FB Settings – How to Officially Auto-Post Facebook Post on Twitter

It is becoming imperative to have social media engagements to thrive in business. Facebook and Twitter have been making it easy to develop professional connect too. We use these platforms to the maximum to gain massive success too.

The interactions and engagements happen through posts in both cases. We ideally want the audience to see anything new that we have got. Posting the content both on Facebook and Twitter is indeed a time-consuming job. You can automate the functionality so that you can do some other productive task.

This write up shall give you the information as to how the posts from Facebook can also be posted to your Twitter account. The functionality is explained step by step, follow it to get the maximum advantage.

Step 1: Facebook Settings Need to be Changed

For you to automate the functionality of auto-posting the Facebook post to Twitter, you need to change certain settings in Facebook. These settings can be by default set that way or you would have preferred it that way earlier while you were using. Nevertheless, check for the setting and change accordingly as said below.

  1. For your Facebook posts to post on Twitter, you need to turn the ‘App Platform’ to ‘On’
  2. Go to account settings
  3. Click on General Account settings
  4. Click on Apps
  5. Here the platform option needs to be turned ‘ON’
  6. The privacy settings of your posts need to set also. You can either go to the Privacy settings page and change it to Public. Or you can do it whenever you post. Please note, the latter one requires your manual intervention every time.
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Step 2: Link Both Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Once the settings are set, you need to link both Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You are allowed to add multiple Facebook Accounts. You just have type in your account details

  • Now, Click on Authorise App

Once the authorisation is complete, you will see a lot of Facebook posts that can be posted to Twitter. You just have unclicked the ones that you do not want to be posted.

Step 3: Cross-Posting Needs to be Activated

This is the last step, where you have to save changes. Once it is done, all your Facebook posts that match your criteria shall be cross-posted automatically.

We need to understand certain aspects here.

  1. The Facebook photo that you are planning to share, shall appear as a Facebook page link on Twitter
  2. Same way, while you share a  video, the link to the video on the Facebook page is shared on Twitter
  3. The hashtag that you use on Facebook shall be carried to Twitter as well.

This is an amazing functionality that can save a lot of your time and energy. Engaging people over social media is pf prime importance. Your activity in most of the social platform must indicate that you are active.