4 Best HootSuite Alternatives to Automate Social Media Traffic for Bloggers

Digital Marketing is at its peak nowadays. With the advent of technology, the multi-platform support to the marketing needs is offered with complete excellence. The tools that are available these days does the maximum job with minimum effort.

One of the prime areas of marketing is the social media platform. The maximum traffic is around social media and seeking audience attention becomes the prime important factor. There are many tools available that shall help in this regard.

Well, there was one that was developed in the 2000s that took the world by storm. Especially if people were into digital marketing and that too connected to social media will know this very well. And that’s the Hootsuite. A fabulous social media management app that had an incredible advantage over any other tool those days. Even now, it is incomparable with many of its features. Even today, the first tool that we approach to have the scheduled posts to be set, it is the Hootsuite.

The future of publishing media began with Hootsuite. It is one platform that can allow you to manage all the social media networking platform in one go. It was and is a versatile tool to manage social media marketing needs.

Hootsuite is at is best in these following areas

  • Supports Social Multiple Social Media Platforms: Hootsuite is not selective. It does its work in all the social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the prime ones we know. But Hootsuite offers support even to Mixi, Flickr, Tumblr and Storify too.
  • Incredible Price Plans: Hootsuite offers various price plans. Their free plan has many benefits too. Further, their premium plans are also affordable.
  • Work as a team: Many tools shall restrict the usage of people. Hootsuite is the first tool to allow a team to manage it. Anyone in your team can access it, all you need is the credentials to access.
  • Versatile: Hootsuite has a stable browser-based app for iOS as well as Android. This is an incredible feat for a tool that was developed in the 2000s.

Apart from this, Hootsuite offers unlimited scheduling at the lowest premium price of $19/month. Also, the analytics data is sent to your email on a timely basis.

Areas of Improvement

Though Hootsuite is the best in whatever that they do, they can improve on certain areas too. This has led the people to choose other alternatives that are emerging these days.

Hootsuite can

  • Have a more organized stream
  • Also, provide many other URL shortening options
  • Also, offer better analytics data
  • Also, provide a way to rack and engage with the fans and the followers

With these improvement factors, many other alternatives be can be called competitors to Hootsuite have arrived. They also have advanced features and this write up shall throw some light on those tools that can be chosen as its alternatives.

If you are a blogger or a social media marketer, you can check these alternatives too.

Amazing Alternatives to Hootsuite for Social Media Management


This is an amazing social media management tool that offers publishing, engagement and engagement at an affordable price. While we see this as the major difference between SocialPilot and Hootsuite, many other features differ from them. There are a few enhanced features that you may not find in Hootsuite. It is powerful than the pioneer but not as powerful as Sendible and Agorapulse.

The features of SocialPilot are considered worthy for its price. When something of this sort is offered at a lower price compared to Hootsuite, there is a clear alternative in the form of SocialPilot. Let us look at what SocialPilot does.

Comprehensive Dashboard: It has one dashboard that can manage all the social media channels. Many actions are doable with this dashboard and this feature makes it convenient for users.

Social Media Support: This offers support to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Posts in Different Time Zones: This is an incredible feat. SocialPilot can schedule the same post in different timelines and time zones too.

Apart from this, team collaboration and Facebook branding are considered to worthwhile using this management tool.

How is SocialPilot Different from Hootsuite

While most of the features that can be done in Hootsuite can also be done with the help of SocialPilot. But the vice versa is not true. Moreover, SocialPilot has the visual calendar, basic analytics and also RSS feeds the same way as the Hootsuite. It is also clear that the makers of SocialPilot have understood Hootsuite the best way to give a tool that can offer enhanced features.

There are a few differences that you can spot and that plays a vital role in their support.

Hootsuite can only schedule a particular post for a definite time. That means to say, Hootsuite shall schedule a post for a particular time. But SocialPilot offers flexibility. It can be used to schedule the same post for different timelines too. Moreover, you can do this for multiple social media platforms. The single content- multiple channel publishing in multiple time frames is a versatile feature of SocialPilot.

Further, the content suggestion by the SocialPilot is AI-generated. It helps you in varied ways to get the right content in place. The unified platform for all the social media channels is the same as Agorapulse and Sendible, but what is best here is the grouping of social channels so that you can customize your post based on your client. The error of posting the content to the wrong channel is avoided.

