GeneratePress Review [Updated for 2020] – Fast-Loading WordPress Theme

The virtual world has a lot in store in terms of business opportunities. People are on a roll to make use of these opportunities to acquire fame and at the same time make money. Indeed, customer or audience engagement becomes a primary need in any of these cases. Creating a website or a blog post becomes inevitable to facilitate customer interaction. WordPress has been of great support in this regard.

The professionals always look up to WordPress to support their clients with eye-catching websites. Over the year, WordPress evolved to be the best in website creating. There is no doubt that this is the best platform to create a website. The best part is, you do not need any technical expertise to accomplish this. However, people opt for professional support to attain maximum results.

WordPress has come up with many website themes that are filled with numerous features that you can utilize to create an attention-seeking website. GeneratePress is a sensation now. The theme has got a lot to offer to the professionals. This write up shall make you understand how far GeneratePress can be of support in creating a website.

Introduction to GeneratePress

GeneratePurpose is a website theme offered by WordPress. It is considered to be a multi-purpose theme as it can be customized to any niche that you want. This is a versatile theme that you can adopt to create a fabulous website of your choice. As said earlier, whatever the niche may be, you can use GeneratePress to the maximum to achieve maximum results. has stated that there are more than 10,000 websites that use GeenratePress. And all of them have offered a 5-star rating to this theme. More Good news for you us, GeneratePress is free. Yes, the core GeneratePress is offered for free while there is a premium version that has more features than the free version. The premium version is a plugin that can be utilized to invoke all the extra features that you are looking to use in a website.

Why people Opt for GeneratePress?

While there are many website themes in WordPress, there are a few specific reasons why people chose this. Firstly, it is free. Secondly, the theme is adaptable to any particular website niche. Thirdly, the features are incredible that one cannot resist switching to this theme.

Further, GeneratePress is a performance-based platform. That means to say, it creates top-class performance websites that can offer you various ways to customize your website. You have many features to adapt to and also to control the website the way it looks.

As the GeneratePress theme focusses big time on performance, it loads faster than any. The foundation it lays offers super-fast loading performance too. These are some of the main reasons why people choose GeneratePress over others. Also, few professionals have used it along with WordPress Page builder to maximise performance. This combination makes you build any type of website with maximum ease.

You need to watch out for a fact that, it is a pre-built theme for various niche. Meaning, you will not find a definite custom based theme when you use GeneratePress. You need to use the features to make it. There are platforms available only for e-commerce and only for certain specific needs. GeneratePress can be used to create any, however, you must use the features to make it happen.

As we looked at what GeneratePress and why is this most sought after theme, it is time for us to see what are its unique features. It is essential for you to know the in-depth features of it to know the whole and truly how amazing GeneratePress is.

Incredible Features that make GeneratePress unique

Performance is Optimised and the Page loading time is fast

Looking at all the features of GeneratePress, it is well known for its clean code and excellent performance. The entire theme is less than 30KB, That means to say, it is as small as many WordPress themes. The most optimized WordPress theme comes at 200KB. Of course, there are very poorly coded themes in the virtual market, it may reach 1MB as well. The clean code and smaller size make the GeneratePress the best among all the website themes.

Further, GeneratePress has no code dependencies. Meaning, you will never face a render-blocking error that Google Pagespeed insights often mentions. Overall, the speed is amazing. The website shall open super fast and that’s the performance for you.

There was a small comparison made with other WordPress themes. The comparison was made by checking the speed at which the website loads. One of the most popular WordPress theme Envo magazine was used to check the overall speed. The size of the page was 243.9KB and that loaded in 1.05 seconds. The performance was graded as 77 while GenertePress was used, it showed amazing results.

First of all, the page size of 26.8KB, way too less than the previous one. The speed at which the page loaded was also amazing. It took 666ms making the performance grade to be 87. The clear 10 points greater, GeneratePress stands tall among the performance. The same test was conducted with various themes and found GeneratePress loads pages in lightning speed. It is seen that the GeneratePress developers were focusing majorly on performance and they have achieved it.

Numerous Customization Options

This is a WordPress product and there is no doubt that you will not find any customization options. GeneratePress is made to suit all the possible niche that is existing in the world. So, the performance factor is sorted and now comes the variety.

