HilltopAds Review – Adsense Alternative With Pop Under Ads in 2020

In this marketing world, businesses have found many easier methods of marketing as well as harder wines. With the advent of the Internet, marketing has become easier nowadays. But all the methods of marketing that are used now do not suit every industry or brand. The method of promotion of business will vary from one brand to the other though they may belong to the same sector. Any companies prefer to choose social media marketing and other types of digital marketing. One such digital marketing is website marketing.

Marketing is not done by an individual. It is always a network of marketing that helps the promotion of a business. Some of the most popular and reliable networks that work for the companies and brands are Media.net and Adsense. Apart from them, various other networks are not as popular as these but are reliable. One such less popular network is HilltopAds.

What is HilltopAds?

HitlltopAds is a U.K based network engaged at marketing that may come under the category of CPA or CPC marketing network that offers various types of ads. Rather than being a fintech, it is a smart-tech that helps various companies to smartly promote their business. It is of great help to the bloggers, YouTubers as it helps them to earn more money. Hence it has got a good name from many of the bloggers and publishers who had experienced using the service provided by them.

Why is it advantageous?

HilltipAds is popular amongst many inches. It includes gaming services, Dating, entertainment, Sweepstakes, online streaming, etc. If a person has got more traffic in place from the USA or in the U.K then he/she will be able to make more money. This is a feature in HilltopAds, as it offers geolocation services for all the ads.

Payment Method at Hilltopads

If a person wants to avail of service from HilltopAds, he/she can make the payment through Payoneer, Bitcoins, Webmoney, Paxum, epay services, wire transfer, etc. Also, they will be receiving the amount out of the ads through these fintech services only. Here the payout is only $50 which makes it best suited for all the medium-sized businesses. Hence making the medium-sized business owners vouch on them. But not all types of payment has $50 as it’s the payout.  If the person is using Bitcoins them the minimum payout is $100. Also, a premium pack user may make use of Wire transfer fintech service to complete the payout.

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What are the features of HilltopAds?

The HilltopAds is a growing network that has many features that are liked by clients and bloggers who had already used its services.

Some of the features are:

  1. HilltopAds are suitable for all kinds of pop-under ads
  2. Their unique feature is that the website automatically blocks the unwanted ads,  traffics created by bots, malware and other types of viruses
  3. There is the availability of optimization of eCPM
  4. Under a single dashboard, a person has used his profile as a blogger and he/she can also use it as an advertiser
  5. Adsense does not allow pop-under and pop-up ads. Hence it is not compatible with HilltopAds

How to open a HilltopAs account?

If you want to be a user of HilltopAd then the following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Go to the HilltopAd website
  2. Sign up and click on Manage Site and Zone
  3. It takes about three days to get the request to open an account to be approved
  4. Once the request is approved click on Zone tab to create an Ad code

This ad code can be added to the blog whenever the blogger/advertiser wants to avail of a service.


There were many positive reviews and negative reviews from the users’ end. The majority of them have enjoyed their service and had known the service only through their friends as it is not much popular amongst its competitors. To stand out of the crowd they also provide an anti-ad-blocking technology which many of the users find helpful. Many users recommend that if a  person wants to use pop-under ads Services, then HilltopAds is one of the best options to trust and work with it.