13 Easy Online Business Ideas With Minimal Investment in 2020 – Make Money From Home

Entrepreneurship is one of the recently trending buzzwords amongst the youngsters. There are many start-ups in this world. Some of the businesses succeed and some of them fail. The basic reason for this is the idea. The idea of a business is very important while proposing a business to another person or the customer.

A business should either be benefitting another business or if it is a B2C based business then the business should have all the elements that would persuade a consumer to come over again and again. So the product that a company or a single person wants to develop and convert into business should cater to all the needs of the clients.

The business trends keep changing every time. It is thoughtful for a person who could think of an idea that would go for a long time which would require only mild changes to be done according to the changing trends. Starting a business is a passion for many of us.

A person may be a teenager or an employee who has about 12 years of experience in serving a domain. Also,  he or she may be a person who wants to pursue his/her passion. Many people who start a business will fall into either of the categories. Most of the experienced employees wish to start a business as they want to escape from a rat race or they want to implement their learning in real-time.

Online businesses

Also only hard work is not the only solution to make a business successful. It also requires some smart work. With the fear of losing money many o them who might have good business ideas do not come forward to start the business. Some people might have an urge to become an entrepreneur but may not have enough money to start it. Many business ideas need minimum investment or sometimes no investment.

These ideas will help a person to satisfy his or her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. If the person is taking care of those businesses well then there are many chances for him or her to earn a good profit.

The following are some of the ideas that require a minimum investment of money but more investment of time.


Blogging is one of the minimalist investment business. It can not be seen as a business. It is a way of expressing one’s views elaborately. It is a way of making people know what is in your mind. The increment is needed only for starting a website and making ads to make the blog reach a lot of people. It requires a lot of research. Some of the researches might cost the amount. But it is worth a lot when the blog reaches many people.

Bloggers have now become influences amongst the public. To become a celebrity blogger a lot of knowledge and dedication are required. Every point that is being delivered should be true to its meaning and should convey the correct meaning. Hence fact check and proofreading should be done before establishing the blog. Because it has the power to change a person’s mind. But the amount that is earned out of it is more.

The blog could b from any niche. It can be on pets, relationships,  nutrition,  travel,  lifestyle,  fashion, etc. The bloggers can monetize through their content.

Freelance Writing

Not everyone will have the ability to write well. If writing is a cup of coffee for a person then he or she should get into freelance writing. There’s are many websites that would party for writings. A lesson can become a content writer for a website or a blog writer.

He or she can write articles, editorial magazines,  etc. that would showcase the talents as well as earn money. This could be turned into a business where we need not invest money for the website or for marketing the content they have been written. The only work for the writer is to write according to the person’s needs.


If a person I good at speaking the podcast is the best platform. He or she can give the voice that would be heard all over the world. He or she can launch various shoes that would attract the listeners and could grasp more audience. Even they can sell some goods or products through the podcast.

The sharing of information has become the main context here. As long as people’s thirst for knowledge is not quenched,  more number of shows can be launched. Even here the niche that the podcaster chooses can be on anything and there is no language barrier.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants need not require any type of investment apart from time. A virtual assistant can be task-specific or he or she can choose to perform multi-tasks which will be again for him as well as to the company. Some of the tasks include

  1. Managing the Email
  2. Social media management
  3. Making arrangement on tours
  4. Handling calls
  5. Posting of blogs and posts
  6. Making son cold calls
  7. Building links

Many people had raised money through this virtual assistant. The play a major role in the administration of a company. So a person will b very keen on selecting a  person for this position. There as also firms which help in the recruitment process. Also,  they help in training people for the position of a virtual assistant. Depending on the caliber of a person,  the pieces of training are being provided to the respective people.

Launching an online course or a membership program

Knowledge of a person will increase only when it is shared. It is very important to teach people what we are aware of. To this purpose, many online platforms will help the mentors to teach the mentees with the subject of their choice. This also happens to be an e-learning platform for many of the students. If a person has a strong command over a subject then he or she can make use of these programs to earn money.

But earning money through online teaching is a challenging way to earn money. Because the video that is going to be created by the person must be unique,  informative at the same time engaging. The way of conveying a concept through this tutorial should always make the audience to be gripped to the person who is conveying. In this way, a person can earn enough money. But there is a various process in this type of work.

The person needs a professional or someone who could shoot the video. Also, there must be a video editor who could give the output of a hassle-free video and in a professional way. The main thing is the topic chosen by the tutor. In recent times,  many how-to videos are getting a great view nowadays. Also,  creative forms of video will gather more audience.

Ghost Writing

Many top bloggers will b very busy after getting the title as influencers. So they would prefer someone who could write blogs in their style and their name. Ghost writing is a job where the person has to write articles not in his or her name but the name of the blogger or in some name mentioned by the company. This does not require any type of investment in terms of money. It only needs some time to be spent on researching.

