How to Open 2nd YouTube Channel with an Existing Google Account

YouTube is an online video sharing platform. Every day millions of people upload their videos to this platform and share them with others. According to an estimate, every second people upload multiple terabytes of video to this site. YouTube stores all of these videos to their database and allow their distribution over the internet. For this reason, it has become one of the prime entertainment sites on the internet.

Even though most of the videos on YouTube are amateurish, but many of them are done professionally. Lots of people made it their occupation and they make professional videos regularly. YouTube publishes different advertisements on these videos and shares revenue with these video makers. Many YouTube content creators make multiple YouTube channel with an existing Google account and increase their revenue. Here is a simple step by step process anyone can follow to make a second YouTube channel with an existing Google account.


Google is the parent company of YouTube, and all YouTube is required to use Google account for login. To make another YouTube channel, the user needs to follow these steps.

  1. At first, log into YouTube account with existing Google login id and password.
  2. Then click the profile icon. It is located on the top right corner. For easy recognition, the profile icon normally contains the Google profile image. Those Google accounts which are made without any profile image contain the first initial of Google account holder name.
  3. The profile icon will open a drop-down menu. Click the setting option in this menu. (It is the 9th option on the menu.)
  4. Clicking the setting will take the user to the account setting page.
  5. On the account page, YouTube will give you an option. “Choose how you appear and what you see on YouTube”.
  6. Just below this text, the user can find YouTube channel settings.
  7. Here the user gets an option to “Add or manage your channel(s)”. Click this option.
  8. Here the user will get the option to create a new channel. The option contains a + sign. Click it to create the new channel.
  9. Here the user will see a text box with “Brand Account name”. Choose a unique brand account name of the new channel and click create.
  10. Clicking the create button will generate the new channel, where the user can upload videos separate from their existing YouTube account.
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Many people wonder what the benefits of opening multiple YouTube Channels are. At this moment any channel can upload unlimited amounts of videos. So what is the point of another YouTube channel? Here are some of the advantages a user gets with opening a second YouTube channel.

1) Privacy

Whether anyone is a celebrity or not, privacy matters for everyone. In this everyone has their private moments, which they only prefer to share with some special one. Having a second YouTube channel gives the user this advantage. The user can upload his private videos in one account, and upload public videos to another account.

2) Addressing different topics

Many people make videos on different topics for different types of viewers. For this reason, it is better to create different channels for different types of video genera. With this channel separation, the specific group of people is only able to watch that specific group of content.

3) Extra revenue

According to some statistics, YouTube runs only a few numbers of advertisements on a single channel. However, the user can multiply the advertisement revenue by creating and distributing videos on multiple channels.

4) Temporary protection against copyright claim

Copyright infringement is a very common problem on YouTube. So does the inappropriate copyright claims. Some time inappropriate copyright claims can make a channel dysfunctional temporary. At this time a second channel gives the user a medium of connection to his audience.


Even though there are numerous benefits of having multiple YouTube channels, but there are also some drawbacks to it. As like,

1) Communication

Building communication from a single YouTube channel is much easier. However, maintaining communication through multiple channels is much harder. The user required to devote more time and energy to it.

2) Subscription problems

Just because people like the content of one channel, there is no certainty that they will love the contents of other channels. Therefore, someone who has subscribed to one channel may not subscribe to another channel. It creates a disparity in the subscription number.

3) Promotion & content development

Multiple channels require more content then one. For this reason, content development becomes quite challenging for most content creators. Also, it takes much more effort to promote two or more channels. It has been seen that only a few handfuls of YouTube content creators can successfully maintain and run two or more channels.