How To Make Money On Youtube – Make Money On Youtube Without Subscribers

If you ask the youth today what they want to become in future, so many of them will reply that they want to become a YouTuber.

If you want to make passive money online then there are a number of ways to do so. This includes blogging, writing ebooks, making money on social media etc.

Even though video content appeals a lot due to the visual part of it, but still blogging can make you a whole lot more money than publishing videos. If I was to give ranking then I will place blogging higher than YouTube videos.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google:

  1. There is a ton of videos viewed every day. (500 million hours)
  2. For marketing campaigns, brands prefer to use video content than text based or photo content.
  3. Instagram is giving more emphasis on video content and wants to compete with YouTube.

Because video content is preferred by brands, this means there are a ton of companies who are out there looking to spend advertising dollars on video content creators. Even Facebook ads is seeing the biggest jump in video ad creatives in their whole portfolio of advertisers.

This article is about providing you the complete information on how to get started with making money with YouTube videos.

Unique ways YouTubers Make Money

  1. Become YouTube Partner
  2. Channel Memberships
  3. Sell Merch on YouTube
  4. Making Money on YouTube with Super Chat
  5. Crowdfunding for Your Channel
  6. Sponsored Videos on YouTube
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. YouTube Premium Memberships

The number of people making money on YouTube is increasing by the day.

I have described all the above methods of monetizing your video content on YouTube in the following sections.

Earning Money with YouTube by Making Videos (The money guide)

Become YouTube Partner (Adsense on YouTube)

Showing ads on videos is the most common way to earn money with videos. Google has integrated Adsense with YouTube. This means that advertisers can create their ads in and choose if they also want to show their ads on related YouTube content. Different advertisers pay differently because Google ads is a bid based platform. There are some niches where advertisers are willing to pay more than other niches for every click on their ad.

When user clicks an a banner ad on your YouTube video or watches auto play ads then you get paid as video creator.

YouTube itself earns money by showing ads so it is in their best interest for the videos to have ads enabled in them. If you want to increase your eCPM on YouTube then make videos on topics which have products and courses associated with them.

There is an initial hiccup by YouTube to stop spammers making channels for uploading scam viral videos. The result of this spam was that YouTube added the policy criteria in their partnership program.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for YouTube Partnership Program and display ads

  • The YouTube partner program must be in your country. There are some countries where they have not enabled the use of YouTube ads. You can check the country criteria here.
  • The channel must have 1000 subscribers which you can gain very easily and organically.
  • They have also added the requirement of 4000 hours watch time.
  • YouTube is very sensitive about the content uploaded on a channel so they may choose their policy over and above the 1000 subs and 4000 watch time hours criteria.
  • Once approved, you need to have a linked Adsense account so that YouTube can pay out your monthly c earnings.

How to register for the YouTube Partnership Program?

Once you have attained the above eligibility criteria, you can follow the steps given below for applying to show ads on your videos.

How to monetize YouTube channel with ads

  1. Go to the creator studio which is accessible from top right corner of your screen. You need to click on your logo to see a drop-down to choose it.
  2. From the left sidebar, you will see n option named Features..
  3. Monetization will show as disabled with a button named Enable.
  4. Once you click the enable button, it will start the monetization process which consists of following:
  • Signup for Adsense account and link it to YouTube.
  • If you already have an Adsense account then you can sign into your Adsense account and link it to YouTube.
  • In case you are new to Adsense, then use this link to learn how to create Adsense account.

In the meantime set monetization defaults

  • There are different types of ads supported by Google Adsense in YouTube. YouTube allows us to set defaults for the ads on our videos.
  • For the subscribers, different type of ads can be shown on the basis of choices you make. These include overlay ads, sponsored cards, skippable video ads and non-skippable video ads.
Monetize YouTube with Ads

YouTube does manual reviews

After applying for the partner program, it can take 2 days to 1 month for your account to get reviewed. A YouTube employee will check your account for type of video content and the guidelines set by YouTube. If everything is ok then you will receive an email from YouTube that you are accepted into the partner program. The benefit of being present on YouTube is that its passive source of income which means your old videos also keep on working for you as they get searched and recommended. You can also apply ads on your past videos by going to Info & Settings and clicking on Monetization tab.

Following is how a report on revenue looks like once you have shown ads for longer period of time on YouTube.

YouTube Revenue

Sell Merch on YouTube

Promoting a merch design is one of way to monetize the channel. YouTube has partnered with Tee-spring so that creators can create their own designs and link those designs to their YouTube channels. If this is not enabled for you then you can create a Shopify drop-shipping store for Print on Demand and ask the audience in your content to go to the link in video description.

Your Options for Merch on YouTube

  1. T-shirts
  2. Caps
  3. Stickers
  4. Notebooks
  5. Jewellery
  6. Smartphone covers
  7. Stickers
  8. Mugs
  9. Hoodies
  10. Jumpers

Recently YouTube has partnered with more merch vendors and the complete list is available here.

