How to Create a Private WordPress Blog or a Private Blog Post

What Is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that is written in PHP language.  The database system used here can be MySQL or MariaDB. Preliminarily the main objective of this CMS is to provide a free blog publishing system. Later on, the system evolved into hosting more web content like learning management systems and mailing lists. There are varieties of themes available in WordPress and the user can change the appearance of their contents. WordPress is used to produce attractive blogs and websites.

What Is a Private Post

Private WordPress post is the option provided for users who like to keep their blogs and contents as private. Only the designated audience can view the post if it is pinned as a private post. This is useful for clients who work in a company, or a family whose details need to be shared with only their family members.

It is difficult to keep blogging for individual groups as there are chances of a person being in multiple groups. This situation can be handled by sharing a post that is tagged as private.

How To Make a WordPress Blog Private

This option is for people who need their blogging account to be always private. This can be changed at any point in time but until it is private, every post that is being posted in this account remains private.

1) Plugin Installation

As a first step, you need to find the ‘My Private Site‘ plugin and install it. Plugins are like an application that can enhance the appearance of your content.  There are hundreds of plugins that are available for free. You cannot access these plugins if you use the version of WordPress. This site has its limitations. You have to instead use the version of WordPress.

For the plugins that are available in the WordPress plugin directory, you can use the plugin search tab, which is present at the top right corner in the ‘Add Plugin’ option.  In this tab, you have to search for the plugin that you wish to install. For the present requirement, the ‘My Private Site’ plugin is to be installed.

2) Customization

Once you complete the installation, you can now open the plugin for further customization. You will now find a checkbox under the ‘Make Site Private’ tab. This checkbox is to be ticked to ensure that you require a private account personalization. While coming down, you will find a section named ‘Allow Self Registration’. This section requires the details of your private account. If you do not need anyone to register into your account, then you can leave the checkbox given below or else tick it so that other users can register with your WordPress account. 

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The next section is ‘Landing Location’. This section asks your preference about the site that you need to set as the home page when users log in. You can keep any preferred website or else they will land on the website that they checked for.

Apart from this, the My Private Site plugin recommends you more privacy options. You can include or exclude some of the parts of your account that you wish to make private. After customizing your profile you have to click the ‘save changes’ option so that your personalization is saved.

This is all about making your website private. The users who wish to view your profile will now have the restrictions that you have imposed on them.

How To Make a Post as Private

A WordPress post can be made as a private one at the time of creation or at any specific time that you feel. When you make posts private, it is protected from the ones who you don’t want to be open about the post. This ensures high security and privacy for people who enjoy a private life. The added advantage is that you don’t need to install additional plugins for changing the privacy of individual posts. This option is an inbuilt feature in WordPress.

When you create a post, you can see the ‘Visibility’ option on the post editor tab.  Gradually the visibility of the post will be ‘public’. You have to click the ‘edit’ hyperlink so that you can change the privacy of the post.  You will now be directed to a page where you have multiple options for a range of security measures.


The first option is to simply make the post ‘Private’.  If you make a post private, then only the private people, who have registered with your account, can view the post. This option restricts the entry of external users. The second option works by adding a password to a specific post.

You can add a password, and share this password with the acquaintances with whom you wish to share the post with. Only after entering this specific password, users will be able to view the post. This doesn’t mean that the people who know the password need to be registered with you. Anyone who has the password can access the post if your account is not a private one.

An editor or an Administrator of WordPress is free to edit your post and view your post. Even if you have customized and protected the post from them, they can edit your post if they have’ logged in’ in the admin area. This is applicable only if you are a part of a group. If you are the only admin and the only individual in your group, then you are free of all these worries.