How to Launch a Product Review WordPress Website For Making Passive Income

There are a large number of products available for sale online nowadays. But this very variety brings in confusion when trying to buy a new item. If you were to buy an LED TV, you would probably first consider different models and their functionalities. Then, you will go with the one that is under your budget and has many advanced features.

However, scavenging pamphlets and e-shopping sites for products and comparing them side-by-side is a tedious task. No one would want to do that, and that’s where you get the opportunity to mint some money by doing this very task- the task of reviewing. 

The Concept of Social Proof

Human psychology is extremely varying and tricky. No two persons think or feel alike. However, just like some universal feelings present in every human being, people also tend to acknowledge social proof.

This fact is what you encounter when you go out to buy a book for a specific subject. You approach the shopkeeper with two-three famous author’s names. Selecting one of them seems to be a big dilemma, but it is a matter of your career. The very next thing you do is going with the author suggested by your knowledgeable seniors.

You don’t go for unheard authors even if their material is well-crafted, but you tend to believe in people and their words. After all, they have themselves tried them out. Also, you don’t have money to spend on two to three items of the same genre, and then compare their pros and cons. When you go to a shop, the shopkeeper would hail every product as a great one.

The same happens for e-commerce sites too. What if you get to know some of the biggest failures of your product after you have purchased it. There’s no backing up after that. Many countries do not have strict rules for e-commerce platforms. You may find it hard to return or replace the product. So, the only option that would suit you then is trudging with the faulty product as long as you can. Or if you are a millionaire, buy another one.

You might have seen the reviews for a product when you are surfing through Amazon or any other e-commerce site. These are generally the views of users – quite short and some good and some bad. You find it hard to decide which one to go with. This makes product reviewing sites very popular. The customers tend to trust sites dedicated to the review of a single product. You can include affiliate links to the same product on your website and earn money whenever a link is clicked on.

Here, we will look at a powerful platform to launch your Review site – WordPress. WordPress is a highly popular site for building great websites. You have so many options with this platform that you won’t need to go anywhere else. Also, you don’t need to learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, etc. What you just need to do is instructing WordPress what to include and how to style your site.

Benefits of Running a Product Review Site

The benefits are multiple and straight-forward:

  1. Your site gets advertised by the visitors looking for trustworthy opinions about a product. 
  2. No need to set-up additional SEO. If your site has many reviews and is popular among people, Google itself would promote it.
  3. Your customers tend to trust you more and would return to your site again for another product. This trust will lead to an exponential rise in your site revenue.

Setting Up The WordPress Product Review Site

  1. First of all, you need a website and a comprehendible domain name to host your review site. You have several options to do so. However, you should first go to the official WordPress site. You can then follow the instructions to set up your site. WordPress would suggest you Bluehost as the hosting provider. Bluehost is among some of the world’s largest hosting providers. So, you should agree with WordPress and follow its choice. However, you aren’t confined to using this hosting provider, there are many others available.
  2. The next step is installing a plugin for your WordPress site. Since this is a review site you should choose a review-compatible plugin. WP Review Pro is a worthy choice. 

Features of WP Review Pro plugin

  • It supports 19 types of snippets with each snippet pertaining to a different type of product. So, you have many niches to review.
    • It also provides you with 16 pre-defined templates. These can help you instantly set up your site. Also, if you want to fiddle with your site, you can change the colors for these templates.
    • You must have seen stars as a common reviewing tool in sites, but stars don’t always work. Here, you have the option to use percentage, point, thumbs-up, and circle to review your products.
    • You get to do a lot with users and reviews on your site. The users may leave comments, and also mark each other’s comments as helpful.
    • You get the utility to integrate reviews from trusted platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
    • If your site reviews something like the “Best Smartphones in 2020” then you may be in a snare. How to compare and review multiple products together. Worry not, you get the facility of built-in comparison tables with WP Review Pro.
    • If you don’t want a visitor of your site to leave without giving you any significant profit, you can use the Popup and Notification feature. If a visitor clicks on a popup regarding a discounted product, there are chances you may earn a dollar or so.
    • Do you feel intimidated when you are to handle a console having words that force you to refer to a dictionary? With the Advanced Options Panel of WP Review Pro, you get a very user-friendly interface to change your settings as and when required.
    • You get the Role Manager options with WP Review Pro. They allow you to manage authors and other role holders on your site.
    • You get to choose from a wide variety of thumbnails to grab the attention of visitors to your site, and persuade them to click on links.
    • The remarkable feature of WP Review Pro is that it is mobile-friendly. So, you don’t need to modify or play with your site’s JavaScript code to make it available to small-screen viewers.
  • After you are done activating this plugin, or any other of your choice, you need to go to your WordPress Admin area on your site’s dashboard. Click on Settings. You will see a list of several options. At the end of this list, you will find the WP Review Pro option. Click on that.
  • WP Review Pro page will be launched. First, let’s set up the general settings for our review site. Click on the Global option on the left of the page. Under this setting, you will get four different setting tabs. These are – General, Styling, Defaults, and Embed.
  • Click on the General tab. From here, you can enable or disable various product-rating related settings. After you are done setting the General tab, click on the Styling tab. Here, you get the utility of selecting layout styles for your reviews. You are also provided with a real-time preview to choose the best one. With this tab, you can also change the background and border color of your site. Then comes the Defaults tab. This tab lets you set the type of review (whether star, percentage, points) along with the location of review and links. The Embed tab allows you to embed code on your site. There are also options to select whether to display or hide titles, thumbnails, excerpts, and others. Finally, save your settings by clicking on the Save button.
  • Now let us get back to the main settings bar. Below the Global settings, you will find the Popup settings option. Here, you can choose to enable or disable popups, set the time after which the popup gets displayed, and the part of the page where to display the popup.
  • Further, in the main settings, you will find the Notification Bar. Click on this. You will encounter two tabs – Content and Styling. The Content tab allows you to modify notification settings for each page of your site. In the Styling tab, you can change settings regarding the appearance of the notification bar.
  • In the main menu, the next three settings are Yelp Reviews, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews. To integrate each one of these reviews on your site, you need to provide an API key.
  • However, if you want to integrate a review from some other plugin instead of the above three sites, you can go with the Import Reviews setting from the main menu.
  • You will also get a Role Manager option to assign role-based settings for your site.
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Publishing Reviews

  1. After you have successfully modified WP Review Pro settings, publishing gets a lot easier. Then, click on the Review box on your editor page.   
  2. Here, you will find three tabs – Review Box, Popup, and Notification Bar. 
  3. In the Review Box tab, you will find various options for your review settings. You can set the Review type and review heading for your page. The other two tabs provide similar settings as discussed earlier.
  4. However, if you don’t want to change your default settings, you can leave this section undisturbed.

You now have your product-review site running live. If your site performs extremely well in the future, you may also turn up a fleet of paid-employees working for you.