Use Better Grammar With Google Dictionary Extension for Chrome

It is quite reasonable to encounter new and challenging words when you are surfing through the web. There are more than two lakh fifty thousand words in the Oxford dictionary. Among them, more the one lakh fifty thousand words are currently used. Apart from that, every year, thousands of new terms pop up and make their way into the Oxford dictionary. We cannot learn all the existing words by heart, and that is why we refer to a dictionary.

However, referring a dictionary or opening a separate tab for finding the meaning of a particular word requires a lot of effort. It is also very time consuming, especially when you are reading interesting stuff on the internet. So, if you want to rule out all the hassles concerning word meaning, get the Google Dictionary Extension immediately.

What is Google Dictionary Extension?

It is an extension that enables you to know the meaning of any word or phrase without opening a separate tab. Just double-click on the term you find difficult, and the extension would let you know the definition of that word. Google Dictionary also provides the meaning of different phrases. To understand the meaning of a particular phrase, you need to highlight that phrase on the web page you are visiting.

Apart from that, it shows the pronunciation of different words and provides a link to the Google Dictionary page.

How to install and use the Google Dictionary?

To install the Google Dictionary Extension, you first need to search for it on the Google page. A link for downloading the extension would appear. Just click on that click, and you would find yourself in the Chrome Web Store. There you would see a blue button adjacent to the Google Dictionary Extension. The button reads, “Add to Chrome.” To install the extension, press that button. Once you have installed the extension, pin it in your extension list.

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When you are surfing through a page, double-click on the word you find difficult. A pop-up containing the definition of the term would appear. You can also search for it in the address bar by clicking on the extension icon. Apart from that, you can configure the pop-up and language settings by clicking on the “Extension Options” link.

Google Dictionary Extension is a very relevant and useful tool for reading on web pages. However, it would be best if you remember that the dictionaries it supports are monolingual. You cannot apply it for translation purposes.