[Updated] Facebook Abbreviations With Meanings to Become Best Social Media Kid in 2020

In the late 1990s, the first social networking site, “Six Degrees,” came into existence. Consequently, citizens all over the world started entering the virtual world by creating a virtual profile. This virtual world connected the citizens of different countries and merged them into a single online community. With the emergence of a new kind of society that is, the digital society, a new language emerged. It was the language or speech of social media. Consequently, many acronyms, abbreviations, jargon, terms, and emoticons paved their way into ordinary people’s lives.

However, there is still a large section of people who do not know this language of abbreviations and acronyms. This section of people comprises of either the elderly or the younger ones. They may be different in terms of their age. But one thing is shared between them: they are both new to the world of social media.

Why You Should Know Abbreviations and Meaning for Facebook

At present, there are a large number of social networking sites. But none of them come near to the popularity of Facebook. The younger people love it because it connects them to their friends and helps them promote their business. On the other hand, older people consider it a handy medium for connecting to their long lost friends. 

However, like any other social networking site, the language of Facebook is also filled with abbreviations and acronyms. Consequently, it is natural for you to feel awkward if you are a new member of Facebook. But that’s not a matter of worry at all. Once you know the meaning of those acronyms and abbreviations and start using them in your everyday chats and posts, you will quickly become used to them.

List of Facebook Acronyms and Abbreviations with their Meanings:

Here is the list of some of the most popular Facebook abbreviations. In this list, you will also find some of the latest acronyms and abbreviations that you may not have known or used before. Apart from Facebook chats, comments, and posts, you can use these abbreviations and acronyms in other social media texts. They are universally applicable.

  1. Fb: “Facebook”
  2. ASAP: “As Soon As Possible”
  3. POS: “Parents Over Shoulder”
  4. SOS: “Someone On Shoulder”
  5. 1NAM: “One In A Million.”
  6. B4N: “Bye For Now”
  7. AFAIK: “As Far As I Know”
  8. 143: “I Love You.”
  9. 1432: “I Love You Too.”
  10. 2N8: “Tonight.”
  11. 2moro: “Tomorrow.”
  12. 404: “No Clue.”
  13. BRB: “Be Right Back”
  14. 4Eva: “Forever.”
  15. LMAO: “Laughing My Ass Off”
  16. LOL: “Laugh Out Loud”
  17. Gn: “Good night.”
  18. SD: “Sweet Dreams”
  19. WTH: “What The Hell”
  20. TTYL: “Talk To You Later”
  21. LMK: “Let Me Know”
  22. N: “And”
  23. kk: “Okay.”
  24. BFF: “Best Friends Forever” or “Best Female Friend”
  25. KL: “Cool”
  26. BMT: “Before My Time”
  27. OMG: “Oh My God”
  28. w8: “Wait.”
  29. Ty or Tu: “Thank You”
  30. ASAIC: “As Soon As I Can”
  31. JFY: “Just For You”
  32. GF: “Girl Friend”
  33. BF: “Boy Friend”
  34. BBT: “Be Back Tomorrow”
  35. BOT: “Back On Topic”
  36. HF: “Have Fun”
  37. HAND: “Have A Nice Day”
  38. PM: “Private Message”
  39. B/w: “Between.”
  40. BTW: “ By The Way”
  41. Zzz: “Sleeping”
  42. WU?: “What’s Up?”
  43. PMSL: “Pissing Myself Laughing”
  44. TIA: “Thanks In Advance”
  45. YSIC: “Why Should I Care”
  46. Abt: “About”
  47. Y: “Yes” or “Why”
  48. WOA: “Work Of Art”
  49. ROFL: “Rolling On Floor Laughing”
  50. TM: “Trust Me”
  51. BAU: “Business As Usual”
  52. Wru: “Where Are You?”
  53. TGIF: “Thank God It’s Friday”
  54. FTFY: “Fixed That For You”
  55. DM: “Direct Message”
  56. AMA: “Ask Me Anything”
  57. BTS: “Behind The Scenes”
  58. DYK: “Did You Know”
  59. FOMO: “Fear Of Missing Out”
  60. FYI: “For Your Information”
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These abbreviations and acronyms are just a handful of water from a vast ocean. But they are sufficient for you to express your opinions and feelings in only a few words. Apart from making short and crisp Facebook posts, these chat lingos would also help you maintain the 280 characters limit of Twitter.

Moreover, if you find someone using the symbol “#” in their posts, for example, #Twitter. Remember to pronounce it as “hashtag.” You should also keep in mind that the originator of “hashtag” is Twitter. Therefore to appear as a cool Facebook kid, please do not use this symbol on Facebook. You should limit its use to Twitter, Google, and Pinterest only.