How to Permanently Ban a Spammer on Facebook Fan Page (With Pictures)

Spamming on Facebook is very common. Link based spam is most common on Facebook. So a Fan page owner needs to have knowledge and tools to ban spammers. Luckily, Facebook has given us a feature to ban spammers. Be sure to use this feature against member who are spamming the page regularly with irrelevant posts and links.

The following steps with pictures will help you ban such spammers:

Step 1: Use the Comment Settings To Report Comment

On a comment, click on 3 dots and choose “Find Support or Report Comment”

Find Support or Report Comment

Step 2: In the Popup Choose Spam Reason and Actions to Be Taken

Choose Spam Reason

In this popup, you need to select Spam and you can optionally choose to block the person and hide all his comments too.

Step 3: Once Options are Selected, Send button gets Enabled

Facebook Comment Spam Action

Step 4: Blocked People Will Not be Able to Comment Anymore and are Reported Too

Block Spammers from Commenting on Facebook

Step 5: Once You Click Send, Thanks Page is Shown

Spammers are reported

I highly recommend you follow above steps when someone spams your Facebook Fan page?