InstantWP Review – How to Use Instant WordPress on Your Computer

WordPress has provided many functionalities to its users, and Instant WordPress is one of them. It is a development environment freely available for download. The important thing it does is converting your local computing system into a server for your WordPress site. 

This deployment of the local machine is feasible because it minimizes errors while testing – first try the changes in your local server then apply them to your site. The best thing about InstantWP is that it is very easy to download, so you do not need to set up complex environments like the GitHub. You may be thinking that free software, most of the time, is a bundled trap of malware and adware directed towards your system. However, you can trust this software as it is safe. 

Also, you can easily download plugins and additional software from the browser. You can reserve space for your WordPress server using a Linux Virtual Machine, and take total control of your website. You can download and install it in multiple devices, multiple times.

How to Use Instant WordPress:

Walkthrough the following steps to install InstantWP and set it up for work:

  1. To start using InstantWP, you first need to install it. Go to the official instantWP website and download the software.
  2. On your desktop, create a new folder that will later be used to store the associated files for your server. Preferably name it something similar to InstantWP, so that you can search it easily. 
  3. Now click on the InstantWP icon, which will start its installation. When the prompt asks you to select a folder to install InstantWP, browse to the new folder you have created recently. This will download the development software in your selected folder.  
  4. After the software has been installed in your folder, select the executable file called InstantWP.exe to run your software. You will find this file inside the InstantWP folder.
  5. You will now be able to see a new window, containing several configuration options for your local server. This is your server dashboard. At the top of the page, you will find the URL of your local WordPress server. Alongside, you will also get the facility to copy it to your clipboard.
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Below you will find many tab-like buttons relating to different settings for your site. These are WordPress Frontpage, WordPress Admin, Plugins Folder, Themes Folder, MySQL Admin, and Documentation.

InstantWP Options

  1. WordPress Frontpage:- Clicking on it would take you to the front page of your newly created server.
  2. WordPress Admin:-This would take you to the main installation and settings page of your server.
  3. Plugins Folder:- It mainly stores the plugins that you have installed or are willing to install. This folder is stored in the Windows Explorer.
  4. Themes Folder:– This opens a folder containing the themes for your site.
  5. MySQL Admin:– This folder contains the data related to your website and server. You can work on this data, and you don’t even need a password for that.
  6. Documentation:– Clicking on this would open online documentation for you.  
  7. Click on the WordPress Admin button. This will open a browser where you would be required to enter a username and password for your server. Enter “admin” as the username and “password” as the password.

This is the final step after which you can say that you have successfully installed InstantWP, and now you are ready to start your work. Do explore each and every corner of your dashboard to gain a hands-on experience.