Blogging Help for Beginners: Write Your First Blog Post

Blogging is one of the best opportunities to be famous in the virtual world. You could have wanted to be a blogger for very many reasons. Most of them post blogs as a part of the business. Some do it to be prominent among the blogging world and few create blogs to raise awareness too. Oh yes, some premium bloggers connect all these elements.

While all these things used to happen, you must know what should be your first blog post. Having said that, if you have a clarity on that go ahead read this article and get going. Those who do not have an idea, follow this article keenly and set up a captivating start for your blogging career.

The aspect that we need to understand about blogging is, if you do not start well, you are sure to be out of business. The virtual world is all about networking. You must be a part of the network. If not, it is a sheer waste of time creating a blog day in and day out. The strange fact is, the one we are talking about now is not shown any interest by most of them. And that’s one of the primary reasons why these people are still amateur bloggers. Let us get to know how to be prominent from your first blog post.

The tips mentioned below need not be in sequential order, but all the elements mentioned must be available for a fabulous start for your blogging career.

Introduce Yourself

While this may seem formal, it is required. An introduction of yours is a primary aspect in any virtual platform. There are many ways to introduce and it is platform-specific too. But to start a blog career, this must-have maximum information. The network of bloggers must start with trust. People must know why they must follow you. Or at least recommend you. Unless you are authentic in your introduction, it is never going to happen. The following elements must be available while you introduce yourself.

  1. Who are you? When we say this, it means not your name and profession alone. Let them know what type of person you are, what are you interested in. Why are you in the job. Why did you want to join the blogging community
  2. Your experiences in life. Like the travel you do, the favourite pastime activities and so on.
  3. Also mention, connecting to the first point as to who are you as a person. What are your likes, dislikes
  4. Mention about your profession and professional life too.
  5. Finally, say if this is your first blog

Mentioning these areas will create trust among people. Be sure to tell people why do you want to blog. At the same time, post some pictures of yours. Understand trust happens in many ways. Just writing won’t be sufficient. Put some good pictures and also the ones related to what you are saying would be the best choice.

The reason we are doing this is to make the people know you. The more the information you give, people start trusting you to connect with you.

Reasons for Blogging

This is imperative. As you have introduced. Let them what you are going to blog about. This creates curiosity. As such blogging is to raise awareness to create an action from the user’s side. So why are you blogging must have a solid answer? Moreover, you must know why you are blogging as to what you are blogging.

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Ask yourself these questions

  1. Why would people read your blogs?
  2. What is interesting about your blogs?
  3. What can people expect from your blogs?

You must put these points in a rather elaborate way so that you make people understand that you are a genuine blogger. At the same time be genuine in writing what will the user get from your blog. You must have a strong substance to tell people that your blogs are worthy enough to read.

Bottom line is, tell the people the reason why you are here, they will trust you and also follow you.

Blogging Subject(s)

As you have told the audience or fellow bloggers as to why you are here. It is time for you to tell them what you are going to blog about.

Please do not be yet another blogger who posts all generic blogs from all niche. People do not appreciate that. At the same time, narrowing down your audience to a particular niche can have a considerable audience for your blogs.

Explain what are you going to blog about. It can be any niche. Let them know why are you so good at that too. It can be connected to your profession or your liking. Also, let the users know why are you good at that. You can talk about your experience and in bringing change or just entertaining audience with your blog posts. Be clear and make it clear.

You make up your mind with one or two areas that you are going to blog about. People like qualified and interesting blogs. Make sure that you can offer it. Of course, it shall benefit you in the first case.

Who can your Potential Audience be?

This is a sort of invite to people to your blogs. As you have informed about the areas that you are going to blog about. You must also mention who will be benefitted by reading your blogs. What are those elements that can be useful for people? This is an essential aspect because there are many aspects of this world that people may not be a professional in it.

But can learn and implement it for the sake of their passion. This part must be solid and invite people to visit your blog post. Also mention, how often you will post your blog and how soon people can expect blogs from your side.

Setting the target audience base is primary when it comes to any blog.

Factors of Involvement

This is important for any blog sites. Your blogs not only must-have audience who are silent but must make them get involved in it. There are many ways to do that.

  1. You can make them write guest posts in your site
  2. You can also leave a column for comments
  3. Also, the audience can email you for any queries or suggestions.

This must be mentioned upon your decision. So how are you planning to involve your audience?

Blogging Goals must be Concrete

Lastly, mention your blogging goals to the people. You must set the standards for your blog site. Set the goals as to how the blog site will be in the next 3 months. Put it in your first blog of introduction. People must know that you are serious about this business. It shows transparency and concreteness in all levels.