This is how selling merch on YouTube looks like:

Monetize with Merch

However, if you have an active community on YouTube, merchandising could be a real profitable avenue for your channel. You can use a platforms like Shopify to manage everything on your own. Since there will be some running costs, go for Shopify only when you have explored al other options for selling merch.

Making Money on YouTube with Super chat 

Super chat is for live stream videos. When you are streaming a live video using your camera then as people watch your stream, they can send money. This is usually done to donate money for a cause or support the content creator or for getting attention in the comments section. When people join the live stream, they will see a dollar sign which if for starting the super chat.

Super Chat on Youtube

There is no cut taken by YouTube in super chat so all that money is directly added to your monthly earnings.

Super Chat Eligibility on YouTube

  • You have to get your channel monetized so that there is a connection between Adsense and your bank account.
  • Your age is more than 18 years.
  • Your country is covered under the list of countries where Super chat is supported.

A direct link for the list of all features enabled on your channel can be found here. This page will have option to enable Super Chat.

Super Chat on YouTube

Channel Memberships

Apart from the regular video uploads, there is also option to provide exclusive content to paying members of your community. This is labelled as ‘Channel Memberships’ by YouTube.

Once you enable it in your creator studio, a new button with the name “Join” appears next to the “Subscribe” button.

Some ideas of the content which you can upload for members is behind the scenes, special lectures and mastermind sessions etc.

Step 1: Channel Membership Eligibility Criteria

YouTube wants to make sure that your channel has consistent content and is big enough to claim the Channel Membership feature. In order to make sure this is followed, YouTube has set the following criteria for the channels:

  • A minimum of 100,000 subscribers at the time of applying for Channel Membership feature to be enabled.
  • The channel is monetized with ads by signing up for the YouTube Partner program (Adsense)
  • The channel owner is at least 18 years of age.
  • Channel membership feature can be enabled if the channel owner is residing in one of the countries listed by YouTube.
  • There are no copyright or community strikes on the channel. There may be strikes in the past but what YouTube doesn’t want is an active on-going strike. If there is a strike then you can wait for the strike to expire before applying for the channel membership feature.

Crowdfunding for Your Channel

Crowdfunding has been gaining popularity recently. It is a way for a group of people having common interest to raise funds for a concept. The owner of concept then uses the money to create content around the topic for the general public. The content can be anything starting from physical product to education.

Even the channels who are already publishing content can use crowdfunding to raise money. But the well established creators rarely use this way of raising money for their channel. Usually the new creators and brands use this strategy to raise money for their channel.

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YouTube has listed a number of sites which can be used for raising funds in this link. Patreon is one of the platform that you will come across time and again when going with the path of crowdfunding.

Sponsored Videos on YouTube

Brands and businesses these days look for YouTube creators who have a decent following for promoting their products. This is their way of reaching out to a specific set of audience which is guaranteed to be interested in a topic of that YouTube channel.

When I say brands, it can also be a independent app developer looking to promote his financial planning app to a group of people who have subscribed to a productivity and staying organized YouTube channel.

The creator will either mention the product at the start of the video or will show his audience that he is using the product inside the content of video. If you are a creator then I can tell you that it is better to mix the promotion with content of video so that audience doesn’t get pissed off for being shown an ad when they were expecting the content of video.

Either you can reach out to the brands or wait for the brands to contact you. Once you have money coming in from YouTube channel then you can also hire an employee who will be cracking the sponsorship deals with the brands in the same niche as your YouTube channel.

  • Make your channel as branded

The same content with branding makes bigger impact than without branding. There are a couple of things that you can do to make your channel as well the content look branded for the audience.

Get a logo for your channel and use it inside your video in top left, top right of your videos. You can easily get a logo made from a logo making online website. But personally I would advise you to go for better quality and find someone who understands the idea of your channel and get a logo for you on either Fiverr or 99Designs..

When you are making your channel as branded then it is crucial that you pick up the niche and do your testing of niche when the channel is small and new. As the channel grows, it doesn’t make any sense to switch niche. Your subscribers will expect content that is related to all of your previous videos.

It also makes it difficult for the brands to find you when the channel content is not on the same niche.

  • Add value to people and money will follow

As with affiliate marketing, sponsorships also require that you tell people about the benefits of the product instead of features. Add value to people’s life by giving them solutions to their problems. As you give solutions, you can then add your sponsored product and expect the audience to purchase the product because you recommended it.

How to get sponsorships for videos on YouTube

  • Create an identity for yourself

Make yourself look unique and different. There would be lot of creators in your niche. It is how you deliver the content in your own style that makes the difference. If your content is same as any other channel then it can be a problem for the future of your channel.

