Symptoms of Facebook Addiction and Abuse

In older days, children had the habit of going out to play with their friends. With the arrival of the idiot box, the frequency of the games was reduced. People became addicted to TV but were able to come out of it. But the addiction created by social media is a long path that people are not able to come out of it. Though we have Instagram, Tik Tok, etc, the addiction for Facebook is still in the peak. This addiction has troubled many lives. The worst case of the problem is that many people are not aware of the fact that they are addicted to Facebook.

Evolution of Facebook

Initially, Facebook was introduced as a link with many people all over the world. So it was used as yet another messaging system. Then Facebook started to give perks to the ads. People started to upload their personal feelings in it. Later companies started to make a page on Facebook to promote their business. Also, some pages are related to the personal interest of a person. And now Facebook is solely used for marketing purposes which would mean that using Facebook a person can expand his/her business.

But this did not stop the commoners to stop using Facebook frequently. It made them use more as they were updated with the latest things in their field. People had started to visit psychiatrists to solve their problems and to get out if there addiction to Facebook. So therapists have started to distinguish between networking and dysfunction. Because

Facebook is an application that was created with the motive of bringing social networking. But this Social networking tool has lead to the problem of social dysfunction where people forget the regular activities that have to be done by them and will start to procrastinate the works. Hence the function of the person is affected by this addiction to Facebook.

Major reasons for a person to get addicted to Facebook

If a person is using Facebook as a chatting site, then he or she will not spend much time on chatting every day. But rather it is said that Facebook creates a virtual world to the users. It is a world that many users enjoy and adore it. Facebook does not make any identity verification. So if a person does not want to reveal himself or herself then it is supported by the application.

The users start to search for different things according to their likes. Meeting new people across the country and making new friends also make them forget they are real-world and rest in the imaginary world. People become more comfortable in this image that they forget to do the daily chores and it forbids them to be in connection with their relatives sometimes. They feel it as a treatment to give their mind a space that they can not experience in reality but later it starts to create problems that strike their mind only in the later stage.

Are you a Facebook addict?

As stated earlier, many people are unaware of the fact that they are already addicted to Facebook. The following are some of the sure signs to prove that a person is a Facebook addict.

  1. Being obsessed with the fame from Facebook also called as ‘Facebook Fame’
  2. Rather than physical life much importance will be given to Facebook
  3. People start to report the happenings of their daily life as a Facebook post
  4. Spend much time to find more and more friends
  5. The number of hours that a person spends on Facebook will be more than he/she is talking with their kith and kin

Becoming a Facebook fame means that the person becomes very anxious after uploading a video or making a post on Facebook. He/she will be so obsessed with getting the number of likes and comments. Hence the person starts to check the notifications then and there and might forget the real work that they have to do or might commit some mistakes in work.

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Sharing the thoughts on Facebook is good but too much of sharing will always make to regret. People share the place that they visited or the places they are currently checking in. This means that they are a stalker to themselves. This will give room to another person to follow him/her more and fall in a trap. So share lesser information on any social media.

This is sometimes a bad habit. It is like showing to someone that they exist whenever they make a post on Facebook.

The major impact of the system is that many people start judging themselves or sometimes they develop the habit of prejudicing someone. This makes them lose a person in real life. Also, to keep up their false identity they have to go through rigorous mental depression. Because they have to show that something has happened to keep the attention towards themselves. 

How to come out of the addiction from Facebook?

If a person tried to get rid of Facebook by uninstalling it, he or she will not be able to overcome it. Everything will take some time to come out of it. No one can snap it out in a second. So to get rid of this addiction a person needs not to deactivate his or her Facebook account else he or she need not uninstall the app in a smartphone or block Facebook sites in a PC.

It is all in the mindset of the user to make his mind to become less flavored by the virtual world offered by Facebook. Facebook addiction can be cured by oneself unless one has a strong determination towards it.  So a person who is addicted to Facebook can follow the following steps that would help him or her to come off the addiction very quickly.

  1. Stop commenting over some post if you are offended by it. Because it will always lead to a big conversation consuming a lot of time to prove yourself correct
  2. Rather than using the watch party feature on Facebook, attend the real parties. Go with friends or relatives to the films which will make everyone feel that the other person takes care of them
  3. Make sure that your day does not art with Facebook notifications or Facebook chats and feeds
  4. Similarly always keep in mind that the end of the day should not be with Facebook friends. The Good night should bid with the real people around you
  5. Make sure that you so nor spend not more than 10-15 minutes while scrolling the feed
  6. Limit the visit to your Facebook account not more than 5 times a day
  7. Keep the slogan in your mind “Priority to Work” or always have it in mind that the work and real-world people are more important than Facebook
  8. Worry about your real fame rather than becoming a Facebook fame
  9. Do not count the number of followers that the page/account has, worry about how many people care about your life

These thoughts in a person’s mind will always help him/her to give less priority to Facebook and will make him/her involved in the real world.


It is a fact that my of us want to come of this real-world and enter the virtual world that would always make us feel happy. But using Facebook within a limited period will have a positive effect on our life. Hence follow the above steps regularly to get rid of the addiction to any type of social media that is being used.

Our life and relationship with the real people who are near us are always in the first place having Facebook friends as the third place in the priority list.