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Also, the writer has to be conscious of the style as it should coincide with the style of the blogger. It may sound similar to freelance writing but it has a huge difference. In the former,  the writings may be disclosed with the name of the writer. But in Ghost writing, the writer can not use his or her name. So a person who is ready to sacrifice his or her own identity could try this kind of business.

Website Flipping

Buying and selling new not happen in a real estate business alone. It can also happen in buying and selling of technology or the website. Building a website is a tedious process but remodelling or renovating a new website is quite easier than the building. Some bloggers might think to sell a website and to build another website. It might sound easier but it I not as easy as sounds. It involves a lot of faith and trust. It is also a potential business that will earn a lot of bucks when it is streamed properly.

This process is called flipping. The person who sells the website is called a flipper. Three are many flippers who had earned the amount just by selling the website. A person can also try to build a website and sell it else he or she could sell the website that has been designed by a third person.

Search engine optimization

If we ever think about searching something over the net without Search engines,  it is an impossible task. Google is one of the frequently used search engines. The optimization of a search engine is the topmost requirement for every blogger.

So it has a special place in the business as it is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website. So if a person is aware of the SEO patterns then h or she could make an income without any kind of investment.  Because the requirement for an SEO expert is knowledge and the internet.

Facebook ad Consultation

Any business would require a good advertisement. And recently,   social media marketing has gained its importance. Also,  Facebook marketing is the most chosen as it is authentic. Hence Facebook Ads campaign is the most chosen. But Facebook keeps it is changing the rules always.

Most of the business managers would not keep in mind regarding it. It is the necessity update that a virtual assistant has to take care of it. The person who knows to handle a Facebook ad campaign will have the best out of this business.

Affiliate marketing

This is a  good source of income for all bloggers,  YouTubers, and major celebrities. Their only work is to recommend products or services to their audience or also called fans or followers.  It requires only testing of trustworthiness for a product or service. Because they are the factor of trust for their followers. So every affiliate should b careful with this.

Once they start with the business then they would be able to earn a good amount. But it is not easier to become an affiliate. Hr or she should have a reach amongst the public. It is the count that speaks to make a person as an affiliate. Hence most of the celebrities will b affiliates.

Starting a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel will make a good profit only if it has a good reach. Many of the comedy videos get a greater reach in recent times. So if a person is in the idea of starting a channel then he or she can opt to do a video on some of the archaeological videos or how-to videos or any form of humorous videos.

They will have a good reach and will help to earn a lot of money. Many of the stand-up comedians have got a good platform through these. Also,  many have started to set up a  comedy club which will include all the comedians and will help to grow the community too.

Craft seller

If a person has got the talent to create crafts then this business is a suitable one. Why should a person not convert his or her skill as money! This should be thought for people who are good at drawing,  knitting,  tailoring, or any other craft-based skills. The needn’t spend a lot of thinking. It is their passion or their skills that I being converted into money.

This is one of the businesses that had a great reach.  Because many of them have started to buy hand-made crafts either to gift them to their loved ones or to decorate their place. If a person I not hood marketing, then he or she can make use of a marketing manager for the same. Many of the art selling companies have come up in this way. All you need is a website and a social media page that portrays the various works of the craftsman.

Startup advisor

Of a person has got a sound knowledge of business then he or she can start this type of consultation service. A good guide is necessary for the success of any business. The guidance can b given by a person who had served the field for a long time or who has experience in the field.

Hence this type of business can be done on a part-time basis. Some people had been pursuing it a regular basis and have become a mentor in it. These mentors will be consulted often when there is an up or down in business. For each consultation,  the person can charge his or her clients. Some of then try to give a package that will help both of them. in

These are some of the business ideas which would require either no or little investment. By choosing any one of the business ideas according to one’s caliber,  there will be a sure success in the business. These businesses will require some of the skills to be learned. Son of the skills is easier to learn and these businesses may sometimes not coincide with the major that the person has completed in his or her college.

Since it is skill-based,  anyone can involve at any time. It is always important to keep an eye on the competitor in any field that the person enters. It will always help him or her to know what the could do to beat the other person in the business.


These businesses will not only help a person to earn money. But also it will help a person to keep himself o herself updated with the latest trends. It will not make him o her to have an ideal mind. Because they have to think about what they should do next. But because of this, a person should not be addicted to money too much. If there is a failure,  he or she should have the capacity to overcome it.

The person should follow all the healthy business terms that would make him/her win. Taking care of one’s health is very important. So entrepreneurs must take care of everything with a full heart. The main thing is to balance the stress that arises from the business.

Many people because of the over stress, try to make wrong decisions. Remembering that not all businesses are the same and not all businesses will meet only success but no failure will make a person weaker at some point in time. Success comes to a person who is daring but prudent and is optimistic.