How to Block Facebook on Your Personal Computer or Laptop

Social media has not only helped us to express our talents. It has always been a tool to connect with friends across the world.

Almost everyone who uses a smartphone is always attached to social media.  In earlier times Facebook addiction was in prior. But in recent times, Facebook has been replaced by Instagram, Tik Tok, Like, share chat, Hello, etc.

After the government has banned Tik Tok, Like, Hello, and similar other apps people have started to move towards Facebook. Whenever we open Google, the Facebook page will always popup. This has always been a reason for many people to procrastinate their own words and spend more time on Facebook.

It is easier to block Facebook from  our PC this needs to be done to enhance our productivity if a person wants to check how many hours he spends on Facebook he/she can make use of website counter time extension this will help the person to track the time he has spent not only on Facebook but also on various other social media sites

How to manually block Facebook on the PC?

There is software that helps to block certain websites or allows you to have parental control over the computers. There’s software’s will help the users to block the entire social media sites. But manually blocking the sites might take a longer time. Also, it might sound geeky to many of the users as it involves a list of procedures.

In the manual method, the user needs to make a change in the host file by opening it in the notepad. The location of the host file will differ from one operating system to the other. In Windows PC, the host file might be in C Drive. If the person is using UNIX or Linux OS then he/she will find the host file in Hosts. In Mac OS 9, the file will be in Preferences. The location of the host file might be different but they have the same method to block the sites.

  1. Open the notepad of the host file
  2. Add the following at the end of the file
  3. Save the changes and close it.

Another method to block the sites

  1. Right-click on the host file
  2. In the properties, file select the Security tab
  3. Select the multi-users or the user names
  4. Click on the Edit button
  5. The Window for ‘Permission for Host’ will appear on the screen
  6. Select Users account
  7. Click on Permission for the system to grant permission
  8. Click the checkboxes under the Allow tab and click on the OK button.

Using Internet Router to block the Facebook site

In certain firms and companies they take the sole responsibility to restrict the use of Facebook. This will help their employees to increase productivity. Blocking Facebook through the Internet Router can be done in companies.

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One of the ways to block Facebook is by blocking the URL of the site. The following steps can be used to find the IP Address in a Windows OS:

  1. Identify the IP address of the router
  2. Click on start
  3. In the search menu type cmd
  4. In the comment box type ipconfig
  5. Click the enter button
  6. The user will find the IP address of the system in the Gateway IP Address tab

If the person is using a Mac Operating System then he/ she can follow these steps to find the IP address:

  1. Click Apple
  2. Choose System Preferences
  3. In System Preferences choose Network and in it choose Advanced
  4. The user can find the IP address in the TCP/IP tab

To open the Login page if the Router, enter the IP address in the internet browser. The administrator password will be possessed by the system admin who had set up the password for the system. Now to block the URL of Facebook follow the steps given below.

  1. Locate the Content filter
  2. It will be available in the Firewall. Some OS has it in the Content section. If you are not able to find in either of these ways, the exact location of it can be found by using Google
  3. Paste the URL of the Facebook in the Content Filter section
  4. Give Ok.

This will block the Facebook website from popping on the PCs whenever it is switched on. The parental software will help the parents to prevent their children from entering the world of dangerous sites. Because children are prone to become prey when they find something interesting but may have many dangerous problems hidden in it.

There is also third party software which will also help in blocking the Facebook site to pop up in our PCs. This can also be down with the help of anti-virus software. So it is also needed to understand the antivirus software that we use to know about its filtering capacity.


In any pandemic situation, it happens to be online classes for many students. Following any one of the strategies will always help oneself in controlling the addiction.

These are some of the methods that can be used to block the Facebook site on the PC. Apart from this, it is also in the minds of us go control the use of Facebook. Since we have a smartphone with us now and most of the works can be carried out using our smartphones we should have control over the usage of Social Media.