3 Best Desktop Blog Editors – Manage Websites Efficiently

As bloggers, some essential editing tools are a must-have. These cannot be avoided under any circumstances. Blog editors not only improve the appearance and readability of your work, but also improve the essence of the contents that you make. The main problem that we encounter is that these tools may not be compatible with every OS that we have. So, here we are about to describe some of the best blog editing tools that go on with both Windows and Mac.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a great editing tool upon which beginners can rely. The best feature about this application is that you get a chance to improvise the style of your blogging as well as improve your language. Here you can access two modes- the editing mode and the writing mode.

When you are in the writing mode, you can edit and customize your fonts and styles. This mode supports you with all the features that a document editor provides. When you have customized your content as per your need, you can now switch on to the editing mode. Here you can experience the correction operation of the application. Different colored highlights are provided for the different errors that have occurred in the text. Even grammatical errors can be replaced.

As a conclusion, Hemingway is a needy tool that every blogger can rely upon.


Evernote is again a free blog editing tool that has multiple facilities to attract bloggers. Evernote is designed for managing tasks as well as to organize them. This is a much-needed feature for web blogging. When you write a blog, you are given suggestions for web clippers, and by using this, you can rearrange your content and capture the full page articles. Evernote always outstands due to this excellent feature.

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The Evernote application is developed in the Redwood City of California. There are also additional features such as note-taking and archiving. To improve the mood of your work, related images can be uploaded. The notes can be tagged and this can improve the marketing of your blogs. If you are searching for a multi-tasking blog editor, there is no better option than Evernote.


Tumblr is another blogging tool that can improve the quality of blogs you create. It is a microblogging tool that helps you with tags and also helps you to queue blogs. Once installed, Tumblr can work in real-time. When you compose a blog and upload it, there would be dashboard suggestions that are useful while reading and posting blogs.

It also includes additional features such as image upload and HTML editing interface. Using this interface you can customize the domain name of your blog.


These are some of the extraordinary applications which every blogger should be comfortable with. Using these you can develop your skills as well as improve the value of your content. The best part is that they have a free download version for beginners and a onetime payment for advanced features.