GeneratePress uses WordPress customizer to make any customization to your website. So how is it useful. More than the customization, you can watch the changes done in real-time. This feature is appreciated and one of the reasons why GeneratePress is sought after by the professionals.

The customization options are many and you can get to see the changes instantly. It saves a lot of time. Moreover, the theme itself is smaller in size. This makes it even more convenient to view the changes faster.

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The free version offers a good number of customization options. On the other hand, the premium version allows you to do anything you want. Let us see few examples to justify that premium version has better options.

If you are planning to set the header with more details by going to the layout area. The detailed settings can be easily set for your header. You can also customize your navigation options. The premium version offers two types of navigations.

Also, the premium version gives you two sidebar options compared to the free version which gives you one. You can also change your footer layout and also customize it by including various widgets.

Overall, GeneratePress gives numerous customized options with WordPress customizer than any other themes. With the performance being hiked in this theme, the variety that you have is incomparable.

Page-Level Settings give you Complete control

This is an amazing feature you will relish if you have used any other Website themes earlier. The idea of creating a website is to grab the attention of the audience. GeneratePress allows you to do that to the maximum extent. Many website templates are available that shall not allow you to do any customization once the page is loaded or built.

Moreover, the templates are rigid. You can only place the content in the necessary area and can do a few customizations depending on the capacity. GeneratePress breaks all the barriers of it. You can customize the sections line by line.

Moreover, it allows you to customize the internal contents for the way you want. Of course, you require a WordPress page builder for it. This is facilitated by a meta box that is given for every page and post.

So, what can be done using the meta box

  1. You can customize the number of sidebars that are required for the post or the page. The sidebar orientation can also be customized based on the requirement. Say for example Top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right and right to left.
  2. The footer customization is possible only with GeenratePress. You can add as many widgets as you want.
  3. The meta box also allows you to disable certain elements that may help you customize your website further.
  4. You can also create a special ‘container’ for the page builder.

The proper baseline for your website can be created by using the meta box and it helps you create the best website that you were dreaming off.

Import Pre-made sites

When GeneratePress initially came into the market, the website creation was happening right from scratch. Meaning, you will have to start working on the website from the canvas. The professionals were finding it good for its performance and features.

But, casual users wanted a quick solution. Creating a website right from scratch is something that they were no looking at. The developers of GeneratePress have come up with another sensational move in the year 2018. A site library feature was added to GeneratePress. It helps you choose the pre-built websites and customize it as you want.

There are about 25+ pre-built themes that you can use from. This saves a lot of time and as you know there are customization features in GeneratePress, it makes it ideally easy for anyone to make an attractive website in a snap. Though the professionals prefer using the standard version to make a brand new website with a brand new look.

Site Library plays a major role in the lives of the amateurs too. It is identified that time taken to create a website using the site-library is 25 minutes. While it takes a longer time to decide which one to use. Such an amazing theme with inbuilt site library makes GeneratePress the best right now.

Amazing Premium Extensions

GeneratePress has balanced style features and helpful ones too. This makes the theme versatile and convenient. Though the WordPress Page builder offers style controls, there are a few features which you must be aware of while you use GeneratePress.

You can create custom hooks and templates of your choice. This can be done using a feature called elements. You can also create your header with the use of elements. This feature not only allows you to be creative but also gives a feeling that you can do something about your website than relying on already created ones.

Further, you can create different headers per page. This is possible only in GeneratePress.  If you are planning to have your website light weighted one, the feature called sections shall help you. This will allow you to create separate sections on each page. At the same time, you can also select the sections to be activated too. This makes the theme easy to use. An element of creativity is available for the users too.

Price factor

As the Core GreneratePress is available for free, the premium version has added advantage over the free version. The number of features that you can invoke using the WordPress page builder is limited while the premium offers unlimited. It is priced at $39.95 which is far cheaper than many of the WordPress themes which are priced at $60.

Moreover, spending time in buying custom platforms for every niche, this becomes economical too. You can create unlimited sites. Further, you can avail 40% discount on renewing the subscription too. Why wait? Get the world’s most popular and convenient themes to create attractive websites.


GeneratePress is for everyone who wants to create custom websites based on their niche. It is the fastest loading website theme and also has numerous features to latch on to. If you are planning for a fast-paced website, this will be your choice.

For the way you can generate control over the website is amazing. Also, the price being nominal, this has become the choice for many professionals too. After all it is a valued investment in the longer run.