A Beginner Guide To Commission Junction CJ Affiliate and Review [2020]

If you run a website or a blog and are looking for ways to monetize it, you probably have come across the name Commission Junction a couple of times. However, you still have multiple questions before you jump into becoming a publisher. Here is an in-depth review and of Commission Junction along with the steps on how to sign up.

Also, there are multiple names that Commission Junction is referred to such as Conversant and CJ Affiliate. Do not get mixed up with the names, as all are right.

CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction Affiliate is known as one of the largest and oldest of all affiliate networks.  That enables you to trust the brand easily. It was found in Santa Barbara, California, and allows you to monetize your website or blog based on pay-for-performance. It is also a part of the Fortune 500 company. This is called Alliance Data System.

Commission Junction was established in 1998 and currently has more than 15 offices over the globe in different prominent locations. You can find about three thousand merchants on Commission Junction and has ties with big companies.

Variety of options

You can find a vast variety of merchants on Commission Junction. This is an exceptional feature because if you want to monetize your blog by displaying advertisements but do not want to display the random and irrelevant ones, you can search for the merchants that are dealing in similar niches and become an affiliate for them.

This way, your viewers won’t be put off by the irrelevant advertisements, and you also have a chance of making more money since your audience is already interested in the niche.

You can look into these options and choose the best one for your website or blog by only using the filters in the search option. When you are on the Links page and using the Search option, you will notice the filters on the left side. You can filter the programs based on events, promotion types, and even link types.

Free Sign Up

You can join Commission Junction for free! You must be eighteen years in age or older to sign up as a publisher.

Multiple Websites

Commission Junction allows you to include multiple websites in one single account, which will give you even more opportunities to earn money. Your account might get deactivated if you are just starting and do not have enough traffic on your website. If you don’t perform well, Commission Junction would automatically deactivate your account.

Payment Methods

You have multiple ways to be paid, such as check, direct deposit, or Payoneer. Your payments are processed within twenty days from the end of the month. The minimum payment condition is $50 if you are getting your payment from Direct Deposit and $100 if you are getting your payment from Check.

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If you are not based in the United States, you are paid via Payoneer. This platform provides you with over one fifty local currencies, and the best part is that it has zero clearance fees.

Sign up for Commission Junction

You can sign up for Commission Junction using these four steps.

Step #1: Fill in the details

Go to the CJ Affiliate Publisher Sign Up page. Fill in the required details such as Language, Country, Email, and Password. Make sure you enter the right email address as you would need it to go ahead with the process. Once you are done, click the ‘Verify Email’ option.

Step #2: Verify Your Email Address & Agree to Publisher Terms

You will get a mail on the email address you had entered previously with the subject line ‘CJ Affiliate publisher sign-up – please confirm email.’ Make sure you check the spam and other labels section if you did not receive an email within 5 minutes.

Click the ‘Create My CJ Publisher Account’ button in the email and accept all the agreements present on the page. You will have to open the links of the agreements to see the option to accept the agreements. At last, click the ‘Continue to Account’ option.

Then sign in to your CJ account, so use your email address and the password which you entered in Step 1.

Step #3: Complete the Steps to Activate Your Account

Enter your user information, a network profile, promotional property, company details, payment information, and additional questions.

You won’t be allowed to apply for programs till the time you have your details sorted and activated your account.

Step #4: Apply for Affiliate Programs

Once you are done, on the top left corner of your screen, you will see options Account | Advertisers | Links, etc.

Click on the Advertisers button, then on the left side of the screen; you will see two entry fields. You can go through the list of programs or search on your own using filters.


If you already are using other platforms such as BuySellAds, Viglink, etc. and are wondering if you should sign up for Commission Junction, then sing up right away. The reason is, it is free, and you’ve got nothing to lose except for a little time in activating your account.

Plus, if it performs well, you’ll be rewarded with more money, and if it doesn’t, you’ll be happy you tried. And if you are just starting to monetize your blog, a free platform would be ideal for you to start exploring.