Ezoic Platform Review – Increase AdSense Ad Income Plus More Features for Bloggers

Advertisements are the best way to influence a group of people at one time. This can be easily done through various online platforms in no time. This is a bit complex process but can be learned very easily. It will surely help to increase the income from the blog without any extra efforts.  After all, who doesn’t want to make money when earning money can be made this easy and convenient?  Let us explore, through this article that how is this done.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is the software that helps to fix various things at the same time such as visitor deliveries, ad placements, monetization strategies, etc to provide a better experience of using and operating any website.

Ezoic helps the online publishers to manage the content in an optimized manner with the help of artificial intelligence.  This helps the website to grow faster and this makes it efficient for the user to have an optimized experience. Ezoic on the broad lines helps us to have an optimized operation of the website and also the ad can be managed with the help of our customized requirements.

 Ezoic: The functioning

This software works in multiple ways at a time and is of extreme importance to the users. It functions by automating the content to SEO friendly content and also leverages machine learning that helps to understand the visitor behavior in a better way.

In addition to this, Ezoic helps to optimize the earning through the accurate placement of ads and web pages.

Let us now see some of the advantages of using Ezoic.

  1. It is the most helping platform for all the bloggers, brands, and digital marketing companies that want to expand their business or blog online.
  2. It helps to customize the ads according to the needs and at the right place which further makes it easier for the company to earn more money than usual.
  3. It is based on the principle of artificial intelligence which helps to improvise the content according to one’s requirements and aspirations.
  4. It is used for various purposes such as to make the website work faster, enhance the visitor experience, and improve security.

It is the platform that acts as our helping hand and assists us by telling where exactly to put ads at, what display sizes are the best, etc which gives the direct impact and helps the website to grow better and we can automatically ample amounts of money without any extra efforts.

Ezoic is the platform that has been used by over 2100 websites to reach the optimal levels and they usually help to increase the revenue generation by about 50% through this optimization process. Let us now witness how this made possible.

The first step that is of extreme importance is the testing of ads. This is a vital step because of the following necessities:

  1. To customize the needs– testing of ads is a way in which one chooses from two samples which one is better suited for the website. This helps to customize our requirements.
  2. To enhance the ad revenue- testing the ads helps us to keep the best set of ads on our page which keeps readers coming back to our blog or any web page that belongs to us.

The most efficient and valuable way to compare the ads is by calculating strategically how much money can the particular set of ads make in one visit by the reader to the page. Doing it individually is quite a rigorous task and needs lots of patience and time. This can be extremely simple and easy with the help of Ezoic.  Now let us come to the important step of setting up Ezoic to increase the ad revenue.

How to Set up Ezoic to increase the ad revenue?

This is a fairly simple process but requires patience. The following steps have to be followed ardently if anyone wants to increase their ad revenue to more than 50%

  1. Create an account on Ezoic and sign up to avail of all the amazing benefits.
  2. Link the account to your personalized blog.
  3. Create the customized script for Ezoic on your blog.
  4. Convert all the existing ads to the Ezoic format and optimize all other ads through the same for the future.
  5. Go to the Google ad exchange program and run the ad tester there.

Here is the elaborated explanation of the same:  

Integrating the website

The process of integrating the website is not that difficult. This is done easily with the help of Cloudfare. It is the easiest medium to integrate the website into the Ezoic.

To undergo the process of integration, you will have to install the Cloudfare and then by signing in to the account, directly click on the Integrate now tab. Right after that, you are ready for the next step. Cloudfare makes it easy and extremely safe even for first-time users.

Once this is done, the success message will be depicted over the screen which means you are good to go for the next exciting step.

Testing the Ad

Once the integration process is over, the next very important step is of testing the ad to increase the efficiency of the ads. This process will help to increase the ad revenue to more than 50% by directly optimizing the ads according to the needs. This is done as follows:

  1. Go to the dashboard and click on “Setup Ad Testing”
  2. Once this is done, click on the “continue tab”
  3. In the next step, wrap the existing ad or create the new ad unit with the help of the code generated.
  4. Once this is done, replace the existing ads with the Ezoic version and now you can simultaneously run more than 3 ads at a time depending on the requirements.
  5. Click on ‘add ad unit’ and then optimize the new units of ads under this icon according to your own needs.
  6. After this, click on the tab which says “Create Ad”, this will generate another code and now you can paste code to the text widget in the “Widget section”

Once you have added the code in your blog’s sidebar, create more ad units & add the codes onto your blog.

Never forget to turn on the ad types for all the devices in the Turn On/Off section.

