking towards photography is filled with grace in this blend. A well-made collage of the entire cover picture with a solid background. The profile picture has got nothing to do in this.

The Muppet

This is a work of perfection. Arranging himself with the muppets in the cover picture and having the same synchronised pose adds elegance to this combination. Though funny, the work of perfection requires a clap. The background of the profile picture matches well with the cover picture too.

Facebook dripping Blue

This cover picture has a lot to say but very simple. Facebook dripping blue paint is excellent to watch. It seems like Facebook is adorning his profile with their love and affection. The look on his face in the profile picture makes the combination look intriguing too. The background colour of both pictures has a delectable match.


The creative work has no limits. The people who have made use of their imagination had a knack of using the right elements in Facebook too. This makes them highly appreciated. Further, the perfection they have shown in setting up the right combination also requires to applaud. You can also gain inspiration from this to set a unique cover page for your Facebook profile. All the best!!!