How To Get Facebook App ID and Secret Key from Facebook Developer Console

The virtual world has many business opportunities and many threats too. The security features are constantly being upgraded from time to time. This is a good move to keep our data safe too. On the other hand, secured features help in seamless working of the plugins as well as other tools as well.

In many cases, these days Facebook APP ID and Secret Key are requested. It may be for adding a Plugin or it may also be for any external tool that works on your Facebook page. Moreover, the already existing tools and plugins are also upgraded and they seem to give an error every time you are accessing it to execute something on Facebook.

The need for Facebook APP Id and Secret Key will be of prime importance now. There is just one way to procure that and we have mentioned it below. Please make use of the steps carefully and get your APP Id as well as the secret key.

Before that, What is a Facebook App ID

It is a unique number that can help to identify your app. When you request Ads from any audience network, it shall ask you for the Facebook App Id. Every app on the network has a unique ID.

Steps to Procure Facebook App Id and Secret Key

Step 1: You must go over to Facebook Developers Page. Click on the link

Step 2: You will find a link that says, ‘Add a new app’ – Please click on  that

This shall give you four options

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Facebook Canvas
  4. Website

Select the type of App that you are using which asks for the Facebook App ID as well as the Secret Key. For WordPress plugin, it shall be the website.

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Step 3: Click on the Type of App as per your requirement from the options given

It shall take you to the next page. This is the page you will be creating the app

Step 4: You will have a space to type the name of your app. Name it appropriately, so that it is not confusing to you later.

After typing your name, click on it so that you find ‘Create new Facebook APP Id’

Step 5: Click on Create New Facebook App ID

Step 6: Simultaneously, Select the category of the APP

Once it is done, you will find a button a the bottom right-hand side. That shall say ‘Create APP ID’

Step 7: Click on the Create APP ID

It shall direct you to the next page.

Step 8: You shall find ‘SKIP’ at the top right-hand side now. Please click on that

It shall take you the App page that you had just created. It shall have the name that you have kept for it. Along with that, you shall find the APP ID and the secret key. While the APP ID shall be clear, the secret key shall remain encrypted.

Step 9: Please click on ‘Show’ that shall be near the secret key

Step 10: Enter the Facebook user ID and password

Once the authentication is successful, you can procure your secret key too!!!