10 Best Facebook Status Ideas for 2020 That Will Get You More Likes

People are becoming increasingly picky about the content they react to. You might feel like no matter how much effort you put in, people always tend to scroll past your posts without acknowledging? If yes, then you might want to use the following techniques to create content.

Today, the engagements you get on your posts are equally valuable to the number of people who liked your posts. This is because you might have thousands of likes, but if you are not getting even a hundred likes and comments on your page, most of your followers are not even looking at your posts, let alone engage with them. These are known as passive followers.

It is necessary to convert those passive followers into active ones. This will not only help you to get more leads and clients but will also make your organic reach stronger. To understand your viewers better, put yourself in the place of your audience. If you follow pages of your niche, think about what kind of content do you like to see on your feed. What makes you want to like, comment, and save a post. Then get to creating those types of posts.

Still not able to come up with ideas? Well, then, here is a list of ten ideas that will get you more engagements.

Schedule your Facebook Posts

Study your analytics very carefully. These are easy to understand and can help you get the most valuable insights. You can do this by opening your Facebook page and then opening the insights option that is present in the top menu.

Now understand the time your audience is most active. Make a note of those timings and then use those optimum timings as your schedule for posting. You can schedule a post on Facebook itself, but if you want to use third-party applications.

You can use HootSuite, which has a free plan that allows you to schedule 30 posts per month. Some other platforms you can use are Buffer, Sprout social, Loomly, AgoraPulse, TweetDeck, CoSchedule, Crowdfire, Later, etc.

Posting on optimum times allows you to get the maximum engagements. The number of likes and comments you get in the first hour and the first 24 hours of posting are the deciding metrics of whether your post will do well organically or not.

Use Pictures

Facebook is a text and visual platform, but as we tend to get busier, we stop paying attention to the little details. The same is the situation with text. So, even if you are posting precious content for free, the chances are that people will not make efforts to read those tiny words even if you edit it with proper headings, etc.

You can utilize this information by posting a picture that intrigues the interest of the user and makes them stop scrolling their feed.

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Post Videos

People tend to get attracted to visual content more than the text content. This does not mean you abandon the usage of texts. You can use text strategically in your videos.

Most of the people have auto-play options turned on, and whenever they are scrolling through their feed, videos tend to play automatically. Use this feature to its maximum advantage by having a video that makes people curious in the first five seconds itself.

This makes the people want to continue watching, and if you aim at providing quality content, you might as well get a lot of engagement.

Tag a page/Person/location

Many people do not utilize the feature of tagging in the best way. This feature is your key to getting a lot of engagements and can help you expand. This feature can also be used in so many ways.

When you post a picture with someone, make sure you tag the person you are with or add a location to that post. You can also tag pages, but keep it to the last resort. What this will do is, your post will be shown in the feed of those people who follow the person you tagged. It will also show up when a person searches for a particular location.

You can also ask your audience to tag their friends to increase engagements.

Post a Quote

People very well appreciate quotes because they are a perfect mix of visuals and texts. Such posts tend to get a lot of shares and tags.

Post Infographics

People value information. More than that, people value-free information. So if you want people to look forward to your posts, provide immense value to them.

Infographics are also a proportionate mix of visual and text and convey great value to the viewer. You can create infographics on Canva and Venngage.

Add links to articles

An exciting way to make people react to your post is to share an excerpt from a very informative article. Make sure that the excerpt does not give out the whole idea of the article, which makes them curious to read more and click the link of the article.

Ask Questions

Your viewers won’t comment on your post till you outrightly ask them to! Do not shy away from asking questions. Make use of sentences such as, let me know if you agree in the comments below.

Host a Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is another way of getting a lot of engagement. You can ask people to tag other people in comments and like the post.

In this way, people usually react to such posts because of the value they receive in return and the opportunity to win.

This tends idea tends to work when used rightly.

Add sprinkles of Humor

A little humor never did any harm! Feel free to infuse humor in your posts because people are looking forward to content that makes them happy.

Also, humor is a very versatile component and can be added to almost any kind of content.