Pocket Reader App Review – Why is It My Favourite Offline Reading App 

In recent times, many of us have to disconnect the internet as it consumes a lot of power and drains the battery. So an app came as a boon to many readers which helped them to read many articles while they are offline. Also, the enhanced featured of the app made people read articles even when they exercise or when they travel.

It is the Pocket app. It has become of the most frequently used apps and the app that helps to read many articles whenever I want to read rather than bookmarking a particular page of the website or a website. The app is available for Windows,  Android,  Mac, iOS,  etc.

It is a distraction-free app that helps to complete the article in time and also to look after other works. Initially, they designed the app only for the PC. But when people started to use smartphones the developed the app for the Androids and iOS. Earlier it was named as Read it later. But later they changed it to Pocket.

Features of the pocket Reader app that makes it interesting

The developer of the app keeps enhancing the app then and there so that the user would enjoy using the app. So certain features are enjoyed by many users. Hence they find the app to be still interesting and want to use the app always and keep it updating as and when the developer updates the app.

Estimation of the reading time

If we are avoiding to watch a video we would initially know about its run time. But we may not be aware of the time that we might take to read an article or a book. To overcome this, the app has a feature to estimate the time it takes for a person to read the blog or a book.

When the user saves the article that he or she wishes to read it later, the app will automatically estimate that the user would take. So if we are in some place where we have to wait, for example, we are in a queue or an airport then this feature will be highly useful to us. So that we can need not leave an article incomplete.

Suitable tags to organize the articles

In a PC we would make use of a folder to organize the files. DS pattern is also available in the pocket app. The app provides various tags that would help us to place the articles and take them immediately whenever needed. Also if the user has a premium pack then his or work is much simpler. The app will have an in-built tag sets and the articles will be organized automatically. Here the app will recognize the title of the articles and will place them in the right tags. So whenever the user needs he or she can take the article immediately.

Sharing an article with friends

We often love to share the article that we love to read with our friends. Sometimes we might feel that that particular niche or blog from a particular blogger would be enjoyed by our friends or relatives. So for this purpose, they recently added features that would help the users to sure the article very easily.

We can not only share the articles but also we can share the videos. This feature is liked by many people as it allows us to share with only a few clicks. A user could enable the notification that would make him or her be notified them and there when his or her friends share an article or a video.

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Exploring newer articles

A pocket app need not be used only to save the articles to read it for later use. But it can also be used to explore the articles too. Similar to a Google search, enter the article’s title that you want to search. All the articles related to that keyword will be listed. But it is in the user’s hand to take care of the time in choosing the right article. Also,  we can save them for later use.

Audio of the articles

What if we are in long-duration traffic! What if we are jogging or taking a short walk!! In those times we would love to head a song or like to talk with someone. But still, many people would wish to read an article. This app has the text to speech feature that will serve this purpose. It is available in both male and female voices. The user can switch between these voices multiple times. Also, it supports around 20 languages of the world.


A highlight is the best way for a reader or for any person to search at ease the key points whenever it is wanted. The highlighting had been a habit for many of us. Highlighting will help us to Dave a lot of time. With this in mind,  the developers have added this feature. It not only allows us to highlight the points but also allows us to share those points with other apps like Evernote,  Google Keep, etc.

Other interesting features of the app

Apart from the above mentioned advantageous features of the app that’s are still more features that fascinate us.

  1. Whenever you travel make sure to sync the content. This will help to save the articles in the pocket app and you can read it anywhere at any time in offline mode.
  2. The app also allows us to share the articles in all the social media with a single click. For this purpose, social media handles are to be synced with the app.
  3. If you are a blogger then you can check the statistics o the site using the app. It will show people seem to take in a lot of time to read your content through the pocket app. This might help a writer to improve his or her writing style. If a person seems to take much time for a smaller article,  then it means that the article is quite difficult to comprehend. Hence apart from the comments that a blogger or a publisher would get in a website the Pocket app would help to have a live track of the understanding of the audience.


In many ways, the pocket reader app has been useful. The person who makes use of all these features will be able to enjoy the app. The beginners of the app may take some minutes to get along with the many features of the app. But once they start using the pp they would feel how helpful the app is and how it helps to enhance one’s productivity. So if a person wants to save time then he or she could download the pocket app and use it wisely. Having numerous advantages it has become one of the best-supporting apps for all the bloggers as well as readers.  The developers are working if they could still enhance any of the features of the app.