  • Start small with local businesses

Local companies will be more willing in investing your channel than bigger global companies. It is the advertising package that you can offer to these local companies that makes a difference for them. As you gain confidence and credibility, big companies will have no hesitation in having sponsorships with you.

  • Become a mediator between brands and Audience

There are websites where you can create an account and describe your channel. If companies find your channel good for their products, they will automatically contact you and these deals can easily run upto $10,000-50,000 per deal. Some of the big and actively maintained websites where you should register right now are:

  1. Famebit
  2. Grapevine
  3. Izea
  4. Channelpages


Famebit Youtube

Famebit is owned by YouTube and they highly recommend that you check Famebit for getting sponsorships.

  • Its a huge marketplace with thousands of brands looking for creators every day.
  • The payout structure consists of deduction 10% commission by Famebit which means you get to keep 90% of the money from sponsorship.
  • There is a requirement of 5000 active subscribers when registering an account on Famebit.

Influencer Marketing by Grapevine

Grapevine is another marketplace which comes number 2nd after Famebit. You can see brands like Coca-Cola, Walgreens and Chewy having a presence on Grapevine.

  • There is no fees for joining Grapevine marketplace.
  • Grapevine is more strict than Famebit in the sense that they need the channel to have 10,000 subscribers to start getting sponsorships.

If you cannot meet the requirements of these marketplaces then you should be first reaching out to Local businesses.

  • Sell Yourself on YouTube

You can draft your proposal one time and modify it as per the company with who you are dealing with. Highlight the achievements of your channel and benefits for the brand when they sponsor your video content. Some tips to contact the companies are:

  • Find the emails on company websites and contact them
  • Send a tweet or Instagram private message
  • Collaborate with another channel to recommend your channel to the brands
  • Call the brands and book appointments for influencer marketing.
  • Go to masterminds and attend corporate events to crack sponsorship deals.

Affiliate Links by Amazon:

Even if no company is ready to give you sponsorship because the size of your YouTube channel is small, you can promote products from Amazon. This is a sort of affiliate marketing with a twist of showing the product inside the video. The downside here is that you have to purchase the product yourself and create the content. You can also open a giveaway on the channel after creating the content on that product.

Register for the amazon associates program using this link.

Affiliate Marketing – Most Profitable

While all of the above methods to make money from your YouTube channel work but affiliate marketing is the way by which you can make huge money from YouTube with low number of subscribers. The way affiliate marketing works is you place the link of the product with your affiliate ID in the description of video.

Inside the content of your video, mention that the best buy link is in the video description. As you add value to people’s life by showing the product and its benefits, the audience will buy the product using your affiliate link.

There are a number of affiliate products in every niche. For a complete article on how to start with affiliate marketing, read the article linked. Some subscription based affiliate programs will pay you 50% recurring commission for each sale.

Another related twist to affiliate marketing is to send the traffic to your email capture page on your website. There are companies like SendInBlue which charge you only on the basis of number of emails you have sent. Other email companies will charge you basis of number of people that are subscribed to your email list. I highly recommend that you go with SendInBlue instead of MailChimp/Aweber.

Once people are added to your email list, you can promote different products to them and keep generating money from the same person instead of one time purchase from the product link in video description.

It is as Simple as Answering Questions from Others

This is a bonus tip for creators who create problem solving content like education and self improvement. As your channel grows, there will be people who have questions about the topic of your channel and you can only reply to a number of comments per video.

In such case, you can offer paid consultations over the internet. They can book your time slots and then both of you can join to discuss their problems. A platform like Worthyt is helpful in creating such appointments.

YouTube Premium Memberships

YouTube Premium is an ad free platform by YouTube. There are a number of benefits that YouTube is offering under its premium platform. There are YouTube Originals, YouTube Music, download feature in YouTube premium. This is very much like Netflix and Amazon Prime video. The best part I like about premium is that it allows playback in background also when you are working on another app.

If any one watches your video on YouTube premium, you get paid for that also. The payout rates are different for each niche. The revenue from YouTube Premium is shown in creator studio under revenue reports.

Those are all the methods to make money from YouTube. If you are blogger right now and write unique content daily then you can create video content on YouTube for the same topic and get two versions (text and video) of the same content. That way you can cater to needs of different people who like text and who like video content.

If you have a website then you can name your YouTube channel same as the website so that your website also gets traffic from your YouTube videos. Mention the link of your website in the description of the video by using the “Upload Defaults” feature of YouTube creator studio.

Be aware that there are some categories of video content that is not allowed by YouTube like Hate, Abuse, Physical and Violence. If your content doesn’t fall in to these categories then you can easily build a full time income for yourself which supports you for the years to come and for your lifetime.

Even when you don’t have recording equipment when starting YouTube channel, use your smartphone camera to record videos or if you make tutorials on computer then use screen recording softwares which are free to use.

YouTube still needs a lot of content in so many categories so go ahead and start making videos to start earning from YouTube.