How To Use VidIQ to Grow Your YouTube Channel

These days we witness a lot of famous you tubers around us who make a huge amount of money just by creating digital content. YouTube is a platform that provides instant fame and helps to make money if the channel works efficiently. To be known by the world in no time YouTube is the best platform. We also witness some people who struggle a lot with promoting their channel and gathering an ample number of followers. At times it remains no less than a mystery as to what is the actual reason behind fewer followers.  

As we all know that a lot of effort goes behind creating YouTube content and it gets equally disheartening if that content is not received with love and compassion. It is not always that the content is not worthy of fame and respect but the major reason is the appropriate technical assistance that the content lacks. At times, some of the content that is not well known is of much importance than any content that is probably trending at the same time.

They’re a way to enhance your YouTube channel to great extents in a lot less time by the magnificent VidIQ tool. Let us explore what the VidIQ tool is and how it works?

What is the VidIQ tool?

VidIQ tool is the optimization tool that informs the YouTube content creators about what the video actually lacks. It helps to improvise the technicalities of the video that was earlier preventing the channel to grow. An important aspect of this tool is that can be used free of cost for the basic features and demands a fair price for the advanced features.

It is easily available as the Chrome extension which becomes handy because no extra efforts are required. This tool at times acts as a piece of a miracle for all the people who work hard but later struggle to get a decent number of followers for their YouTube channels. It is fairly simple to operate this tool for the best-optimized results.

How VidIQ tool works?

While creating some online content for YouTube it becomes mandatory to keep certain aspects in mind. Some of these are that the video should be engaging and should be apt according to the title, the keyword should be used as a title, the content should not be much longer, etc. Apart from all such strategically thought characteristics some other things are equally important and should be remembered vividly.

Video analytics and interacting with the users is something of the foremost importance that this tool manages to do. This tool gives fair insights into all the complexities that need to be fixed before publishing any content on YouTube. Let us now explore how this tool is operated while creating digital content.

Using the VidIQ tool is no rocket science because it is an easy and apt way to analyze and optimize the content. It does so by first uploading all the content to its dashboard and later improvising the same for us.

Some of the basic things that VidIQ tool does for us are as follow:

  1. It lets us choose the parameters of our choice that we want to improvise our videos upon. These include likes, shares, comments, views, etc. this makes it easier for us to differentiate our choices.
  2. It makes the necessary changes in the descriptions, tags, etc which further helps to gather enough viewers for the channel.
  3. Along with all these handy features, another advantage of using VidIQ is that it provides us with the tag suggestions and makes our task easier.
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How to get VidIQ tool? 

To avail of all the interesting benefits of the miraculous VidIQ tool simply install the free VidIQ extension for chrome and start exploring the amazing features. Using the greater number of tags increases the chances of getting more views and appreciation.

Once you are done installing the chrome extension you can work relentlessly without worrying about the number of views and the likes your content will get.

One of the very interesting features that the tool provides is- description campaign feature. This feature allows a person to get all the online traffic to their webpage in no time. This feature is also very essential for YouTube marketing and helps to improve performance.

This is a smart feature that enables people to get instant success with the content that is created online.

Now that we know how we can make our content interesting and attract a huge number of followers for the same, let us further know the reason why we should go for the VidIQ tool.

Why we should use the VidIQ tool?

  1. In such challenging times that we face, we are witnessing a very high competition while creating and promoting our online digital content. It, therefore, becomes necessary to create and publish optimized content.
  2. While creating content it becomes necessary to go through all aspects of the video such as video analytics, descriptions, and the tags. VidIQ is the tool that does all this with no extra efforts involved.
  3. The tool is available in the chrome extension format and allows making the essential changes in the video to attract the maximum number of viewers.
  4. The pro version of the tool comes with the nominal price but allows making a wide number of changes to provide quality content as the end result of the same.

In addition to using the VidIQ tool, some other features that one should keep in mind are as follows:

  1. Try creating quality content that is apt to the domain of creating videos.
  2. Build the content around a single keyword or the title so that more viewers are attracted to view the content.
  3. The content should be created in such a way that it seems interactive and engaging.
  4. Try promoting the channel as much as possible among the friends and other known people.


YouTube, therefore, is a great platform if someone wants to start with making digital content and wants to excel in the same. The task that later comes is of growing the channel which can now be made easier with the tool like VidIQ as discussed above. The tool makes it easier for the creators to gather a huge number of viewers around.

It is highly recommended to install the extension of the VidIQ tool for Chrome so that it becomes handy to use the same to make the changes in the video. The tool plays a key role in the instant growth of the channel in no time.