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Finally, SocialPIlot offers many URL link shorteners. SocialPilot offers 14 days of free trial and the pricing is $10/ month from then on.


Like others, this is not just a publishing tool. Agorapulse has advanced features that you cannot even imaging. It offers support in competitor research. Further, it is capable of social listening too. That means to say, Agorapulse does everything that you need in social media platforms. It can help the business is engaged with the customers all the time. Let us see what it offers first.

  1. Agorapulse has the best feature of viewing, replying or assigning comments in a unified box.
  2. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube
  3. The comments can be automatically moderated
  4. Keywords or Hashtags can be monitored
  5. You can get free unlimited reports
  6. Profiling of the fans is easily done using Agorapulse
  7. Visual Calendar
  8. Magnificent Customer Support

How is Agorapulse different from Hootsuite

Agorapulse is far more advanced than the Hootsuite. It beats the pioneer in all angles when it comes to its actions.

Agorapulse, like the Sendible, offers a unified inbox where you can see the interactions in the social channels. This helps you to identify the comment or reply that was not answered and take actions accordingly. This fabulous feature is most sought after by any social media marketer. At the same time, the dashboard of Agorapulse is more user friendly and clutter-free too.

Hootsuite has no features that can help monitor the competing social channel. This is of prime requirement in the business world today. Agorapulse can fabulously do this. This feature can be seen used in Facebook primarily, however, Instagram and Twitter also join the party.

The future scheduling of posts can be set with a feature to display that for several days. You can make the same content appear for many times too. This feature is not available with Hootsuite.

14 days trial period is good and their Solo plan is for $49/month.


This is one of the magnificent tools that you must consider as an alternative to Hootsuite. Well, Hootsuite is no match to this but gives a tough competition to Agorapulse. In a few features, they are certainly the best than any of the social media management tools. Just, for instance, let us share this one for you. Sendible can track and automate your replies. It is just not a tool that can be used only for posting. It constantly monitors if people are getting engaged with the content or not. This is enough for an example to show how sensible is this Sendible, let us see what it does

  1. The most recent posts shall have a single stream to avoid any confusion
  2. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube
  3. It can monitor and track the Keyword and also tracks the location
  4. You can get a separate report for different social media networks
  5. You can also publish a blog post through this tool
  6. You can send emails to your subscribers automatically
  7. Visual Calendar

How it is different from Hootsuite

Is this column needed? It is lavishly clear how advanced this tool is. Sendible is the marketers need. This tool has more insight on the audience than the Hootsuite. The advanced analytics that you shall receive is no way comparable with the basic analytics the Hootsuite offers. The tracking features in the tool makes it more conducive for many informed decisions to be taken.

The user interface of Hootsuite is cluttered. It offers a column-based visual of every social media channel. But in the case of Sendible, it has just one stream and that displays the most recent posts and comments to be viewed. The dashboard of Sendible is an incredible aspect of the tool.

Hootsuite provides three reports per month. Additional reports are charged at $50. In Sendible, it is inbuilt and you can view it any time. More importantly, it is for free.

Sendible is priced at $49/month for the basic plan.


Buffer is a replica of Hootsuite in many ways. They go on par concerning many features. They both started with the Twitter posts in the beginning. Over the years, this tool has evolved and has some enhanced features too.

Buffer offers the following

  1. There one feed for each social channel
  2. It supports Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+
  3. It offers a free plan
  4. You can also create a schedule queue for each social account
  5. You can republish the previously posted ones
  6. Team Collaboration
  7. Visual Calendar

How different is Buffer from Hootsuite?

Buffer has the same dashboard features like the Hootsuite. But Buffer does not show any direct messages or mentions. It just shows the next post or the recent post. You will be able to view them but you cannot take any actions on their comments or replies.

Buffer is different and versatile in one feature. You can create the schedule and add the content to it. It gets automatically circulated among the social media channel. This feature is not available in the Hootsuite.

Buffer is a simple tool and does not do anything like the Sendible or the Agorapulse.

Buffer comes with free plans and the upgraded version is priced at $10/month. If you are planning to shift from Hootsuite, SocialPilot shall be the best suited for Budget plans. However, if you are looking at advanced features, Sendible and Agorapulse are the best.