7 Best Examples of Attractive About Page With Reasoning

A person who is building his/her is usually tempted to get the best website of his/her own. So he/she will be hunting a developer who could help him/her to create a neat and best-looking blog. This will help to keep himself/herself abreast of the internet. By doing this, they end up forgetting some of the elements that are very important when creating a blog. Hence it may fail in reaching its audience.

But the blogger blames him/herself for not making it up to the expectations of the audience. This may sometimes because of the misunderstanding. This misunderstanding is caused because the audience is not sure if they should visit the page again. To make the audience sure that they are on the right website/blog, it is essential to take care of the tab that deals with the purpose of the website. It is the About page that conveys the purpose of the website.

What is The About Page?

The about page is the essential aspect of every website. So more is to be given to this tab. The about page is the page importance which gives in-depth information on the business of the blog or the company. It is the first place that every newcomer to the website would like to visit to have some insights on the company/blog they are looking for.

Since it is the virtual explanation if a blogger or a company or a business, it should be clear and to be at the point. So as soon as they land on the About page, it should not only appear impressive but also should be informative.

The About page of a blog or a website should win the trust of the audience. Hence it can have factual details which the audience can feel it to be true. Once the trust is won, not much promotion is needed. Because people will keep visiting the website often to know if there are any updates. This is one of the major powers of the about page.

How should an attractive About page be?

A good About page should be able to tell it’s the audience on what they do, who they are,  and what’s in it for them. This will create a good reason for them to stay on the page. It is an extra point if the About page contains some testimonials. The aim of an About page is to give an insight fo the visitors of the website on the identity of a person/business, a brand, a product, etc.

A good looking and catchy blog is pivotal. A blog will always display the professionalism of that blogger. But it is not the only thing that shows or determines the professionalism of a blogger or the blog. Because the blogger is a starter a person could understand the level by a few blogs of the client is an expert in criticism. Hence the blogger need not spend much time concentrating on the looks of the blog. He/she has to think about various other aspects that would grasp the interest of the audience.

Because if the blog is very beautiful but the readers are not satisfied with the content of the blog, people will not return to the blogs. Aesthetic values to the blog are important but it is not the only factor to attract the attention of the audience. Hence equal importance is to be given to both aesthetics and content of the blog.

There is one section of a website which many bloggers or companies sometimes give less importance. It is the “About” page of the Website. The About page is the most important part of the website that gives what the company/blog deals with and how they had been successful in helping their customers.

List of About Pages


 Mirasee is a page owned by Danny Iny,  who is also known for the Firepole Marketing blog. His about page of the blog looks well organized and provides the necessary information that every visitor would want to see.

  1. His About page goes in this way:
  2. Explanation on his domain “Mirasee” and what it stands for
  3. Why he chose to use that term.
  4. Who does his website cater to – this will give an idea to the audience if they should proceed with the website else they should switch to another website.

The website also includes the names and positions of all the people who are also helpful in running the Mirasee blog. That’s a unique feature that you don’t see on many other blogs.

So soon after reading this the audience would know if they would like to move forward with the website.

Social Triggers

There would be no bloggers who are not aware of Derek Halpern. Because he is one of the most popular and important blogs is run by him. They are always on the talks over the internet. His blogs deal with the talk on marketing through human psychology.

  1. His About page contains some simple navigation buttons. These buttons can the audience to the section they want to visit.
  2. Also it contains some testimonials that are of high quality with deep insights from some big brands

These testimonials would convince a customer to but the product as they feel is trustworthy.

Xo Sarah

Her About page may look simple but it is to the point and straightforward. She uses interesting and beautiful images in the blog. This makes her page adorable. Also, the pictures on her page are neither fake nor photoshoped. So it impresses her readers.

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This unique feature about her pave has attracted many and sometimes people keep checking her website to see what she had posted. In her page genuineness and creativity have played a major role together. Hence her audience always loves to visit her page. The new user will always get an awe moment as he/she visits the page.

Tim Ferriss

On this page, the person starts his page with a quite that defines him. This makes readers to be attracted. This also motivates some people to frame quotes that would define them else it makes them create their quotes. A difference in this page is that the About page of the blog is written from the third-party perspective.

It is also written in simple language that it helps in comprehension. People need not Google words to know the meaning of the words which may be enjoyed by some people. But it is also an annoying feature for some people. He has also made use of some social references for his website.


Brian Dean’s Backlinko About page of the Backlinko page always keep people engrossed in his page. This engrossment is nor caused by a 10,000-word article. His blog contains articles that are straight to the point.

Every person will be asked the question: “Ready to take your SEO to the next level?”

If you want to continue reading you could click ‘Yes’. So in this way, the page will let you know if you are in the right place. Of you want to leave you can click ‘No’.

This feature is excellent because he sets a deal with the audience and then he starts helping them only if the deal is agreed at both the ends.


Gummisig is a web designer. His About Us page uses text to draw the eyes of the audience once they visit the web page and grab their attention.

It contains massively sized texts. It is in trend as it presents to be an interesting idea. So Gummisig does by starting with a joke initially. He moves down with smaller sized text as the context gets more serious. He finally ends the page with testimonials.

This makes the audience to remain engaged with the page.

Melyssa Griffin

Many pages use text and photographs to attract the attention of the audience. But Melissa uses more of photographs. Those pics are colourful, high quality as well as engaging. A unique feature of her page is that she has humanized her About page. This is a magnificent job as it will make you quickly aware of the page is for you or not.

Also, this page keeps its audience engaged. Some of the audience enjoyed watching all the photos which made them come back to the page repeatedly.

Summary of a good About Page

An about page with the following features can reach many people:

  1. Usage of simple yet catchy content will keep the audience engrossed in the page. Straightforward points will always be liked by the audience.
  2. Using real pictures will make the audience return to the page accepting the genuineness of the website or the page
  3. Adding reputed and genuine testimonials from famous personalities as well as from the public
  4. Highlighting why the audience needs them. This will help the audience to know more about the website. It is also used as a measure to convince the audience to use their services or sometimes even to buy their products
  5. Portraying the environment of the business/company. This will help the people to know how friendly or how rude or the level of strictness that is being followed by the company. If a person visits the page to get some career guidance or wants to apply for a job, he/she may think if the environment suits him/her
  6. Including statistics about the services. This will help the audience to know about the service strategy of the company. This will also make them believe that they could get the best out of them. While using statistics about the services it is important to be genuine.
  7. Apart from adding the testimonials, the site can also have the citations, awards, etc. which will have more impact on the belief of the audience
  8. Adding about the history of the company to make people know how old the company is
  9. A proofread is always a must when it comes to websites. It is highly essential in the case of an About page. Because it may invite some negative criticisms. Hence the image or the content is to be thoroughly checked before uploading them.
  10. Regularly update the page whenever going on a new venture under the same domain


Knowing the value of the About page, have a deep thought on what is to be done and what is not to be done. This will give a good reach on blogs, products, and services. The website is a visiting car to promote the business and to generate leads, generate sales, and make money. Hence great care is to be given to it.

Only genuine things are to be written in the about section as it is going to be the first impression of the blog to any audience. The uniqueness of a page will always make the website or a blogger stand out of the crowd and it will be recognized by many people. Hence the about page of a blog or a website is very important while trying to be popular amongst the people in your domain else among the general public.