How to Hide Facebook Friend List from Others

The Internet has connected us to so many people we had lost touch with, which people could never dream of in their wildest dreams in history. But it has also made us available to all the unknown people over the globe who are ready to attack your privacy and use it for their benefits.

Taking measures to protect yourself on the Internet is not enough. Your responsibility extends to people connected to you. Hiding your friend list on Facebook is one of the ways you can guard your friends and yourself as well.

Hiding your friend list will help you to keep your friend circle private, and no one would be able to contact your friends through your profile. Also, it barely takes 3 minutes to do it! So let’s start!

Step #1: Open Your Facebook Account

When you log in to your account, the Facebook Home page opens up by default, where you get an option to post something and can see what other people have posted.

Step #2: Click on the Drop-Down Menu Option

The top right corner of your screen will show you the following options:

Home | Create | Friend Requests | Messages | Notifications | Quick Help | Downward Arrow.

Tap the downward-pointing arrow to open up the drop-down menu having different options.

Step #3: Select the Setting Option from the Drop-Down Menu

Select the settings option from the drop-down menu. This is usually at the third last position on the menu just above Switch to new Facebook Option.

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Step #4: Select the Privacy Option from the Settings Menu

When you click the settings option from the drop-down menu, the general settings are displayed by default. These include your name, username, contact, memorialization settings, and identity confirmation.

On the left side, there is a settings menu with a lot of different options. From these, select the Privacy option, which is usually present underneath Your Facebook information option in the fourth position.

Step #5: See the section “Who can see your friends list?”

Once you click the Privacy option, the Privacy Settings and Tools screen appear with the information about Your activity and How people can find and contact you.

To the right side of How people can find and contact you are different questions available. who can send you friend requests and who can see your friends list to mention a few.

Tap the who can see your friend list option to see the menu, which will allow you to change the settings.

Step #6: Click the Drop-Down Menu and Select the Desired Option

Once you tap the option, Who can see your friends list? A drop-down menu will be shown to you. Click the downward pointing arrow to open up the menu. The menu will have the following options:

Public | Friends | Friends except for | Specific Friends | Only Me | Custom | See All.

From the options mentioned above, you can select the one that appeals to you the most. Now you have successfully changed your privacy settings!