How To Create Free Blog/Website On BlogSpot Blogging Platform

Blogging is getting big by the day. Owing a blog allows you to share your life experiences and knowledge with the whole world. It allows you to earn a regular income from advertisements, sponsorship and affiliate marketing. If it does take off, you can go full time with blogging and make it a career option for yourself.

There are many hosting platforms out there like Wix, Weebly, Tumblr, WordPress and BlogSpot. Some of them do offer free plans and also paid plans. Google’s BlogSpot is the only one which doesn’t have any paid plan. All the features of Blogspot are free for all forever. Even the hosting speed provided by Blogspot is second to nothing. For more customization, you can go with WordPress, however today I will tell you what all is possible with Blogger so you get better understanding of what to expect.

So the main reason why new bloggers look at Blogger as a viable option is because it is free of cost. Blogger also gives you a free subdomain. Also there is an option to add your own custom domain to make your website more professional. also offers free hosting. However, WordPress will inject their ads in your ad to make money. On the other hand, is all free and you have control over monetization of your website. Google will not interfere with the ads running on your blog.

For newbies, I would recommend, start with Blogger first. Gain some experience and then later on move to WordPress. Sooner or later, you are going to feel the need to switch to WordPress because of the customization options in WordPress. Its very easy to migrate your Blogspot blog to WordPress too.

Takeaway: Google’s BlogSpot platform is free of cost but it has some limited capabilities when it comes to look and feel of your blog.

Google Blogger Platform

The salient point to note about Blogspot platform are:

  • BlogSpot is owned by Google’s fast servers.  With just few clicks you can start your blog. All you need is a Google account which most of us already have. You can write content and host images inside Google’s servers and offer value to your readers.
  • Blogspot is also known as Blogger. Making money with blog is very common goal. You should know that since Google also runs Adsense program, Blogger and Adsense are tightly integrated. With few clicks, you can add ads to your blog and start earning from your blog traffic.

How to Create Blog on Google Blogger/Blogspot Step by Step

Head over to and enter your Google account username password to login. This is same as the Gmail account login details.

After logging in, you can look for Create new blog from left hand side menu use this link to Create you blog with Blogger.

Give a Name to Your Blog

As shown in the following screenshot, you have to give a name and choose a address for your blog. A name will be like my website “Website Uplift” and address will be your free blogspot domain name. will be automatically added at the end of your blog. So if I would enter websiteuplift in the address, the final domain name of my blog on Blogger will be

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New Blog on Blogger

Tip: Use a name and address which is brand-able. You can enter anything for the name and address but choose a name which is easy to remember for your blog visitors.

Choose the Blog Template

Choose any template from the list of templates shown in above screenshot. You can also change the template later or use any paid template available on the internet. After selecting the template, click “Create Blog!” button.

Blogspot Blog Settings

There are many options that are enabled by Blogger for you. You can change them to your liking. All of those can be controlled from the menu as shown below:

Settings inside blogger

Creating Your First Blog Post

Fir creating your first blog post, you can go to “Posts” in the left side menu and click the New Post button. This will open up a space to write your content, add new labels, upload images and create internal links between posts. The screenshot for the same is:

New Blog Post

Do note that the pages are different from posts. While pages will have URL with date and year in it, the pages will have /p/<page-name> in their URL.

The pages feature is used for creating the important pages like About, Privacy Policy, DMCA, Contact Us and Terms of Service etc.

Out of the above pages, I would recommend that you at least create the About and Privacy Policy pages.

Your blog template should have some option to create menu and in the top menu you can give link to these pages. Some people prefer linking to these pages in the footer section of their blog.

If you have money to spend, then I would recommend you get the MagOne theme from Themeforest. It comes with AMP support and is good looking than default themes provided by blogspot.

In the Layout menu, you can add favion, include ads in your blog, add other elements like Popular posts in the side bar etc. Whatever basic elements that you need to include in the look of your blog can be easily added/deleted from Layout.

Different themes will provide different elements for the Layout.

blogger layout menu

In the earnings menu, you can see if your blog has been approved by Adsense for monetization. Usually Adsense will check each website for unique useful content and other non-violating content (Abuse/Violence/Adult etc). However, if you don’t see Adsense being enabled on the blog, you can manually apply for the same by visiting Adsense.

Blogger Adsense Money

These were the mandatory settings that you need to go through in your blogspot blog. The more you explore, the better you will understand about the advanced features like adding custom domain to blogspot or editing the theme code manually.

I cover these things in the video tutorial below.

The Following YouTube Video Should Help You Create and Managae Free BlogSpot Blog:

Blogger is a great platform for bloggers to start their journey. With time, you will find more about hosting a blog, managing and making your blog look attracting and yet load fast on mobile devices.