Liste des serveurs WordPress Ping pour une indexation rapide du nouvel article en 2020

In the world of blogging, people consider WordPress as the best platform. It has multiple addons, which makes the blog reader-friendly and sharable. For this reason, WordPress is very popular in the blogging community.

However, many new blogger find it difficult to index their new post on the search engine. As a result, they don’t get many readers. There is a solution to this problem; people call it a fast indexing method. Anyone facing this problem can try it for free.

How to do ping website

For applying this method, there are some changes needed in the account. Follow these procedures to make these changes.

  1. At first login to the WordPress Account.
  2. Click the Setting button.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click the Writing tab.
  4. At this place, there is a section called update services.
  5. Here you will see a text box.
  6. In this text box paste all these URLs.  

How does Ping Work

Most people call this method Ping.  The ping process began right after any post publishes in WordPress.  The update service of the WordPress ping these URLs and invite search engine crawlers to come and scan the post. These crawlers collect specific information on the post and take it to the search engine. Search engines use this information to index the post.

It is a sure short process to index 99% post to the search engine. However, it does not guarantee a high index on the search engine. The blogger needs to follow proper SEO rules to get a high index on the search engine.