3 Mistakes Amateur Bloggers are Prone to Make

One of the best ways to make money online these days is through blogging. Inevitably, you must consistently keep posting informative and unique content. More importantly, it must attract the right set of an audience too. Blogging involves intricacies, but when learned how to accomplish it can help you gain financial success.

Commonly, we make mistakes. And mistakes shall teach us a lot more than a consistent streak of petty successes. In the wake of making high-quality content and becoming an exemplary blogger, there may be many mistakes that are bound to happen. Some known and Some unknown. At times, these mistakes can be overlooked. On the other hand, there are some grave mistakes that the amateur bloggers may make that shall ruin their blogging career too.

How Do Blogging Mistakes Affect You?

Before getting into the major mistakes that an amateur is prone to make, let us understand what benefits you may lose by making such mistakes.

1. Failure in Plans to Make a Difference in the World

This is crucial. As a blogger, you have started this career for many reasons. There shall be a real functional purpose behind it. It can be money, it can be fame and you also want to tune your writing skills. Most evidently, you will make the content in such a way that it is unique and different so that it is also useful to people. As a blogger, by committing such major mistakes can spoil all the effort that you have put. Forget the fact about money, there will be none reading your blog. It is as good as you talking to a wall.

2. Not Being a Part of Elite Bloggers

One of the most important factors that revolve around the blogosphere is the professional network. If your blogs are successful and informative, you shall be a part of the network of elite bloggers. This may cover your business needs to. The amateur bloggers are prone to make some mistakes that do not even allow them to establish their name in the circle. You shall be a failure.

3. Loss of Money on Blogging Essentials

This is critical. In the event of creating a lot of blogs and making a mark, there are chances of you to spend money on buying webspace and lot of attributes required for your blogs. End of the day, you may look at profit or at least a breakeven. Stop committing the mistakes that we mention here that shall avoid you from losing a lot of money.

The consequences mentioned above shall not be the only things that get impacted. There are much more to mention, however, these three are the prominent ones and are bound to get affected directly unlike the others. Having said that, let us take a look at the 3 major errors that an amateur blogger can make that is irreversible. This write up is to give you an awareness of the mistakes and help you choose the right path for blogging success.

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3 Major Errors Amateur Bloggers Prone to Make

1. Domain Name Hassles

This is the most important factor that any blogger must think about. Of course, choosing a domain name and that too for free over other platforms like WordPress or Blogspot is a wise decision. Because it is free and that’s it. There is no ownership in it.

Firstly, the exposure that you are looking at is not received. There are many other bloggers in this world and you may be competing with few of the best. Having a domain name in external platforms shall not help you establish as a blogger. It just makes you write creative content because you will put your effort into it.

Secondly, the outside world and even for you blogging may not be a serious affair if you have a free domain name.

Lastly, if there is no ownership on the domain name, there is no feeling to protect your brand. At the same time, if you have a custom domain name, everything falls in place. It shall make you a professional blogger right from the start.

2. Stealing Content from the Web

This is unethical. The act of copying content from the web is not only considered bad but does not serve the purpose of blogging too. Blogging is to create maximum footfall to your webpage to maximise profits. This not only happens through reputation but also keywords. When you copy others contents, you are dividing the customer base.

On the other hand, you are leaving the customer confused to choose which one to follow. It is always good and safe to create own, creative and high-quality content. It keeps your reputation intact. Also, if you are planning to take a piece of content from other websites or other authors, please mention their names as referral points.

This is as good as your writing research work. You can never claim a good name by copying others hard work.

3. Professional Web Page is Always Recommended

This is something that you must think deep and execute. Have a pleasant web page for your contents. Do not get into flashy themes and chase the viewer. Blogging is an art of creating and posting contents in a highly professional way.

The first impression comes with the web page design. Select the one or make the one that is simple and elegant. It must attract the viewer to read your blogs. While these being major errors that an amateur blogger can make, there are many other errors too. Some are unavoidable but a few can be avoided if you are prudent. One is in the spending aspect.

Spending on website creation is fine but opt for a talented freelancer. He may turn up to be cost-effective than a professional team. Think about which is essential to promote your brand. Is it social media or your blogging site? Take the decisions wisely. As spending too much time on social media may not help you make more money too.

At the same time, social media can help market your brand and also take you to the right audience.