LongTailPro Review – Is This SEO Software Relevant in 2020?

Making a successful website is not an easy task. The website has to be simple and effective. In essence, it needs to deliver what it is promising. The success and failure of a website depend on multiple factors. Even a website with good design potential can fail.

The most important part of every successful website is traffic. Unless people come and use the website, they will never know whether it is good or bad. For this reason, the first task after launching a website is traffic gathering.

There are many ways anyone can bring traffic to the website. Unfortunately, most of these tactics involve advertisements. It is an expensive proposition. It requires lots of cash in hand. However, there is another way which costs significantly less money and brings traffic constantly. The name of this strategy is SEO. Let’s see how this strategy works and how anyone can use it to draw traffic to his site.

With the SEO marketing strategy, Search engines like Google index sites on the base of their content. When anyone searches anything on the search engine, it presents the most relevant sites to the user. Normally the topmost sites on this list get a better view. Anyone can take benefit from this process and bring lots of traffic to the site.

In this total process, the keywords play a significant role. The site owner must know which keywords are trendy. With the right keywords getting the full benefit of SEO is possible. In this process, LongTailPro can be a big help. Let’s see its features, pricing, and different aspects. Let’s decide whether it is worth buying in 2020?


Keyword research is the main function of this program. It analyzes different aspects of the keywords and suggests the best keywords for the site. Let’s see what keywords research features it offers.

Keyword suggestion:

Physically it is not possible to guess all the keywords people are using. It doesn’t matter how much anyone tries, they will miss many. On the other hand, these programs follow various search engines and collect important keywords related data. The keywords generation tool of LongTailPro suggests hundreds of keywords. For this reason, the site owner doesn’t have to guess any keywords for his site. The program solves this problem with smart automation. It saves precious time and gives a solid foundation for search engine optimization.

Competitor analysis:

Every business has competitors. For a new business owner, it is always difficult to outsmart established competitors. However, a little spy work can help him in this task. With the help of LongTailPro, anyone can analyze their competitor’s website. Along with competitor keyword analysis, the program also analyzes the back links of these sites. It also extracts information from these sites like the number of indexed URLs, external back links, trust flow, internal links, citation flow, root referring domains, etc. With this piece of information, the site owner can orient his SEO strategy and find success.

Keyword rank value:

All keywords are not the same. People use some keywords more often than others. Those keywords which are used more often hold high raking value. On the other hand, those keywords people use less holds low ranking value. On a search engine, it is very difficult to rank with high-value keywords and it is easy to rank high with low ranking keywords. However, low ranking keywords do not bring much traffic. LongTailPro gives detailed information about each keywords value and how much traffic it can bring to the site. Most people choose middle-ranking keywords. They are relatively easy to rank on the search engine and bring an ample amount of traffic.


Search engine ranks are not static. Most search engines review their results every few weeks. In this process, they include some websites and remove some websites from the list. It is an important aspect of SEO. As a site owner keeping track of this info is very important. It let the owner know which keywords are doing well and which keywords are not doing so great. However, it is a tedious process and takes a lot of time. LongTailPro can make this task easy. It automatically tracks all rankings and presents the info in the dashboard. It keeps the site owner aware of all situations.


LongTailPro offers its service in three different packages. The Packages are Starter, Pro, and Agency. There are a few limitations associated with every package.

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LongTailPro Plans


With the basic starter package, it is possible to do 800 keywords research per day. It includes Keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP lookups. The system provides a daily rank update. However, the user can track only 30 keywords for rank. On the other hand, only one person is allowed to login at a time. This package is designed for individual site owners who want to track SEO activity of one or two sites. The pricing for this package is $25/month annually or $37 monthly.


This package is for SEO professionals. This package allows 2500 keywords research per day. It includes Keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP lookups. The system will also provide daily rank updates with this package. Here the user able to track 200 keywords for rank. The benefit of this account is the system allows 2 people to log in simultaneously to the account. Here the professional can discuss the site issues with the site owners. The pricing for this package is $45/month annually or $67 monthly.


Large agencies that handle multiple sites only take this package. With this package, it is possible to do 6000 keywords research per day. It includes Keyword lookups, KC calculations, and SERP lookups. Here also the system provides daily rank updates of the keywords. The benefit of this package is that it allows 1000 keywords tracking for rank. On this package, the system allows simultaneous login of 5 people. The pricing of this package is $98/month annually or $147 monthly.

Other aspects


It is a very simple setup for usage. Most people without any formal training can use it. It offers a graphical simulation of every data point. For this reason, with just one glance it is possible to understand different keyword metrics. The dashboard is the central point of this program. Most of the useful information displays here. The user can easily register and signup with it via Google or Facebook account. It is a very easy process without any complications.


LongTailPro has good tutorials for those people who are not familiar with SEO. It has an in-depth discussion on this subject. The tutorials also explain how the system works and a user can track, research, and monitor different aspects of the keywords. It is highly recommended for beginner level users. These tutorials are so useful that they can make a novice person an expert.


This system shows a lot of important keyword metrics. But many people often wonder how useful this information is? Keyword research is a fundamental part of SEO. Without knowing the popular keyword, no SEO can find success. For this reason, this program is very useful. Without doing proper keyword research finding a top position in search engine result is nearly impossible.

Customer support

The customer support of LongTailPro is very responsive. They offer their service 24/7 and always remain present to answer all queries. These queries can be on any subject of the program. The user can call or email them at any time. They will answer all phone calls and reply to all emails diligently. The user can ask them both technical and account-related questions. They listen to all questions patiently and answer them best to their ability. The customer support team is very friendly and professional.


The world is very competitive now. Finding success without doing hard work is not possible. For this reason, it is futile to depend on luck. Instead, only those people find success who takes benefit from every opportunity.

Search engine optimizations also believe in this principle. For this reason, most SEO experts take every possible opportunity to influence search engine results. Getting a higher rank in the search engine means lots of traffic without any advertisement. It makes the site popular and allows finding success.

LongTailPro is a useful program for keyword research. Anyone who wants to index their site on search engines with a high rank can use it. The system will reveal various aspects of every keyword, like how many people use it to search for any product, location of these users, etc.

By reviewing these metrics a user can determine how much potential every keyword has. It will help him evaluate his strategy and emphasize more on high potential keywords. However, the user has to remember that keyword research is the basic part of SEO. Along with keyword research, there are many other things needed to be done for finding success. Only relying on it may not work in the long term.