Applying for the Google Ads Exchange

The entire process is not complete yet. As we said earlier that the process is a bit complex but if followed with patience, it can lead to creating wonders that even we are not aware of. For the next series of steps, follow the below-given steps to finish the entire process. This is of foremost importance if anyone wants to enhance their visitor experience or wants to gain directly through the ads on the blog. Follow us for the given steps:

  1. Visit the Ezoic dashboard & click on the “Ad Exchange”. After doing that, fill out a form that will be provided to you right after the click and you are just a few more steps away from officially availing all the benefits.
  2. Go back to the Ezoic dashboard and you will see a message flashing that they are waiting for Google to review the application which might usually take as much as 24hrs to happen.
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Ezoic Ad Placement

From this step onwards, all the magic starts to happen. Once we are done with some of the very basic steps, placing ads becomes a vital step in increasing and enhancing the user experience. Let us see what this is and how it happens.

To continue with Ezoic the first step that one needs to follow is adding the Ezoic Chrome addon. Ezoic suggests some of the places that should be followed ardently to ensure the undeterred experience. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Use multiple display sizes to make the web page look more engaging and attractive.
  2. Create many ad units for one web page but also make sure that the page doesn’t look clustered.
  3. Using different ad locations for running multiple ads at a time, you can also go for the Ezoic test if you are skeptical about its efficiency.

After all, this is done, we are almost ready to witness all the magic that we have created. Let us see what happens next.

What ads are displayed?

The users who use the platforms such Adsense, Media.net, etc have to undergo a separate process. To avail all the benefits of Ezoic a slightly different and bit complex procedure has to be undertaken. This is depicted below.

No, this requires installing another app called ‘Mediation’. This app allows you to add and later test the existing ads to the Ezoic account. Once you are done with this process your ads will be operated and managed by Ezoic now onwards.

The ads will now compete to be displayed on the actual webpage but only the ad which can get the maximum revenue is sustainable to appear on the website. Ezoic is that one in all platforms which helps us to achieve this level of optimization.

It ensures that we earn as much as possible and always lookout for the most profitable options for us.

How do we get paid with the help of Ezoic?

As we have known in this article that Ezoic is one of the best ways to enhance the generation of online revenue in no time, we should also know that how do we get paid with Ezoic? Is it the direct bank transfer or are there some other gateways that are available for us. Let us explore this aspect of the miraculous software.

There are various ways through which Ezoic helps us get money and is very convenient for the users. Some of the payment gateways that are available to us are Paypal, Check, International Bank Transfer, and many more. In short, payment is not a very serious concern here. Before choosing the payment gateway we will also have to choose the initial threshold amount that we are willing to get once we start earning the revenue.

We are very sure that Ezoic is a safe and secure place to make all the payments and to earn ample profits from them. They help us to learn various steps and processes that are required to compete in the digital market. Being smart and aware is the only method through which this can happen. Ezoic is the one-stop solution to all our digital problems because it can optimize our personalized blog or the website according to our customized needs at a very nominal price and initially this all happens for free.

Ezoic: Key Takeaways

It is software that works with the help of artificial intelligence to enhance our user experience and is in turn helps us to increase the ad revenue to as much as 50% at a go. Some of the key takeaways from the article that are extremely helpful are as follows:

  1. Ezoic is a magical tool that is the one-stop solution to earn maximum profit we can. This works to optimize the websites according to our needs and helps in ad management. It helps us to assist the number of ads that should be displayed at a time and what should be the display size that makes the ads more attractive and engaging for the reader.
  2. The process to install Ezoic and later integrating the same to your website is a fairly complex process that requires readers’ attention to the aforementioned steps. It is very important to turn on the ad notification on the devices to enjoy the undeterred experience. 
  3.  Using Ezoic is highly suggested option if you are using any other platform to publish your blog. The minimum payout that they offer also helps to get income instantly without putting in many efforts.
  4. This should be noted that the tool is available exclusively for the users that include bloggers or the digital marketers who initially have some followers and is not for someone who has just started their venture.
  5. The payment gateways are simple and are easily available to anyone in any part of the world. This helps to make makes money instantly without any requirement of the extra efforts by the users. Some of the payment gateways that are available to make safe and trusted payments are Paypal, Check, etc. These are the payment alternatives that we can trust for the safe transfer of money.

Ezoic is the only place that works in close association with your website to enhance the user experience in multiple ways. Let us see what all can do make our experience better

  1. It is capable of optimizing the entire website by testing the appropriate ads, helps in automating the content to SEO friendly content, and also, in turn, increases the ad revenue to as much as 50% by following simple steps.
  2. It comes with extraordinary features such as Ad Tester that helps to optimize the number of ads and the type of ads that we want on our blog page.


Now that we know some of the enabling features of this software, we should also know that in today’s world there is high competition in every field. To excel differ grounds of digital media; working tactically is the only way out.

Ezoic is the only way through which we can generate high amounts of ad revenue at a very optimal price. This helps us know and learn more in the field of technology advancement. The perfect time to start with Ezoic is now, just follow the simple steps and you are ready to get into the magical world.