DNS Benchmark Software: Software to Help Find the fastest DNS

Most people are ignorant about their Domain Name System (DNS) server. Some of them even don’t know about its significance in their internet connection. They are oblivious that without the DNS server, their web browsers won’t be able to search for the domains they want to access. Consequently, they end up using the default DNS server that their I.S.P (Internet Service Provider) has provided.

However, such default DNS servers are often less secure, reliable, and, most importantly, the main reason behind a slow internet speed. And even if their fast, they are not in the correct order. Therefore, if you are using a default DNS server that your ISP has provided, think again. Moreover, why use a default DNS server that is slow when you can choose from such a wide range of DNS services? It is better to avail of the services of a more suitable DNS server than a slow and unreliable one.

But now the critical question is, which is the most suitable DNS server? There is a wide range of DNS providers out there. How can one decide which one of them is most efficient and provide the fastest internet speed? In this context, you cannot afford to go for the trial and error method. Therefore, the best option before you is to employ DNS benchmarking software.

What is DNS Benchmark Software?

DNS Benchmark Software is an application that helps you in finding the fastest DNS server for you. It performs a wide range of tests on your default DNS server—following which it detects those factors which might be slowing down your internet speed.

Also, it performs tests on several DNS servers and presents a detailed assessment of their performances. It also prepares a comparison chart to help you to choose the fastest DNS server for you. To find the DNS server’s speed, you can use Gibson Research Corporation’s DNS Benchmark tool.

  1. Download DNS Benchmark Software (150KB)
  2. License: Freeware
  3. Operating System: Windows all (Linux and Mac through Wine)
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How to use the DNS Benchmark Software?

Using a DNS Benchmark Software may seem to be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. The amount of information that the tool provides about the DNS server is just too much. Therefore, the only way to get used to the software is by downloading a copy of it on your PC. The size of the file is not very small, and there is no question of installing it. You need to run the file. Once you have run the executable file, please go through all of its features and understand the functions. You can also go to the page called “Features/Operations Walkthrough” to know about the program.

Once you are familiar with all the features and operations, press on the “Run Benchmark” button. The software will show you all the DNS servers that are compatible with your current system configurations. It will add the names of those compatible DNS nameservers in its in-built list of “alternative” publicly available nameservers. You can also add a DNS nameserver manually and check its speed. The benchmark would provide you with a detailed summary of the performance of various compatible DNS servers.

Once you have found the most suitable DNS server for yourself, please go through its privacy policy. You must ensure that the DNS provider keeps your data safe and doesn’t sell it to any third party.