Thesis Theme vs Genesis Theme – The Downfall of Thesis and Rise of Genesis

Digital marketing is at its peak. Many business owners incline to advanced levels of SEO equipped platforms to create blogs and market their brand. The best blogging tools are always in demand. The WordPress themes with maximum SEO support tools was available once and now people are shifting to genesis theme. The once the best theme called thesis is not being used anymore by many. Even those people who were appreciating Thesis theme once have shifted to the Genesis theme.

Of course, it cannot be denied, thesis theme was a sensation and it continues to be one in the virtual world. There are a few shortcomings, but why did people shift to genesis? The thesis theme supported a lot of features. The theme also gave them fewer troubles. Because any blogger would not want to do something that he does not want to do. As in working with codes. He must blog about any influencing campaigns and make a business out of it.

Having said that, there are many reasons why people are shifting to Genesis from Thesis. This write up is to make you aware of the facts why is this happening. Also, while you read this, you may find the happenings mentioned in sequential order. We may have to go a few years back to see the root cause.

At the same time, we shall also discuss the present simultaneous mishaps that the Thesis theme underwent. Especially when Thesis 2.X was introduced. Additionally, you will also get to know why Genesis was chosen over the thesis. What were its advantages over the ‘once eclectic sensation’ of bloggers; the Thesis theme.

To begin with, let us see when was Thesis theme came into existence

Thesis and Conflict of Interests

Thesis theme came into existence in the year 2008. The creator of Thesis was Chris Pearson. This theme was warmly welcomed by WordPress too. You must also know that the thesis theme was the costliest SEO theme then. People widely adopted the theme for its flamboyant features. The constant updates on the theme which made it compatible WordPress made the customer base increase too. On the other hand, customer loyalty improved and people stuck to Thesis theme for its versatility and compatibility.

There was a tussle for GPL license between the two bigwigs. Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress. Though it was resolved, the cold war began there. But for an end-user, there was no trouble. The theme continued to be the same awesome one. Moreover, that was the time Thesis theme became the first themes to offer SEO-built options for the user.

Downfall of thesis

While this was happening, there was another controversy that pooped up. This time it was bigger than the previous one. The problem was the compatibility between Thesis and SEO by Yoast. This dragged for a long time in the industry. This was finally resolved too. This was the first sight of arrogance from Chris Pearson’s side was seen. The users started to feel that, Thesis is restricting its users from offering choices.  SEO by Yoast was offering far better options than the thesis by then.

Then, many users wanted to shift settings to SEO by Yoast. This was not happening because it is no plug and play action. Of course, the thesis theme is the best in handling SEO tools. But the main reason why people wanted to shift was, the much needed Social SEO settings were never available for the users. Many users were expecting this to happen with thesis long back.

But it never happened. The users were slightly annoyed. It is been years when a theme came in with a sensation has stopped offering many features. Moreover, the much needed Social SEO settings were never even set up. By then, a few customers, that too loyal ones moved to other themes. They had spent a bomb in recreating their websites too.

Virtual marketing businesses require a lot of strategies to be involved and if the platform is not offering support, it becomes a waste of money and energy. People started feeling that. Whoever had the resources started shifting. Whoever did not felt tied up with thesis theme. The feel of rage and annoyance started mounting. The issues which the theme started giving were never addressed.

The Final Kill – Thesis 2.X Emerged

Chris Pearson introduced Thesis 2.X with all advanced features to the world. It was an ecstatic theme that can do anything you want. But there was trouble once again. It is not sure, What the creator had in his mind. The Thesis 2.X cannot be migrated from Thesis 1.8. This was ridiculous. If there is not migration mode, then how. Many bloggers again spent a bomb and recreated website using Thesis 2.X.

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Many customers were annoyed by now. There were many loyal customers from the time of the thesis’ inception. Everyone spent money to upgrade their platform. A few tied with 1.8 still wanted to shift to something else and not the 2.X. it was pretty evident that Chris Pearson did not even worry about the existing users. The long term users of thesis theme lost trust. More importantly, they spent a lot of money on recreating their website.

There was another trouble and this was a clinical error. This was not expected from the makers of Thesis. They introduced the new theme Thesis 2.x, OK. But there was no proper documentation. There is no proper instruction as to how to go by working on it. It was like offering the people a rocket and no manual to say how to fly that. This was a big mishap and people were taken aback. They sweated out to recreate and rework on their website. Many felt it was a waste of time.

Additional Troubles Faced by Thesis users

Before all this could happen, there is one factor that annoyed people. The updates once which was used to be in regular intervals was close to zero. Even if an update comes, it happens after a long time. The generations have passed and people were still using an obsolete platform for their business. The much needed Social SEO tools were never found at all. This made many people think about other options and there emerged the saviour in the name of Genesis.

Genesis Vs Thesis

While people were shifting to other frameworks, the genesis was selected. It was one of the superior themes than the Thesis. Not only that, but many professional bloggers have also shifted to Genesis long back. This created trust among people. The community of Genesis is simply amazing. You have many tools and you can do whatever you want to make your website customized.

Also, you will find many online tutorials that helped many people create their websites. The documentation of the Genesis theme is perfect and can be used by many.

There is another aspect you must consider while shifting to Genesis. The Thesis theme requires a lot of coding to be done. And for a beginner or a novice, it is the biggest challenge. Especially if you are not a developer you will have a tough time. But, Genesis is generous, easy and convenient. Even a child can develop and edit with much ease. The time taken to create a website of your choice is far less than the thesis theme.

Of course yes, the Social SEO tools are available and you have Yoast SEO plugin too. What else is needed to shift from Thesis when we are not finding what we need.

So, what is your choice?

For the existing customers who moved out from Thesis have their reasons and it is an annoyance. As such, looking at the technical architecture, Genesis is advanced. You can do anything at your convenience. The updates are regular and you can be on par with the technology. At the same time, thesis 2.X  is not doing well too. The same slow updates and no proper updates and documentation still linger around for people to think about it many times. Go for the one the that you would prefer and for many it is Genesis.

For people who were customers of Thesis from 2008 is a big set back. They trusted the theme and it was turned down. What annoys more people is the trust is not valued. Everyone believed that the thesis will come up with Social SEO settings, but that never happened. With the emergence of Thesis 2.X, it became a shock too. The people were not able to come out of the disaster unless they found Genesis.

With the price plan being nominal, people are fast shifting to the Genesis theme. The architecture of the theme is simply amazing. The ease of use and the convenience in editing the feature makes it conducive for many people. You do not have to be a developer to work on genesis. It is time to shift but be prepared for the next up-gradation or non-up-gradation. It is a lesson for all.